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8 Food Items to Boost Men’s Immunity

Citrus fruits such as oranges, pomelos and clementine, among others, can not only enhance immunity but also prove beneficial in weight loss or management.

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8 Food Items to Boost Men’s Immunity
Medically Reviewed by Priyanka Shetty, Bsc in Food Nutrition and Dietetics, Reviewed on 25th January 2021

Are you someone who falls ill easily? Is your health affected by weather changes? Have infections become the norm in your life? Well, if the answer to any one of these questions is in the affirmative, then it’s highly likely that your immune system isn’t doing its job and you have weakened immunity.

The million-dollar question here is ‘what is immunity?’

To put it simply, it refers to the ability of your body to fight diseases and infections. The cells and tissues responsible for this task come together to create the immune system of your body.

Now, if your immunity isn’t at par with the expected levels, then boosting it is essential. In case your immune system is functioning properly, then you must make efforts to maintain its effectiveness.

Now, years of research at the University of Melbourne have uncovered some crucial differences between the male and female immune systems. As per a research paper posted on Science Daily, these distinctions make men more prone to obesity and some other metabolic disorders. As a result, men need to be more attentive towards enhancing their immunity levels.

Factors affecting immunity

Over the years, several scientific findings have established the dependence of immunity on lifestyle, physical activity, nutrition and sleep, among other factors. These facets influence the immune system of people irrespective of their gender. So, opting for immune-boosting foods and a holistically healthy lifestyle is always the smart way forward for those who want to have a strong immune system. As stated above, the significance of working to increase their immunity is a lot more crucial for men.

Nutrition is crucial for all cells in the human body, including those responsible for maintaining immunity levels. Different types of tissues in our body require energy as well as other nutrients to continue performing their tasks efficiently.

The food that you eat daily gives your immune cells the ability to take necessary actions against pathogens when needed. At the same time, they get the required strength to manage chronic inflammations in minimal time. It is also a proven scientific fact that undernutrition leads to impairment of the immune system, making it difficult for your body to defend itself from invading pathogens.

Immunity depends on multiple factors, but proper nutrition and a balanced diet have paramount importance in the overall scheme of things. Adding more and more immune-boosting foods to your meals can ensure you can fend off many pathogens with relative ease.

The most effective immunity boosting foods

Men need to be aware of the food items they consume and the nutrients their body receives from their daily diet. Accurate awareness of the nutritional content can help you plan the ideal diet. An ideal diet is very much needed to live a healthy life. Also, focusing aptly on your immune system is an essential aspect of a truly balanced life.

Here is a list of 8 immune-boosting foods to build an excellent immune system and stay healthy for a long time:

Almonds are important immune boosters-

The immune-boosting powers of almonds are proven beyond doubt. You can consume almonds as standalone snacks or mix them up in other dishes. Protein, Vitamin-E, as well as some healthy fats, are the chief nutrients contained in almonds. However, you must always opt for the unsalted version for best results.

Bell peppers boost your immunity for an excellent immune system-  

Rich in Vitamin C, bell peppers not only help to create a robust immune system but also prove highly beneficial to the skin and eyes. In particular, Vitamin C facilitates the building of the essential antibodies that combat a wide range of illnesses and infection-causing pathogens.

Broccoli boost your immunity for an excellent immune system-

This highly nutritious vegetable must be a part of every person’s diet because of its comprehensive nutritional contents. A mineral like potassium and high fibre content makes it ideal for all people, irrespective of their age. At the same time, it is great for your taste buds because it can be used in a wide variety of dishes.

Citrus fruits help in boosting your immunity-

Different citrus fruits such as oranges, pomelos and clementine among others can not only enhance immunity but also prove beneficial in weight loss/ management. The antioxidant properties of these fruits play a crucial role in making your body holistically healthy.

Leafy greens build up your immunity-

Boosting your immune system will remain incomplete without the addition of some leafy greens such as spinach and arugula. The beta carotene present in them proves tremendously beneficial for your immune system in the long run.

Garlic boosts your immunity for an excellent immune system-

Several compounds present in garlic give your body the ability to handle different types of infections. Garlic not only prevents illnesses but also makes the recovery process in infections a lot swifter and prompt. Also, it is an easy addition to numerous dishes and makes them deliciously enjoyable.

Pumpkin seeds too build up your immunity-

They look small, but their immunity-boosting abilities should never be underestimated. Pumpkin seeds are rich in Zinc which has numerous positive effects on the immune system.

Red peppers are too immune boosters-

Along with citrus fruits, they are another rich source of Vitamin C which can be incorporated in your diet easily. Their Vitamin C content is substantially higher than citrus fruits.

All in all, adding these immune-boosting foods to your meals will lead to significant improvements in your immunity. However, you need to consume them regularly for sustainable and effective results.