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5 benefits of Ginseng

Widely used among Indians and the Chinese to enhance sexual behaviour, Ginseng is referred to as the King of all herbs. It improves sperm quality, infertility issues and performance among men.

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5 benefits of Ginseng
Medically Reviewed by Nt. Pryal Sheth, BHSc in Food Science and Nutrition, Reviewed on 25th January 2021

What is ginseng?

Often referred to as the King of all herbs, ginseng is a promising agent associated with improving general well being. It is also considered as an aphrodisiac and is widely used by the Chinese to enhance sexual behaviour and treat sexual dysfunctionalities. Ginseng is known to help with libido, copulatory performances, sperm quality, infertility, among others.

According to a study in 2015, infertility affects around 15% of the couples worldwide, out of 20% – 30% of these cases, the sole contributor has been the male. As such, man today is seeking ways to overcome this issue. Today, herbal therapy has gained massive popularity to treat various problems, including infertility. One of the most used herbs to treat impotence and other sexual dysfunctionality is ginseng. Apart from treating infertility, ginseng benefits for men runs into a long list. Ginseng is known to improve sexual wellness in men.

Ginseng for better erections

Ginseng is used widely among the Chinese as a traditional herbal formula to enhance sexual performance. In a clinical study, it was observed that 45 men with erectile dysfunction saw an improvement after consuming 900mg of Korean red ginseng thrice daily for eight weeks. Using ginseng boosts nitric oxide causing the muscles to relax and thus, enabling more blood to enter the erectile bodies which are responsible for erections.

Read on to learn more about the ginseng benefits for men

Ginseng for increased libido

Both Asian and Americal ginseng can improve libido amongst men. Consuming monitored ginseng synthesizes testosterone in the cell responsible for the LH hormone produced by the pituitary gland. The levels of testosterone are directly proportionate with libido and are hence, one of the primary components in the prescriptions given to men to improve libido.

Ginseng boosts sperm count and mortality

The effect of ginseng having any positive impact on spermatogenesis was published in 1977 for the first time. Studies have shown that ginseng extracts can increase sperm count in humans. The use of Panax ginseng has demonstrated an increase in sperm mortality and density. Using ginseng boosts nitric oxide synthase and nitric oxide productions, which are closely related to the healthy functioning of the sperm. Another added benefit of ginseng is to preserve the ejaculated sperm. In a study, it was witnessed that sperms that were nurtured with the extracts of ginseng, had a higher sperm count than those treated with other ways. There is an increase in the sperm mortality, membrane integrity of the sperm, and fertility after adding ginseng extract to the cryogen for sperm.

Immunity Booster

Ginseng’s positive effects have been seen in the immune system. Consuming ginseng reduces the chance of getting an infection with a lower recurrence of symptoms. Additionally, studies show that people who take ginseng can live disease-free for up to five years after surgery than those who do not consume it.

Increase energy levels with Ginseng

It is believed that ginseng has the properties to increase energy levels and reduce fatigue in the body. According to a study, patients who consumed Panax Ginseng experienced low levels of mental and physical fatigue than those who weren’t. Additionally, extensive research shows that ginseng can also help in enhancing physical activities.

Although ginseng can help in improving sex life, one cannot completely rely on it. To ensure the best results, one should also follow a healthy diet, regular exercise, building an emotional connection with the partner, and avoiding too much alcohol and tobacco. Additionally, people who are being treated for diabetes with insulin or similar medication could experience a reaction from certain ginsengs. Hence, before taking ginseng, it is better to consult an expert to ensure the safe administration of the herb.