The Epiphany

Who do you go to, to talk about your wellness problems? Who does a man go to when he starts losing hair? Losing sleep? Losing confidence?

It's not sympathy, Its Empathy

When we asked ourselves these questions, we found no answer. And then we realized, neither did millions of other men. We just learn to live with it. This seemed quite unacceptable. We rarely speak about our health. It’s not that we don’t care. But talking about personal health can be difficult. Often embarrassing. We get that.

& Then Man Matters Was Created...

So we took ‘matters’ into our own hands; and created a place for all matters of man. Hair, skin, weight, sleep, sex and much more. A wellness platform focused on men. If it matters to man or it’s matters of man, it matters to us. We are, Man Matters.

Core Team
Geet RathiEntrepreneur in Residence
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AbhinavDirector, New Products
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Kumar TusharDirector, Product & Design
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The Experts Joined Us On This JourneyWe realized that to make the science behind wellness more accessible to all, we had to have the experts to guide us on this journey. We joined hands with a set of medical experts and doctors who were passionate about changing male health habits and cared deeply about their craft.
Dr. Rohit SinghMBBS, MD
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Dr. Deepam ShahMBBS, MD, DNB, FAM
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Dr. Sujay PrabhugaonkarMBBS, DPM
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Quality Turned Into An Obsession
Quality is a goal we chase everyday in all we do. Our products are manufactured under the most stringent certifications
Quality at it’s core
At Man Matters, we're committed to giving you the highest quality in anything you purchase from us. To achieve this, we have dedicated processes in place to ensure the ingredients in your products are of the highest quality, each batch is tested extensively and packed with care and hygiene.
Ingredients of the highest quality
The efficacy of our products is highly dependent on the quality of ingredients. While there are companies that may have the same ingredients, the quality of ingredients can be vastly different. We source our ingredients from the regions where they are known to be highly efficacious, which in turn results in our products giving you better results.
Scrutinized Tests
The team behind Man Matters are consumers of personal care and supplements ourselves, and we are extremely particular about the safety and quality of the products we consume. Therefore, we have put that into practice in our supply chain, ensuring testing happens in multiple places of the supply chain. We do a test on the following:

1) Quality and cleanliness of ingredients before manufacturing

2) Post manufacturing quality of each batch

3) Excessive quality checks on every packaged product before shipping
Cleanliness and Hygiene
We hold our manufacturing units and warehouses to the highest quality of sanitization and hygiene. We ensure the premises are deep cleaned everyday. Our technicians, warehouse employees and pharmacists have latex gloves on at all times when handling any of the products.

Our Products

We take utmost care to include what’s best & exclude anything even remotely harmful. Therefore, our products are:


Toxin Free


Paraben Free


Mineral Oil Free


Harmuful Chemicals Free


Sugar Free

Our Customers are now delightedWe take great pride when we Our Customers are now delighted Our Customers are now delighted
Rohan Kapoor, 33 yrs, Bangalore“Love your process. Using Man Matter’s services to cure my hair loss since 2 months. And have received exceptional service every step of the way. The doctor consultation on the phone was so detailed & precise. Their products feel great to use & I’m starting to see results.”
Jay Saini, 31 yrs, New DelhiAmazing products, loved them! Brilliant packaging, really nice to have the doctor support anytime I want it. Very high quality products, the price is justified for the service and products they are offering. Quite satisfied. Going to continue
Irfan Shaikh, 26 yrs, LucknowKit is doing wonders. The Man Matters product is a complete solution if you are facing any kind of hair problems. Don't give it a second thought.. Just go for it.!!
Live a better life. Try our products now.
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