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Benefits of Cardamom for Erectile Dysfunction | How to Use

Suffering from Erectile Dysfunctional issues? Look no further, as the queen of spices "cardamom"- that's probably in your kitchen is sure to help you. Read more on how to use cardamom to cure ED.

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Benefits of Cardamom for Erectile Dysfunction | How to Use
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Ratnaprabha Chaudhari, BAMS, MD (Swasthvritta and Yoga), PhD (Sch), MD (Alternative Medicine), PGDEMS, PGDIHM, Reviewed on 25th January 2021

Suffering from Erectile Dysfunctional issues? Look no further, as the queen of spices "cardamom"- that's probably in your kitchen is sure to help you. Read more on how to use cardamom to cure ED.

Cardamom, Elletaria cardamomum, or better known as the “queen of spices,” is one of the most common ingredients found in South Asian and Middle-Eastern kitchens.

It’s a staple blend for chai and coffee in many Indian households and a must for a lot of classic desserts.

Apart from taste and aromatic preferences, Ilaichi/Elaichi has enormous therapeutic value, especially in the Ayurvedic and Unani systems of medicine.

Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make it an excellent solution to some of the most common health issues.

Cardamom and men’s health

While everyone has a lot to gain from this humble herbal spice, cardamom is quite a known aphrodisiac and could promote sexual desire in men.

It may even serve as a natural alternative to Viagra. It has been observed that cardamom acts as a stimulant with a positive effect on sexual health and performance.

According to Ayurvedic experts, consuming this spice ‘al naturale’ or applying cardamom oil on the genital organ could increase blood flow and circulation.

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The healing humble cardamom

Traditionally, both green cardamom (hari elaichi) and black cardamom (kaali elaichi) have been used to treat mild fever, cold, cough, sore throat, flatulence, and headaches at home.

It is a popular remedy for digestion-related problems as well as other comorbid conditions like diabetes, asthma, and heart disorders.

Cardamom is also known to elevate mood and improve mental health.

Is cardamom good for erectile dysfunction?

In order to maintain an erection, the blood vessels present in the male genitalia need to be resilient so that the blood can flow south in a swift manner.

Erectile dysfunction means that those vessels aren’t working perfectly.

Edibles like the mighty cardamom and ashwagandha strive to work against erectile dysfunction naturally by balancing the stimulating male hormones, functioning vascular system, and controlling the blood pressure.

This is where the boost of antioxidants and the compound cineole come into play. It uplifts sexual response and helps in treating impotence.

The magic of its essential oil with a sweet yet spicy fragrance also heightens your libido and gives an erotic sensation.

In short, it gets you and your partner in the right mood. And because it endorses one’s sexual drive, it lets you last longer.


Ways of consuming cardamom for improving sexual performance

This is an extremely versatile spice. It can be consumed in multiple ways. According to the Ayurvedic theory of humors or doshas, cardamom comes under “warming” foods.

It has the innate ability to produce heat in raw form, and that is why it is useful for treating the common cold, cough, fever, nausea, and anxiety.

It is believed that heating cardamoms may further compromise their nutritive value. Eating a couple of raw green pods or seeds every day will help in maintaining strength and immunity.

It will also increase erectile blood circulation and will ultimately let you last longer and help overcome performance anxiety.

Here are other herbs to help you perform better.

Direct ingestion:

This is the most common and also the most recommended way of consuming cardamoms.

Indirect consumption:

The flavor, as well as the aroma of cardamom, goes very well with certain drinks and food.

The most widely used types of cardamom are Sukshma Ela or Chhoti elaichi (green cardamom) with smaller pods and Bhrat Elaor Badi elaichi(black cardamom) with bigger pods.It has a calming effect that helps you feel comfortable.

Helping you ease into the sexual mood.

These can be eaten in the form of:

Cardamom pods and/or seeds:

Usually, the green cardamom pods with seeds intact are chewed directly.

Cardamom powder:

It is advisable to take about 250mg of cardamom seed powder regularly. You may mix it with your curd or milk or add it to your beverage of choice.

Cardamom tablet and/or capsule:

Also known as “elad vati.” You can find these in a medical shop or a general store. Take 1-2 tablets a day or as prescribed by a physician. Usually, swallowing it with water works just fine.

Cooking with cardamom-

Cardamom in beverages: This spice infuses divinely with tea, coffee, and milk.

Sexual dysfunction and benefits of cardamom tea

Cardamom for ED

Green pods of cardamoms induce a slightly sweet taste to your tea. It is a great palate cleanser and relieves your digestive issues in a jiffy.

Regular in-take also takes care of your heart and keeps that immunity intact. It might even help you get rid of smoking, which ultimately works in favor of your sexual health as smoking is seen to hamper your sexual performance or, in cases, even lead to sexual dysfunction.

Cardamom tea is an excellent supplement for boosting sexual desire and energy.

It is one of the most effective ways of overcoming penile disorders in the longer run.

How to use cardamom pods in beverages:

Cardamom tea:

It is quite customary for Indian families to flavor their tea with cardamoms. All you have to do is add a few crushed or ground green cardamom pods or some powder with your regular tea before boiling it. Strain and enjoy a beautiful aromatic drink.

Cardamom spiced coffee:

Apart from cinnamons, the cardamom is a preferred choice of spice in a hot cup of coffee all over the world. Just add a few crushed green ponds or some cardamom powder to boiling water and/or milk. The erotic aroma alone can boost your performance.

Magic milk for sexual pleasure:

Cardamom-infused milk can help men in harnessing sexual power. Boil some milk with 2-4 green cardamom pods for about five minutes. Strain the liquid and mix a spoonful of honey. Consume this drink on an empty stomach and avoid having anything else for the next 2 hours. Repeat this practice for a few weeks and notice a positive change in yourself.

Cardamom is a multipurpose, plant-based, 100% natural solution to an unhealthy lifestyle. It enhances your physical, physiological, and psychological performance in life. Apart from a number of other dietary and medicinal usages, the spice of cardamom promotes sexual desire and drive in men and has notably resolved erectile dysfunction in men. It’s definitely worth your while.

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