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Best Condoms for Long Lasting: Performance Matters!

Are you facing performance pressure? Do you also want to last longer in bed? Find out which condom is best for a long-lasting performance in bed.

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Best Condoms for Long Lasting: Performance Matters!

So, you've tried everything to last longer in bed, but nothing seems to help? Have you ever wondered that the thing that has been affecting your sexual performance could be your very own condom? Yes, you heard it right! The love glove that you have been avoiding because it kills the mood could be the thing that helps you to finish late. We browsed through many websites to find the best condoms for long-lasting performance; read further to find out what we have in store for you.

What are Condoms and Why Should They Be Used?

Condoms are a thin, well-fitted shield worn over the penis before intercourse to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STDs. Often, during the "heat of the moment," couples forget to use a condom and then spend the whole month with the nerve-racking thought of an unwanted pregnancy. Ensure that you keep a condom handy to lower the chances of forgetting it while having sex.

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How Do Delay Condoms Work?

Delay condoms have a special ingredient called Benzocaine, which numbs the area of the penis and thus delays ejaculation. Delay condoms are your best friends to save you from the embarrassment of premature ejaculation.

Best Condoms for Long Stay in India

With the vast varieties of condoms available in the market, people often get confused about which is the best one to buy. No matter what your fantasies are, no man wants to finish early. Here is the list of the best condoms for long-lasting performance in India that would help you enhance your bed performance.

Durex Extra Time Condoms-

This Condom is specially curated for couples who want to prolong the climax during intercourse. It has a special climax delay lubricant that makes the intercourse smooth and fun and delays the ejaculation. This is the best condom for a longer time.

Skore Not Out Climax Delay Condoms-

Skore longtime sex condoms are among the most used and trusted brands of condoms. They are the best condoms for long sex. The superior quality latex of Skore condoms minimizes the chances of skin irritation. Not only does it make you last longer, but it also has a dotted texture for that added pleasure with your partner.

Kamasutra Long Lasting Condoms-

If you face the problem of premature ejaculation, or want to last longer in bed, then Kamasutra condoms come to the rescue. It is drenched with Benzocaine's special ingredient, which significantly delays the climax, and you can have fun with your partner with a breath-taking performance in bed.

ManForce Stay long Orange Condom-

ManForce is the country's largest-selling condom, and it never fails to impress its customers. This is an orange-flavored condom with a dotted texture. This Longtime condom will let you and your partner enjoy the realms of ecstasy for a longer time. If you like to have an aromatic sexual experience, this is a perfect fit!

Moods Silver Electrify-

As the name suggests, this longtime sex condom electrifies your passionate times by delaying your climax with the extended pleasure of a ribbed texture.

Playguard Super-dotted Condoms-

This condom is made with high-quality latex and is one of the best-dotted condoms for exhilarating eroticism. This range is available in some of the most-liked flavors like chocolate or strawberry. Playguard condoms are made with high-quality, climax-delay lubrication.

Pro Tips of Using a Delay, or Any Other Condom

  • #Tip 1: Ensure that you use good quality condoms to minimize the risk of getting a latex allergy, which can cause redness or itching in the genitals. Though latex allergy is rare, one should always be on the safer side. This is the best practice of using a condom.
  • #Tip 2: Wear your condom carefully. No matter the condom brand, if you cannot wear this one correctly, you might increase the chances of unwanted pregnancies and STDs. So, make sure you wear your condoms correctly for a sensual and stress-free experience in bed.


Premature ejaculation is not something to be ashamed of. Your performance can be improved by using the right condom. We have listed some of the best extra-time condoms for you. These brands have the best long-lasting condom reviews. While you are having intercourse, you should not be worried about your performance; your sole focus should be you and your partner's pleasure. Choose your favorite longtime sex condoms to have a pleasurable time. Do consult a doctor if you experience any itching, redness, or other bad sensations.