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How Many Calories in 1 Maggi? Should You Even Consume It?

Many people believe Maggi is a good snack for weight loss. However, it lacks protein and fibre, so it cannot be termed an ideal source of weight loss.

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How Many Calories in 1 Maggi? Should You Even Consume It?

How many calories are there in 1 Maggi serving? This question has topped the concerns of many and is yet unresolved. So, in one Maggi service, there is a total calorie count of 205.  Out of this, protein accounts for 17 calories while there are 97 calories of carbohydrate present. In addition to that, 92 is fat content. In total, a Maggi contains about 10% of the total calorie requirements of the standard diet of an adult (2000 calories).

Calories in Maggi chart

Total fat

Saturated fat
Polyunsaturated fat
Monounsaturated fat

Total Calories from Fats: 131

5.0 g
Sodium 1633mg
Potassium 75mg
Total Carbohydrates 52mg
Dietary Fiber 3.1g
Sugar 0.9g
Protein 9.9g
Total Maggi Noodles Calories
(Package of 566g)

How Long Does It Take to Burn 380 Kcal?

To burn 380 calories of Maggi by several activities such as walking, bicycling, running, etc.

Walking (3mph) 103 minutes
Bicycling (10mph) 53 minutes
Running (6mph) 37 minutes

All in all, it may take 3.2 hours of activities to burn the calories of 1 pack of Maggi.

Maggi Masala Ingredients

Many people wonder what are the ingredients used in Maggi masala. Here, you can check them out:

Ingredient Quantity
Onion powder 2 teaspoons
Coriander seeds 2 teaspoons
Red chillies 2 teaspoons
Garlic Powder 1 teaspoon
Cumin (jeera) 2 teaspoons
Turmeric powder ¼ teaspoon
Pepper powder ½ teaspoon
Garam masala ½ teaspoon
Ginger powder 1 teaspoon
Fenugreek seeds 2 teaspoon
Sugar ½ teaspoon
Chilli flakes ½ teaspoon
Cornflour 1 teaspoon
Amchur (dry mango) ½ teaspoon
Black pepper 1 teaspoon
Teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon

Is Atta Maggi Healthy?

As the statement is believed that atta Maggi is healthy, the fact states otherwise. Atta Maggi isn’t any more healthy compared to the previous noodle pack. 84% of the noodle pack is made using atta, while the rest of the content is maida. So, atta Maggi is not healthier.

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Is Maggi Good for Everyday Consumption?

While Maggi is a popular snack among many because of its easy and no-time consuming preparation, it is not a healthy snack to go for every day. It lacks nutrients such as vitamins, dietary fiber, etc. Also, there is no nutrient on its own.

On the other hand, one can find more chemicals than flour in the pack of Maggi noodles. These flavors are added as preservatives to enhance the taste of Maggi.

Yes, Maggi is one of the popular snacks due to its easy preparation. It is also a very affordable snack. So, if you enjoy eating Maggi and want it to be healthy for you, you must restrict the consumption to 1-2 times a month. Eating Maggi weekly, be it once or twice, might prove otherwise in health concerns.

Can You Eat Maggi for Weight Loss?

When we go through the nutritional facts of Maggi, it has very less amount of protein and fiber while it is high in fat, carbohydrate and sodium. Due to the low calorie in one serving of Maggi, (205 calories) as compared to numerous pasta, eating them may lead to weight loss.

However, many people tend to eat an entire packet of Maggy, which means more servings along with calorie consumption. Since Maggi does not contain protein and fiber, it cannot be termed an ideal weight loss source.

According to studies, protein fills the stomach fast and is a good source of making it full for a long time, thus decreasing hunger. It, as a result, is an ideal nutrient for weight management. On the other hand, fibre can also make you feel fuller by moving slowly through the digestive tract, as per the studies. As a result, it helps in weight loss.

Since Maggi contains 1g fibre and 4g protein, it makes you fill for a short time. Hence, it might not be considered a source of weight loss.

Summing Up on Calories in Maggi

Atta Maggi is not a healthy option, and even though Maggi is low on calories, eating them will not help you with weight loss. This is because Maggi does not keep you full for a long time. Also, Maggi is a comfort snack, but you should not exceed consumption more than twice a month.