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What Is Average Sex Time in India and How to Last Longer in Bed?

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What Is Average Sex Time in India and How to Last Longer in Bed?

Average Sex Time In India

'How long should sex last' is the common question among Indian men. Generally, they don't want to finish too early, dealing with major pressure to last longer in bed. Reel or porn videos show that sex lasts for 40-50 minutes, wherein the actual sex duration is far from these videos.

However, average sex time in India depends on the age group and many more factors of men. As per saucydates.com, most couples want to last for approx 26 minutes. Well, the reality is far away from the expectations. As per the NHSLS survey, the maximum average sex time in America is 13 minutes.

But, when it comes to India, in case of premature ejaculation, it often lasts for 1 to 2 minutes. From penis penetration to ejaculation, the average sex time in India is 3-4 minutes.

How long does sex normally last?

"What is the average sex time in India" is the most common question which pops into men's mind, especially after disappointing sex (wherein sex last for less than a minute). As per the study conducted over 500 couples, from penis penetration to ejaculation, the average time was from 33 seconds to 44 minutes.

While calculating the media, the average sex time was 5.4 minutes. Whether one uses a condom or not, the duration remains the same. Normally, the sex lasts for 7 minutes, while long sex lasts for approx 10 minutes.

How to last longer in bed?

Several reasons inhibit one from lasting long in the bed. Premature ejaculation is pretty frustrating for men, causing performance anxiety, stress, and feeling of inferiority. No matter how hard you try to control PE, sometimes it worsens over time.

People often check average sex time in India and feel anxious about their performance. However, plenty of options and healthy ways can help you last longer in bed. Take a look at it:

1) Choose those positions involving shallow penetration

Some positions like doggy style have deeper penetration, providing high stimulation. In these positions, you go deeper, getting extra stimulation for both. Instead, prefer shallow penetration if you want to last long in bed.

Positions that involve less in and out movement is a better alternative. For instance, the Coital Alignment Technique or CAT is the best option for shallow penetration.

Similarly, the Lotus position is much more about grinding than hardcore thrusting, helping you reach average sex time in India.

2) Try exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles

Kegels are the specific exercise for pelvic floor muscles. Once you control the expansion and contraction of the pubococcygeal muscles (PC), it enhances the ejaculatory control.

As per studies, 75% of men improved their erectile functioning through Kegels. Regular practice improves your performance.

3) Masturbation

Regular masturbating is a natural and healthy way to enhance one's stamina. With the higher frequency, it helps you last longer during sex.

Choose different behavioral techniques like stop-start or squeeze technique while practicing masturbation. It allows you to use such techniques comfortably during sex.

4) Limit down thrusting

Thrusting is not the only technique to enjoy intercourse. Rather than going deep into the vagina, massaging the penis tip with the partner's clitoral hood is also pleasant.

Partner's pleasure also matters the most. Massaging and focusing on their nerve-ending rather than hardcore thrusting is a better option to last longer during sex. Make sure it does not compromise anyone's satisfaction level.

5) Use delay gel and delay spray

The pocket-sized Delay spray and Delay gel is a popular anesthetic containing lidocaine in small doses. It temporarily reduces sensitivity, providing a better experience.

If you experience mild premature ejaculation, gentle massage with the gel or spray desensitizes the area, enhancing your experience and your target of average sex time in India.

6) Foreplay

When you consider the average sex time in India, it is the penetration time that we talk about. However, mere penetration is not all about sex. Foreplay is quite essential for your partner to attain orgasm.

Clitoral stimulation helps reach orgasm, also helpful in lasting longer in bed. Intercourse without orgasm is non-satisfactory, even causing early ejaculation.

7) Try different sexual techniques

A behavioral technique or sexual technique delays ejaculation. It progressively enhances the sex duration and one's target of average sex time in India.

  • Deep breathing: Deep breathing allows one to refocus and control their erection better. Try to slow down the stimulation and breathe deeply and slowly when ejaculation is near.
  • Squeeze method: In this method, a person stimulates the penis while tightly squeezing it when close to ejaculation. It weakens the erection but is a safe and repetitive action to last long.
  • Stop-start method: It is somewhat similar to the previous method. The person stops stimulating when ejaculation is near till the final urge decreases. Repeat this at least three times and finally ejaculate the fourth time. It is the best technique to reach the average sex time in India.

8) Practice edging

Edging is the technique of delaying orgasm through masturbation. It is the best way to train oneself to last longer in bed and avoid premature ejaculation.

Bring yourself to the orgasm edge and stop all sexual activities for a few seconds, especially until you control your excitement. When you practice this technique frequently, it allows better control of mind and body during orgasm response.

9) Lifestyle adjustments

According to a 2020 study, a healthy lifestyle improves sexual function, and many enhance average sex time in India. Both physical factors like smoking, obesity, physical abuse, and psychological factors like depression, anxiety harms sexual function.

Avoid using recreational drugs, follow a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and try stress management techniques to improve your sex life.

10) Consult the doctor for medication

Don't worry if you cannot reach the average sex time in India even after trying several techniques. Talk to your doctor and condition for premature ejaculation.

Many antidepressants and drugs help solve this problem. Well, the medication type depends on how sexually active you are.

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