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7 Ways To Grow Your Beard Faster

If you are wondering how to grow beard naturally, then check your diet. Include a lot of protein in your diet. Hair contains a protein called keratin, so natural proteins coming from lentils, fish and nuts can be the answer to how to grow facial hair easily.

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7 Ways To Grow Your Beard Faster

Stages of Beard Growth

How to grow a thicker beard at home? Let's find out.

Begin with a clean shave (0 weeks)

Committing to the regimen begins with a clean shave. After shaving, you should maintain your skin clean and begin exfoliating regularly. Clean skin helps to grow a beard faster. To assist with this procedure, use a gentle face wash and moisturizer.

The Stubble (0-2 weeks)

Scruff is something you can live with, and having a tiny beard emerging may be good. At this point, you should still exfoliate regularly to increase beard growth.

The itch (2-8 weeks)

Your early beard may not look fantastic, and it might make your skin scratchy, itchy, and flaky. Moisturize your beard every day with good beard oil. If you wonder how to grow beard faster, then don't shave or trim; it will most likely make it worse and end up back at the stubble stage.

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Baby Beard (8-16 weeks)

Patches will begin to fill in as the total length grows. Your beard should be healthy and bright if you've been using beard oil regularly. You may immediately start cutting and sculpting your beard at home or your neighbourhood barbershop.

Adolescent Beard (16-30 weeks)

At this time, you may choose to use a Beard Balm, which nourishes and protects the beard but is a little heavy for young beards.

The beard (30 weeks or more)

Your beard is now completely developed. A regimen is still vital at this stage, so be sure to hydrate the beard as often as possible. Once a day, use a beard brush or comb to help with cleaning, detangling, and styling.

7 ways to grow your beard faster

Diet for growing a beard

If you are wondering how to grow beard naturally, then check your diet. Include a lot of protein in your diet. Hair contains a protein called keratin, so natural proteins coming from lentils, fish and nuts can be the answer to how to grow facial hair easily. Fruits also supplement the growth of the beard.


A good sleep cycle is essential for your body to carry out its functions. So if you are wondering how to grow beard faster and thicker naturally, then take proper sleep of 7-8 hours.

Exercise & Reducing Stress

Next in the list of beard growth tips is reducing stress. When you're calm, your body works better, and hence your beard grows faster. Exercising thrice a week is crucial as it increases blood flow which helps in strengthening hair follicles. Weight lifting can potentially increase the level of testosterone in the body leading to faster beard growth.

Beard Routine

Following a beard routine is as important as following a haircare or skincare routine. Those who ask how to grow beard faster for teenagers can follow these steps. A beard routine makes sure your facial hair is groomed hygienically and gets rid of conditions like beard dandruff.

Scruff Remover: This product is ideal for people who have been growing a beard for at least two weeks. It reduces irritation, dryness and helps maintains beards.

Beard oil: Oil softens and relieves beard irritation in beards older than two weeks while naturally replenishing moisture.

Balm for the Beard: Flyaway hairs are tamed as your beard is shaped and nourished. Shea butter and essential oils keep your beard prim and proper.

Beard Brush: Brush is ideal for brushing, sculpting, and styling beards of all lengths. The firm bristles of a beard brush absorb and distribute the product evenly while detangling even the most stubborn knots.

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Home remedies for beard growth

According to a study, alkaloids present in the bacopa herb help boost proteins that promote hair growth. Bacopa is available as tablets or capsules for consumption.

As per another study, the antioxidants in gooseberries (amla) help with hair growth. You can include gooseberries in your diet for maximum results.

Eucalyptus oil is often associated with hair growth. So if you are wondering how to grow beard faster naturally at home, use a shampoo or conditioner containing eucalyptus.

Vitamins for beard growth

Wondering how to grow beard naturally at home, then vitamins are essential. As per studies, Vitamins such as B5, C, E, Inositol, Biotin, and Niacin promote hair growth.

Oil Massage

Oil massage stimulates blood flow. Combine a few teaspoons of coconut oil and a few drops of rosemary oil in a small bowl. Massage this onto your beard and let it sit for 15 minutes. Remove with a gentle face cleanser. Use this twice or three times each week for the best results. You should give natural and Ayurvedic treatments for beard growth a try.


Does shaving increase beard?

No study proves shaving fastens the process of beard growth. When you shave, the thicker base of the hair gets exposed, giving an illusion of a thick beard. You still have to go through all the stages mentioned above.


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