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All You Need to Know About Adult Breastfeeding

Adult breastfeeding is a topic not many couples are comfortable talking about. It is, however, an experience that strengthens the closer bond between them. Click here to learn more about it!

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All You Need to Know About Adult Breastfeeding

Adult breastfeeding is a topic not many couples are comfortable talking about. But it is an experience that fulfils the closeness and brings the couple together. Unless there is a threat to the mother or the baby, you can consider adult breastfeeding for several reasons.

Breast milk is always associated with babies. It is the best for the baby’s digestive tract, immune system, and cognitive and physical development. When it comes to adult breastfeeding, the benefits are questionable. Breast milk is said to cure diseases like immunity issues, digestive disorders, and cancer. Unfortunately, the benefits are yet to be backed by any proven human studies.

What Is Adult Breastfeeding?

Adult breastfeeding is breastfeeding your partner when you are lactating. It comes under the umbrella term ‘erotic lactation.’ The urge to feel pleasure and enjoy sex by breastfeeding the spouse is natural. It is satisfying, and making love becomes intimate. As long as there is no problem with the mother’s health or breast area, adult breastfeeding is fulfilling a fantasy.

What Are the Health Risks Associated With Adult Breastfeeding?

Adult breastfeeding can pose health problems in the following scenarios:

1. Buying Breast Milk Online

Breast milk is healthy, but it poses problems when not generated firsthand and comes through an online process. Online milk does not guarantee purity. Milk from lactating mothers with diseases can lead to the question of safety when they are unaware of the infection.

2. Breastfeeding When in Pain

There is a continued health risk if you bear the pain around the nipples when breastfeeding your partner. The adult teeth are sharp and can be hard on the breasts. If you have sore breasts and the pain persists, your body can be at a health risk.

3. Health Risk with Babies

Adult breastfeeding is advisable only once the baby is satisfied and has got its share. Failing to provide breast milk to the baby can pose a health risk to babies with an undeveloped immunity system.

4. Adult Breastfeeding with a Non-trusted Partner

If a trusted partner does not do adult breastfeeding, it can be fatal as you are susceptible to a list of serious infectious diseases. You are exposed to infectious diseases such as syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis B, and Cytomegalovirus if your partner is unknown to you.

Is Drinking Breast Milk Safe for Adults?

Yes, Breast milk for adults is safe from a trusted partner. It can be unsafe if breast milk is obtained from a partner with an infection or disease.

There are many lactating centres where the milk is stored safely after several testing processes. This kind of breast milk is also safe for adults to consume as it is pasteurised.

Is There Any Research to Support the Benefits of Adult Breastfeeding?

Bodybuilders would like to believe breast milk is good for health as it aids in building muscles due to its nutrient-dense nature. However, there is no scientific evidence to back the benefits of adult breastfeeding. Breast milk is said to be best for babies, with innumerable benefits. Here are some of the benefits of adult breastfeeding:

1. Feeling of Togetherness

After a baby's arrival, there can be a sudden distance between the couple. Adult breastfeeding supports bridging the gap between them. Being closer to the breasts and tasting them makes the couple’s bond secure and better.

2. Psychologically Sound

Mothers can sink into depression after giving birth. The thought of life surrounded by milking thwarts them. One more benefit of adult breastfeeding is that it helps keep feelings of depression away as the spouse is near. It's a way of satisfying sexual desire.

3. Even Out the Breasts

As babies often prefer one breast over the other, there is always one breast that does not make much milk. The partner balances out the neglected breast by breastfeeding.

4. Prevention of Plugged Milk Ducts

Draining breast milk is significant to prevent plugged milk ducts. The suction capacity of an adult is sturdy, thereby making removing plugged milk ducts easier. As a result, any pain is reduced.

5. Relief from Mild Breast Engorgement

The feeling of swollen and warm breasts when breasts become filled with milk fluids is known as engorgement. It makes the lactating mother feel her breasts as hard and heavy. An added benefit of adult breastfeeding is it relieves breast engorgement.

6. Enhance the Supply of Breast Milk

When there is stimulation, the breasts get an indication to make more milk. As a result, there is an increased supply of breast milk. Breastfeeding your partner enables this stimulation, resulting in the breasts making more milk.

7. Sexual Desire

Women often retain a desire to get intimate when breastfeeding the baby. Breastfeeding your spouse or partner is a way to fulfil the desire of getting intimate and feeling sexually engaged.

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What Does Women’s Breast Milk Taste Like?

The taste of breast milk depends upon several components like genes and the food intake of the lactating mother. It generally has a creamy texture and is sweet.

It has components of colloids, membrane-bound globules, living cells, and membranes. Breast milk also has a component of milk sugar lactose. The presence of lactose in a large quantity gives sweetness to breast milk. The creamy texture is due to the presence of fat in breast milk.

Summing Up on Adult Breastfeeding

It is entirely a personal choice whether or not to breastfeed your partner. It is all right to get sexually aroused while breastfeeding. Adult breastfeeding is a satisfying experience as long as you have no health problems.

Lest you are wondering if the supply will lessen for your baby, rest assured the stimulation will help you produce more breast milk. However, it is best to feed your baby before going ahead with your partner so that there is no guilt associated with adult breastfeeding.

When you or your partner have an infection, it is best to avoid adult breastfeeding. When you have sore nipples, keep away from breastfeeding your spouse. Stop breastfeeding with your partner when you experience anything that makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable.

It is best to talk to your spouse if anything is bothering you. Communication is a tool for a successful experience that you both choose.


Is It Ok for Adults to Drink Breast Milk?

As per a recent study, adults do not need to drink breast milk. It is okay to try tasting breast milk with your partner. It is believed that adult breast milk is good for health and can aid in sports. However, there are no definitive studies; breast milk is proven to do wonders for a baby and not an adult.

Is Breast Milk Good for Men?

Men do not need breast milk. There is a lack of evidence on the role played by breast milk for adults. Men can try breast milk from trusted sources only. This can be the partner or a reputed centre that collects breast milk canned safely.