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4 Reasons You Need A Mild Shampoo

Using a mild shampoo means bidding goodbye to dry, frizzy & brittle hair. Mild shampoo means less chemicals in your shampoo ingredients.

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4 Reasons You Need A Mild Shampoo

Using a mild shampoo means bidding goodbye to dry, frizzy & brittle hair. Mild shampoo means less chemicals in your shampoo ingredients.

If you aren’t using a mild shampoo, either of these or all of these are happening to your hair:

  • Your regular shampoo has loads of chemicals that are drying your hair.
  • The chemicals in your shampoo are making your hair frizzy.
  • With continued use, your hair strands become brittle and break away more easily than usual.
  • Over a long period of time, these strong shampoo ingredients can damage your hair and lead to increased hair loss. Use DHT blocking shampoos to avoid hair loss.

What is a mild shampoo?

What is a mild shampoo?

Mild shampoo means shampoos with less chemicals.

These shampoos are more gentle on your scalp.

A mild shampoo’s ingredients are effective to clean out the dirt build up in your scalp without overdrying your hair.

It’s simple.

A mild shampoo is the first step and the most simple to win the battle against hair loss. Also try ketoconazole for your hair.

By using less chemicals than your regular shampoo, switching to a mild shampoo means healthier hair.

All you’re doing is avoiding unnecessary chemicals and harmful ingredients in your shampoo.

Mild shampoo: Ingredients to avoid

Research shows that regular shampoo ingredients contain detergents.

If you’re wondering why we are talking about detergents in your shampoo ingredients read on.

Sulfates are detergents in your shampoo ingredients.

A shampoo’s basic function is to clean your scalp.

In order to do that, your regular shampoo uses chemicals or detergents to help you clean your hair.

These chemicals are usually sulfate-based ingredients like – sodium lauryl sulfate(SLS), sodium laureth sulfate, and ammonium lauryl sulfate.

Sulfates are the harsh shampoo ingredients that you need to stay away from.

The obvious answer to that is an SLS free shampoo. But that doesn’t mean that your shampoo is sulfate-free. Your SLS free shampoo still contains sodium laureth sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate.

A sulfate-free shampoo’s ingredients list will have no form of sulfate in it.

So if you’ve scanned your shampoo ingredients thoroughly and there is no mention of ‘sulfate’ – you will know that your shampoo is truly sulfate-free.

Sulfate-free shampoo = Less chemical shampoo.

Since a mild shampoo means a less chemical shampoo, you need to ensure that your shampoo ingredients list has less chemicals.

Chemicals like parabens and fragrances in your shampoo ingredients prevent your shampoo from being mild.

A Paraben free shampoo is a shampoo with less chemicals.

A Paraben free shampoo is a shampoo with less chemicals.

‘What are parabens?’

Parabens are chemicals added to your shampoo to make your product last longer.

Parabens extend the shelflife of your product by preventing microorganisms from thriving in your shampoo. It kills all bacterial buildup.

While it may seem like an essential shampoo ingredient, it really isn’t.

You can opt to purchase paraben-free mild shampoos in smaller quantities to keep the freshness intact.

Parabens are an unnecessary chemical in your shampoo that you can do without. Using less chemical shampoo will help your hair be naturally healthier.

Paraben-free shampoo = Less chemical shampoo

Added fragrances are harmful shampoo ingredients.

Added fragrances are harmful shampoo ingredients.

First things first, you need to remember that your shampoo is meant to clean your hair, not give you different scents.

If your mild shampoo has fruity shampoo ingredients that give it a particular fragrance that is alright. Anything added isn’t.

That is the job of a perfume.

Fragranced products seem harmless but they are packed with numerous chemicals that can cause potential health hazards.

Besides causing allergies and rashes, fragranced shampoos are the reason that your shampoos are packed with chemicals.

While your shampoo ingredients label may just read ‘fragrance’, this is just a term used to cover up several chemicals being used.

Mild shampoo means = Fragrance-free shampoo

Who should switch to a mild shampoo?

Who should switch to a mild shampoo?


Whether you have straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, an oily scalp, or a dry scalp, mild shampoos suit all types of hair.

Mild shampoos, like shampoos laden with chemicals, clean your hair and scalp of the gunk, pollution, dead skin cells.

The fact that there are lesser chemicals means that your hair will be allowed to breathe and your scalp will not be forced to tolerate these harmful shampoo ingredients.

Switching to a mild shampoo means restoring your hair’s health by merely reducing the chemicals in your shampoo.

The only added effort might be to ensure gently scrubbing your scalp on days when you have too much dirt accumulated.