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Understanding the Psychology Behind Armpit Fetish

Do you feel attracted towards a woman’s armpit? Are you wondering if you have an armpit fetish? If you are confused, click here to learn more about it!

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Understanding the Psychology Behind Armpit Fetish

Sexual attraction is not only from one's genitals but also from armpits full of hair and sweat. In this article, we understand the psychology behind the armpit fetish.

What is Armpit Fetish?

An armpit fetish is a type of sexual interest in which the person is attracted sexually to armpits.

How Common is Armpit Fetish?

It is believed that men are mostly attracted to women's breasts and other genital parts. But there is one part many men are sexually attracted to, and surprisingly it is the women's armpit.

Why Do I Have an Armpit Fetish?

It is natural to have a fetish for armpits because of the pheromones present in high quantities. The sweat present in the armpits has 16 types of pheromones, including a specific mood-elevating and sexually arousing pheromone called androstadienone.

How do Men Engage with the Armpit Fetish?

A man may engage with an armpit fetish in multiple ways. Some men engage by burying their faces in the armpits and taking a deep sniff. As per a study, armpits have a sexual significance, and there exists a biological connection between the armpit and sexual parts of the body. The armpit smell gets men turned on because of the significant amount of pheromones in the sweat underneath the armpits.

Pheromones are natural substances found in the body's secretions, mainly sweat. As per a study, armpit sweat contains a specific type of pheromone called androstadienone that improves mood when smelled or licked. A few like to lick the armpits to get turned on.

Is it Normal to Get Turned on by Armpits?

As per a study, it is normal to get turned on by armpits as armpits have a connection with the sexual parts of the body, and the pheromones in the sweat help in elevating mood and sexual arousal.

Why are People Sexually Attracted to Armpits?

People are sexually attracted to natural sweat in the underarm as it contains pheromones. Much research has been done that proves the significance of armpit pheromones in mood elevation and sexual arousal.

To understand whether people are actually attracted and aroused sexually to armpits, a study was done on college students. 45 women and 115 men were included in the study sample. All participants were unknown to each other and had never met before. The armpit sweat of the women participants was collected on the pads. Saliva samples of men participants were collected before and after smelling the armpit sweat pad to study any change in their testosterone and cortisol levels.

The study reported an increase in testosterone and cortisol levels in men after sniffing the armpit sweat pad. It was found that armpit sweat increased the sexual desires in men. The main reason behind this is the smell of pheromones present in armpit sweat that stimulates the hypothalamus and thus controls the sexual and reproductive function.

What is it about Armpits that Men find Arousing?

Men find armpit arousing because of the following reasons:

  • Warmth & Hair: For some men, it is the warmth and strong pheromones underneath an armpit that helps them to get turned on.
  • Masculinity and Power: For a few, armpit hair and sweat are arousal factors because they associate them with masculinity and power.

Is There a Type of Armpit that Men Find More Arousing?

There is no scientific study on the type of armpit that arouses a man more. However, based on a few male responders and their personal blogs, we may conclude that men find hairy and sweaty armpits as a sign of masculinity and power, and this gets them, and many women turned on.

Smooth armpits are generally not on the interest list of men. A few of them also like the armpit of men with broad backs as it increases the surface area of the armpit.

Summing Up on Armpit Fetish

Armpit fetish is a thing! The hairy and sweaty armpit turns on several men and women. It is important to note that you must wash your armpit without soap before indulging and engaging yourself in an armpit fetish.