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How to Treat Dark Spots

Dark spots are caused by melanin and lead to hyperpigmentation. Here is the best way to treat dark spots effectively.

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How to Treat Dark Spots

Having dark spots is kind of a nightmare. Having said this, Melanin is what gives your skin its colour and tint. When certain cells have more melanin than others, the result is a darker patch of skin. This is referred to as hyperpigmentation. Anything that makes your skin inflamed, like picking or squeezing a blemish, can increase your chances of hyperpigmentation. So how to remove dark spots?

There are numerous ways in which dark spots could be treated. There are treatments as well as remedies which work effectively. When it comes to medical treatments, there are procedures like cryotherapy, chemical peel, laser treatment microdermabrasion and skin lightening creams. When it comes to remedies, the most common household remedies are treating affected areas with lemon, aloe vera, turmeric, potato slice, tomato and many more to name a few.

How to remove dark spots caused by pimples?

The very first thing one should keep in mind is not touching the pimple occurred area with dirty hands. Few remedies can help to remove the dark spot occurring due to pimples. These are Orange peel powder, coconut oil, castor oil etc. and many more.

Many men search and seek for solutions on how to remove dark spots on their face overnight or how to remove dark spots on their face fast. But ideally, let’s be realistic, there is nothing like a dark spot vanishing overnight. However, consider using the best face wash for pimples and dark spots and also the best cream for dark spots for good results.

Here is the most common thing that people keep in their mind: how to remove dark spots on the face?

How to remove dark spots on the face?

There are various ways in which you can prevent the dark spot on your face. How they can be suppressed are by Hydroquinone creams and serums which are again, one of the best cream to remove dark spots on the face, apart from retinoid solutions, laser treatments and peels, chemical exfoliators also work well.

Home remedies for dark spots

It is important to take a concerned approach with these DIY remedies at home for dark spots.

  • Lemons are loaded with Vitamin C, which could help in dark spots lightning on the skin. You can rub lemon juice on the affected area for a few seconds. Once dry, rinse the area with cool water. Repeat this process every day to fade the spots.
  • Apply pure aloe vera gel on the concerned area, If you want to treat dark spots and blemishes, slightly scrub the area for a few minutes and let it dry. For better results, do this regularly.
  • Take an egg and remove the yolk and apply just the white part to your skin. Once dry, rinse it off with cold water. You can indulge in this treatment twice a week to fade away the dark spots.
  • Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Make a puree of tomatoes and scrub the potion on your skin for 15 minutes and wash it off with cold water. You can do this twice a month for better results.