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6 Dietary Culprits That Cause Dandruff!

Dandruff can give you nightmares! while there are different causes of dandruff. Did you know you can avoid certain foods to get rid of dandruff?

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6 Dietary Culprits That Cause Dandruff!
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Neha Surywanshi , M.Sc.in Dietetics & Food Service Management, P.G.Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Reviewed on 25th January 2021

Dealing with flaky, itchy, irritable dandruff is never a pleasant affair. You either spend your life hiding it in one way or another or searching for various ways to treat it. If you are one such struggler, you must have already tried several methods from your research to prevent its spread. While testing out ways to cure it, you must keep in mind that dandruff is a kind of microscopic fungus called Malassezia that inhabits our scalps, causing flakiness. Some theories believe that the intake of yeast causes a boost in dandruff. This myth has been ticked off with several justifications. Firstly, the yeast that enters our digestive systems is different from the one on our heads. Hence, another yeast going into our digestive systems cannot directly befriend our scalp’s yeast and help it grow. The question that may arise here is, does the food we eat affect dandruff? The answer to this is positive.

While you already know of the different kinds of dietary elements that will improve your scalp’s health and reduce dandruff, enlisted below are six food items that are the reason for dandruff flaring up-

Refined sugar causes dandruff

It’s a chain! Sugar in any form spikes insulin formation in our bodies that in turn triggers the output of oil, leaving an unhealthy, dry and flaky scalp. Result? Dandruff. Sugar in any form, refined or processed, leads to inflammation in our bodies that promotes flakiness. The solution is to cut down on some sugar from your diet to curb the side effects.

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Cheese is a culprit for dandruff

A cheese platter, cheese-burst pizza, cheesy sandwich, or a dish with cheese for topping, which one did your mouth water for? As delicious as they sound/taste, cheese instigates dandruff. While the reason for dandruff is still unknown, researchers claim that cheese is hard to digest and contributes to body inflammation, which adds to the chain causing dandruff.

Cream can lead to dandruff

Another full-fat dairy product, cream, is a promoter of the lousy dandruff flakes on your scalp. Cream causes inflammation and boosts itchy and flaky scalp. Hence, it is ideal to part ways with the delicious fatty ingredient to avoid dandruff.

White wine causes dandruff

Soothing your senses with a glass of white wine and your favourite music always seems the perfect plan to end a tiring day. Well, think before you pour that wine. White wine is sweet and is known to disrupt your body’s blood sugar level, increasing your scalp’s flakes. It’s now your call between white wine and dandruff.

Champagne causes dandruff

Toasts and celebrations always remind us of champagne. But wait, hear us out before you plan your next drinking plan. Like white wine, champagne is sweet and affects your body’s blood sugar levels, thus promoting dandruff.

Caffeine is a dietary culprit that causes dandruff

Have you ever counted the cups of coffee you consume while running from one meeting to the other? Well, the amount of caffeine you ingest can aggravate your dandruff problem. This is simple – Caffeine is a diuretic, which means it increases the excretion of water from your body, leading to dry skin. This can worsen your existing condition and make your scalp extremely flakey. Caffeine is not just a part of your daily dose of coffee but also present in aerated sodas and drinks.

Additionally, a healthy protein and Vitamin B-rich diet are just what you need by your side in these hard times, and soon, these dandruff days too shall pass. It may sound disheartening, but a slight restriction on the food intake mentioned above can help you pause to dandruff. We hope the above list helps you plan an effective diet for your scalp.

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