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5 myths about weight loss

With so much information about weight loss around us, it is easy to believe some incorrect facts! So, we are here to bust these weight loss myths for you!

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5 myths about weight loss

If you are someone who is looking for weight loss techniques, you must have scrolled through multiple articles, for the perfect diet and physical activities that you need to shed those extra kilos. However, before you begin your journey to health, you must lose these misconceptions about weight loss. 

Misconceptions about weight loss. 

Fluctuating body weight is not a good sign:

You must be religiously following your weight loss methods, but still witness a slight weight gain during some days or weeks. Should this be a concern? No. Because, it is normal for body weight to fluctuate, especially when you have consumed more food or water than usual. As long as your overall weight is reducing consistently, you have nothing to worry about. 

A strict diet is the only way to lose weight: 

This is what anyone who wishes to lose weight is usually told. However, it doesn’t work in the long run. In fact, 85% of the people who adopt this approach, end up gaining weight within a year. Shift your focus from eating less to maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. Exercise more, sleep well, eat nutritious food and see your weight reducing on its own.

Snacking between meals increases weight: 

If you do not eat when hungry and overeat the next time you have a meal, the purpose is defeated. More than how much you consume between meals, the actual point to focus is, what you consume. Till the time you don’t choose junk food, chips, food items high in sugar, and other unhealthy food options, it is advisable to have five smaller meals a day instead of a calorie overload all at once! 

Skipping breakfast triggers weight gain: 

There is an observation that people who skip breakfast tend to gain weight, but studies say there is no proven association between breakfast and weight loss. Whether you eat breakfast or not, it doesn’t have an impact on your weight loss. It is also believed that having breakfast enhances metabolism, which is actually untrue.

Carbohydrates and fats cause obesity:

Certain diets that have high-fat content and fewer carbs have been linked to weight loss. This is because healthy fats are essential for our body to boost metabolism. And, carbs, in reality, are not solely responsible for obesity. In fact, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, which are full of carbohydrates are necessary for a healthy diet. When you buy low-fat products, check the fat content properly and ensure it does not have some other ingredient like sugar, in excess.

Before you begin to implement measures to reduce your weight, ensure they are healthy and genuinely beneficial for your body. Since different methods will have a different impact on people, get your facts checked from credible sources. While losing weight might make you fitter, ensure that it doesn’t affect the normal functioning of your body! Looking for more weight loss tips? Read our article on weight loss tips for men