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Best strategies to Grow Beard on Cheeks

Beard growth is directly related to hormonal stimulation. There are two types of androgenic hormones: Testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). An enzyme called 5-alpha reductase converts testosterone into DHT. This, in turn, binds with hair follicle receptors and stimulates hair growth.

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Best strategies to Grow Beard on Cheeks

Problems men face while trying to grow a side beard

Growing a thick and dense beard is not the most straightforward task. Men often face some common problems while growing beard:

  • Patchy beard growth: Uneven beard growth over their face.  
  • Difficulty in growing a jawline beard: Even men with a dense chin beard often struggle to grow hair on cheeks.
  • Problematic areas of the face: The cheek area and under the lower lip
  • Thin hair: Sparse hair growth results in an unhealthy looking beard.

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What Controls Beard Growth on Cheeks?

Before answering how to grow a beard on cheeks, let's understand why some men have patchy beard growth.

Low levels of Androgenic hormones

Beard growth is directly related to hormonal stimulation. There are two types of androgenic hormones: Testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

An enzyme called 5-alpha reductase converts testosterone into DHT. This, in turn, binds with hair follicle receptors and stimulates hair growth.


Your hair's DHT sensitivity primarily determines your beard growth. However, this sensitivity relies on your genetics.


According to a study, ethnicity plays a significant role in determining your beard growth. Thus, the Caucasian men have fuller beards compared to the Chinese men.

Nutrient deficiency

Vitamin or mineral deficiency could also be the reason behind poor beard growth. Low levels of protein might be a reason for the beard not growing on cheeks.  

How to Increase Beard Density on Your Cheeks?

Let's take a deep dive into various beard growth tips that can benefit you.

Use Rogaine or Minoxidil

Minoxidil is an over the counter hair loss medicine. This medication remains one of the foremost beard growth tips given to prevent hair loss. Numerous studies state how Minoxidil can help men with hair growth.

Studies have also revealed this drug is effective in stimulating the scalp and enhancing facial hair growth. This medication is safe for most people. However, speak to your physician in case of a prior heart condition or high blood pressure.

Rogaine or Minoxidil expands the blood vessels in your face, which leads to the enlargement of hair follicles. You can massage Minoxidil 5 on your damp cheeks. Adhere to this routine twice a day for at least 16 weeks. Results might vary for different people.

Beard Roller for Increased Beard Growth

A beard roller is an incredibly effective way to improve your beard density. Essentially a beard roller or derma roller is filled with tiny microneedles. Scientifically, derma roller causes controlled micro-injuries to your skin. This results in a healing process that stimulates hair growth responses.

Men who use Minoxidil alternate the procedure with derma rolling. You can use a beard roller by gently running it over your cheeks. It is advised to repeat this procedure every two weeks.  

Diluted Peppermint Oil

Have you ever wondered how to grow a beard on cheeks naturally? Using 3% peppermint oil might be your answer. This inexpensive oil is one of the organic beard growth solutions for men.

A study showcased the incredible effect of this oil on beard growth. Peppermint oil directly increases the levels of the IGF-1 hormone present inside the hair follicle.

Mix 18 drops of peppermint oil with a carrier oil and formulate a 3% diluted version. Using undiluted peppermint oil on facial skin may result in scalding.

Essential Vitamins

Regular supplements may bridge the gaps in your nutrition requirements. This would also help in your side beard growth. Multivitamins and Carnitine are some of the most recommended supplements.

As per a study, Carnitine converts more hair follicles into the anagen growth phase. As a result, the androgen receptors become more receptive to hormones. Hence, resulting in better hair growth.

Kaunch beej

Kaunch beej powder and beard growth are closely interlinked. In addition, Kaunch beej also helps boost testosterone.

These seeds increase testosterone levels responsible for secondary male traits like beard growth. Kaunch beej helps DHT in stimulating facial hair follicles.

You can mix Kaunch beej powder in milk and have it every day. Ideally, Kaunch beej powder once a day should improve beard growth.

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