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Boost Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

Low testosterone can make you feel exhausted and low but did you know it can also lead to low sex drive? In this article, we talk about ways to boost your testosterone levels naturally.

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Boost Your Testosterone Levels Naturally
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Ratnaprabha Chaudhari, BAMS, MD (Swasthvritta and Yoga), PhD (Sch), MD (Alternative Medicine), PGDEMS, PGDIHM, Reviewed on 25th January 2021

Testosterone deficiency and sexual problems

What if someone told you, “you’re less of a man than your father.” Will it anger you? Well, there is a good chance that this person may be partially right, at least hormonally, albeit unknowingly. So, what causes low testosterone? Studies have found a link between increased erectile dysfunction and sexual problems with low testosterone levels affecting sex drive and overall sexual health.

Age is another critical factor when it comes to its decrease. Older men face higher deficiency rates.

If you’re a Homer Simpson fan, we suggest you carry on minus the beer. It only takes five days of regular drinking to plunge the testosterone levels.

Beer is definitely not wise to consume for testosterone levels but is beer good for hair and skin?

Importance of testosterone

Testosterone is key to the male sex hormone, but it is important to both, men and women. It plays a crucial role in muscle mass, fat loss and maintaining ideal health. Studies have shown that testosterone deficiency is linked to decreased interest in sex, lower muscle mass and can be a factor in experiencing depression.

Low levels of testosterone are directly linked to our stress-centric, unhealthy lifestyle.

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How to increase testosterone levels naturally?

Now, don’t get bummed out! Here’s how to increase testosterone in men. Doing exercise focused on strength training and incorporating the following natural products in your diet can help you increase testosterone in your body.

Fenugreek and testosterone

This miracle herb is known for reducing body fat and improving overall testosterone levels. You can add it to your curries and teas, and we promise, it tastes good.

Ginger and testosterone

Ginger is a popular root vegetable known for its medicinal properties. But few know of its ability to increase testosterone. Studies have proven that regular intake of ginger exponentially improves testosterone and semen quality in infertile men. It’s very easy to incorporate ginger in your diet — add it in your morning tea or grate it and include in your curries or dry vegetables.

boost testosterone naturally

Ashwagandha and testosterone

Ashwagandha is a common herb used in ancient Indian medicine. It is primarily used to help your body manage stress and anxiety. However, studies indicate that men consuming this herb have seen a boost in their testosterone levels by 10-22% with improved sperm quality. It especially helps stressed individuals increase their testosterone levels by reducing cortisol or stress hormone. Learn exactly how to take Ashwagandha it its correct dosage for maximum effects.

Onions and garlic are regular in your food, but who knew they can be allies in the bed? Both raise levels of the hormone to increase sperm production and creates better sperm quality. High levels of flavonoids in these protect your sperms against damage.

ashwagandha to boost testosterone

Safed Musli and testosterone

Safed Musli is a rare herb used in traditional Indian medicine and is known for managing diabetes, inflammation, boosting immunity, preventing cancer tumors and other conditions. It is also touted as a ‘herbal viagra’ and seen as a rejuvenating, natural sex tonic and for the treatment in alleviating sexual disorders.

L-Arginine and testosterone

An amino acid helps increase the levels of testosterone for treating erectile dysfunction and build muscle mass.

foods to boost testosterone

Fish and testosterone

Fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel are enriched with vitamin D, a key source to increase the testosterone level.If you’re not a fan yet, it’s time you include greens in your diet. Spinach is a great source of magnesium and iron.

Catch a wink when you crave it, fight your mind and go to bed on time. Cause when you sleep, your body turns up the testosterone and reaches its peak when you start dreaming. Consult your doctor to figure out if you have any medical conditions or if on medication, a low level is a side effect of the same.

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Healthy testosterone levels are crucial to your health and body composition. It’s time you hit the gym, pick up those weights, sleep more and eat healthy food. Giving best natural testosterone boosters a try is also a good option.