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Ashwagandhadi Churna- Benefits, Uses, Price & More

Thinking of buying Ashwagandhadi Churna, but having second thoughts about using it? Read on to know some Ashwagandhadi Churna benefits, uses, and more.

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Ashwagandhadi Churna- Benefits, Uses, Price & More

What is Ashwagandhadi Churna?

Ashwagandhadi Churna is an ayurvedic medicine in herbal powder form. It is a known aphrodisiac - substances that arouse sexual instincts. It is also adaptogenic, which normalizes body functions and strengthens systems compromised by stress.

Ashwagandhadi Churna Ingredients

The churna is a simple mix of Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) and Vidhara (Argyreia Speciosa). Combining these two makes it a recommended medicine for male sexual problems.

Apart from these two, some other noteworthy ingredients are:

  • Shunthi (dry ginger powder)
  • Maricha (black pepper)
  • Pippali (dried catkins)
  • Mishri (raw sugar)

Ashwagandhadi Churna Benefits and Uses

There are many Ashwagandhadi Churna uses; let us discuss them below. It is effective in the following conditions:

Ashwagandhadi Churna for Oligospermia - Low Sperm Count

How does it help?

The presence of Ashwagandha in the churna improves spermatogenesis (sperm production). Vidhara is known to improve sperm motility. According to a study, there was a 167% increase in sperm concentration in men in a 90-day treatment.

How to consume?: Take a teaspoon of Ashwagandhadi Churna in warm milk regularly during bedtime for at least 75 days.

Pro Tip: Use Shatavari and Mulethi with it for better results.

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Ashwagandhadi Churna for Improving Muscle Strength

How does it help?

Ashwagandha is proven to enhance endurance and muscle strength in men. An 8-week study showed significant improvements in men's muscle strength and possible weight reduction as well. Vidhara is effective for cardiac muscles.

How to consume?: 5 to 10 gms a day in warm water or milk or as directed by your doctor.

Pro Tip: Some resistance training exercises like bench press, push-ups, lunges, in addition to the consumption of Ashwagandhadi Churna, are beneficial.

Ashwagandhadi Churna for Reduction of Stress

The adaptogenic properties of this herb combat the stress in men. Ashwagandha present in the churna cures stress-related male infertility. In a study, almost 14% of men experienced an overall improvement in their semen quality after consumption. Vidhara is a natural sedative. Better sleep also helps in reducing stress.

How to consume?: You can drink tea of Ashwagandhadi Churna with honey. It will relax your mind.

Pro Tip: Along with the churna, practice some stress-busting activities such as spending time with your pet, walking in the garden, etc.

Ashwagandhadi Churna for Hypogonadism- Low Testosterone Levels

How does it help?

Both Vidhara and Ashwagandha are known as incredible testosterone boosters. Ashwagandhadi Churna is effective against Hypogonadism as it helps in testosterone production. It also reduces the production of cortisol (a stress-inducing hormone) which prevents natural testosterone reduction.

How to consume?: Take a teaspoon in semi-solid form after two hours of a meal. Perform this activity twice a day regularly for 3-months.

Pro Tip: Increasing the intake of testosterone-boosting food like Oysters, Low-fat milk, etc., might help.

List of brands that sell Ashwagandhadi Churna

Enlisted below are some brands that sell the churna along with their Ashwagandhadi Churna prices:

Brands and Prices

Tips for purchasing Ashwagandhadi churna

Do a price check: As we just saw above, various brands have different prices for the same quantity. Go for the most trusted one. Even if you are buying Ashwagandhadi churna by Baidyanath, it is listed at different prices at different sites. Research well before investing for the best deal.

Check the ingredients: Check the ingredients of Ashwagandhadi churna before buying in case of allergies. If a particular brand has an ingredient that does not suit your body requirements, you can purchase it from another brand.

Who Should Not Consume It?

Although considered safe, people with certain medical conditions should avoid consumption of Ashwagandhadi.

  • Diabetics
  • People with low or high BP
  • Those who have undergone surgery
  • People with stomach ulcers
  • Those with thyroid disorders
  • People with autoimmune diseases

Consult your doctor: Ayurvedic medicines such as Ashwagandhadi Churna affect the body according to the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha dosha. Your naturopathic doctor will be able to assist you according to your body type. Consult your doctor for the dosage recommendation.

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