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All Coffee Scrubs for Tan Removal

Are you facing tanning woes? Ever tried coffee for tan removal? Read this article to know further about the benefits of Coffee for skin. It’s easy.

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All Coffee Scrubs for Tan Removal

Are you looking for a natural way to get rid of tanning? Something like homemade tan removal scrub?  Well, we are talking about the ‘wonder drink’ - Coffee.

It is pretty obvious why Coffee permeates through our lives and is widely used as one of the most popular  morning drinks.. Even the first date starts with coffee.

So, is It just good as a drink? Or Can I use instant coffee for face scrub as well?

Absolutely yes. Besides being a morning booster drink, this beverage is a boon for tanned skin.

What is Tanning And How Is It Caused?

In this busy world, Tanning is one of the most common skin issues among men. Skin’s exposure to excess dirt, sun, and pollution lead to tanning.

When Sun’s UVA rays delve into the skin, they trigger melanocytes that result in the production of melanin. More the number of melanin, more will be the skin tanning.

Now, it’s the time to take Coffee out of your kitchen cupboard

How Does Coffee Help With Tan Removal?

With so much bragging about Coffee, it is pertinent to ask how does tan removal like Coffee work on the skin? Does Coffee remove tan?

Well, one of the coffee benefits for skin is that it protects against the Sun's harmful UV rays. Because of its high caffeine content, coffee is an excellent buster of tanned skin. Also apply suncreen to protect your skin from the UV rays. See what suncreens are also available from UV protection.

Besides this, Coffee bean extracts bolster the natural defence of your skin with the help of antioxidants. The antioxidants fight off against the free radicals that could damage your skin.

Not just the tan remover, coffee is a major constituent in most exfoliators. The exfoliator-like properties relax skin cells, regulate cell re-growth and increase hydration.  

In a nutshell, coffee is safe to use for tan removal and is widely applicable. Now, it’s the time to take Coffee out of your kitchen cupboard.

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Different Forms of Coffee:

Trust us! Coffee in all forms is beneficial for the skin. Be it tan removal, or scrubber or as an exfoliator, no wonder why Coffee is a go-to skin drink.

So, what are the different forms of coffee and what are they good for?

  • Coffee Oil is produced from roasted beans of coffee. It is an anti-inflammatory and excellent antioxidant that provides relief against puffy eyes and acne.
  • Also present as Instant coffee or Coffee powder, this instant beverage is an essential ingredient in preparing quick coffee.
  • Oh! One of the most vital forms of Coffee is Coffee Fresh grounds/granules. The granules are major constituents of Coffee exfoliators for the skin.

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How To Use Coffee For Tan Removal?

With different forms of coffee, you can create either a de tan mask DIY or your homemade tan removal scrub. Using the instant coffee mask or coffee scrub will give you clear skin and brighten it like ever.

Well. You don’t need to hut out for any products to make your skin perfect. Just head to your kitchen and grab the ingredients given below:

1. Coffee + Coconut Oil Scrub

Coffee & Coconut oil makes an excellent scrub. Use of coconut oil for removing sun tan has been here since ages.

Mixing the two of them is not just effective against the suntan but also against the brutal acne.

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2. Coffee + Aloe Vera Mask

Coffee acts as an exfoliator and removes the dead skin cells whereas Aloe vera gel hydrates the skin cells and helps in generating new cells.

Along with tan removing, the zinc in Coffee removes pimples and the antibacterial properties in Aloe vera restricts further infection.

3. Coffee + Lemon Face Pack

Coffee and Lemon for Face is used for de-tanning as well as for oily skin. Lemon has Vitamin C that helps lighten the skin tone and coffee provides smooth and supple skin with exfoliating properties.

Homemade coffee exfoliator including lemon juice is a boon for reducing blemishes and dark spots.

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4. Coffee + Curd

Curd has Alpha Hydroxy Acid that reduces wrinkles and minimizes the fine lines. Coffee and curd combination makes a great coffee paste that helps nourish the skin.

Addition of a small amount of Turmeric would be even better. Since Turmeric contains Vitamin C that removes dullness from the skin and reduces dark spots, this paste works as a quick de-tan DIY mask. Also try curd for hair.

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5. Coffee + Honey

Coffee Honey face pack benefits in quick skin brightening and dark spot removal. Coffee has excellent exfoliating properties that remove dead cells and boost blood flow.

Since it has astringent properties, Honey is a heaven-sent product for oily skins. When combined together, this instant coffee face mask can be used for giving quick complexion within minutes. See how honey helps in weight loss.


Need more reasons to use coffee? It is inexpensive, aromatic and available in any grocery store. So, grab a cup of coffee and start preparing face packs for an excellent skin journey!