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69 Position in Sex: Facts, Myths, Benefits & Tips

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Why not try the 69 positions? Learn more about the myths, facts, and benefits of this sex position here.

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69 Position in Sex: Facts, Myths, Benefits & Tips

Are you bored of the usual sexual positions? Maybe it's time to spice things up! Research suggests that trying a new sexy bedroom idea could help arouse spontaneity and excitement, leading to forging a healthier bond with your partner. Now that that's settled, why not experiment with the 69 position?

What is 69 Position?

As depicted in 69 position images, Sixty-nine or the 69 position allows two individuals to indulge in oral sex at the same time. This position is called 69 since the individuals resemble the number 69 while performing it.

People of any sexual orientation or gender can perform the 69 sex position. This position requires coordination between partners and guarantees mutual pleasure.

Rather than one partner giving pleasure and the other receiving it, the 69 position is commonly used as foreplay because both partners can be aroused at the same time. Both partners can also achieve orgasm in this position.

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Types of 69 Positions

There are different variants of the 69 position. Each one comes with its style and difficulty. Read on to discover them all!

Classic 69

In the case of a heterosexual couple, the women is usually on top in this position. This variant is one of the most commonly practised.

Standing 69

In this variant, one usually stands facing their partner. They then flip their partner upside down after picking them up and perform the 69 position. This variant is highly spontaneous and allows for great sensual pleasure.

Sideways 69

Both partners lie sideways while each of them faces each other's genitals in this 69 sex position.

Inverted 69

In the case of a heterosexual couple, the man is on top while the woman is at the bottom.

Penetrative 69

In this 69 position, both partners use sex toys for penetration purposes. One may also hit the male G-spot while performing this variant.

It is essential to know that the understanding achieved from this sex position through 69 position images or videos on the web is entirely different from its practical implementation. Therefore, it is imperative to know some facts and myths associated with the 69 sex position:

69 Position Facts

  • The 69 position for sex was discovered and named by the French in the 1790s.
  • The French name for this position is Soixante-Neuf.
  • The Kama Sutra also mentions the 69 sex position. However, in the book, it is called 'congress of a crow.'
  • This position can be awkward for partners with significant height differences.

69 Position Myths

Neither Partner Achieves Orgasm

Every individual's body is different. There's no such specific rule that states you cannot achieve orgasm in the 69 position. However, the goal of indulging in this position doesn't necessarily have to do with reaching orgasm.

It's Tiring Not To Take Turns

Unlike other sexual positions to last longer where the burden is primarily on male partners not reach orgasm too quickly, the 69 position requires both partners to participate enthusiastically.

Partners can give their mouths a break and use their hands for a while instead. In case the genitals of a partner become sensitive, the other partner can pleasure surrounding body parts.

69 Position Benefits

69 position means mutual satisfaction

The 69 position for sex is one of the few oral sex positions that allow for mutual satisfaction. Plus, the novelty of being pleasured by your partner while trying to please them is worth the effort.

69 position can be a sensual experience

While some individuals feel that the 69 position isn't distinctly sensual, that is not true. If both the partners focus on how it feels to be touched in a certain way and know what turns the other person on, this position can be highly fulfilling.

69 position can improve coordination and trust

The 69 position is a comparatively demanding position to crack and requires both partners to understand one another and cooperate.

As both partners will be trying their best to please each other and understand the other person's body, it can improve coordination and trust. Consent is critical. If one partner feels uncomfortable trying the 69 position even after communication, do not force them.

69 position is a great way to spice things up

If things have started to get boring and predictable in the bedroom, position 69 can be an effective way of spicing things up and bring excitement to your sex life!

69 position keeps unwanted pregnancies away

There are times when you or your partner might not have condoms handy. In that case, you can use the 69 positions to pleasure your partner without worrying about unwanted pregnancy.

69 Position Tips

Make your Partner Comfortable

For all you men out there, making your partner comfortable before and while indulging in the 69 position should be your top priority. Ease your partner into the act and try to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Hygiene is Key

Although this holds for any sexual activity, hygiene is vital before indulging in the 69 position. So make sure to take a shower beforehand and use an intimate wash to keep your genitals clean.

Take Breaks

It can be tough to focus on your pleasure while trying to please your partner. That is why taking breaks becomes a must. Remember, sexual activities are all about pleasure; it's not a marathon.

Use a Barrier

Although the 69 position cannot cause pregnancy, it can pass on either partner's sexually transmitted infection. Some of these infections include Gonorrhea, Chancroid, and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). To avoid these, make sure to use a barrier like a condom.

The Final Takeaway

A lot has been said about the 69 position, and some of these questions stem from inexperience, anxiety, or seeing 69 sex position images online.

However, a position like the 69 can be a welcome change in your sexual life.

But taking some precautions is vital to enjoying the 69 sex position. Maintain hygiene, use a barrier, and remember to make your partner feel comfortable above everything else.

So, give it a shot if you're up for it and see if it works for you and your partner!

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