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Does Masturbation Affect Height? | Masturbation FAQ

In this piece, we will consider various factors of masturbation that may harm or benefit your health and address all concerns around "does masturbation affect height?"

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Does Masturbation Affect Height? | Masturbation FAQ
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Veena Ganesh Shinde, MD, DGO, PG & ART, Reviewed on 25th January 2021

In this piece, we will consider various factors of masturbation that may harm or benefit your health and address all concerns around "does masturbation affect height?"

There have been many guesses regarding the effects of masturbation. For example, a popular one is, does masturbation cause hair fall? However, most people do not speak of this openly to provide the right and logical insight.

In this piece, we will consider various factors of masturbation that may harm or benefit your health and address all concerns around "does masturbation affect height?"

To begin with, let's first understand what masturbation is?

And, then we will further explore if masturbation and height are even related to each other.

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What is masturbation?

Masturbation is a self sexual stimulation of one's genitals for sexual pleasure purposes until to the point of orgasm.

The process involves touching, rubbing, and massaging one's genital area for sexual pleasure.

Being tall is what one has always desired.

That Amitabh Bachchan height has been on the list of nearly every man.

But along with height comes the question- "how many times a day are you masturbating?"

With all logical reasons, masturbation and height are nothing more than myths, and the researchers have proven that over the years.

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Does masturbation increase height?

No, masturbation does not increase your height.

You might have heard your colleagues or friends claiming that masturbation does increase height– but it isn't true at all.

Testosterone plays a part in one's growth spurt at the puberty phase — and is responsible for various physical changes such as the growth of beard in men, muscular development, and even height.

There is little evidence that masturbation may increase your testosterone level. Thus, resulting in no massive changes in your height.

Does Masturbation decrease height?

No, masturbation does not decrease your height; neither can it affect any of your growth hormones that impact your height.

But yes, excess of nothing is good– even if it's medicine.

Further, in this piece, we will discuss the pros and cons of masturbation that you may want to consider and decide what is good for you and what is bad for you!

Masturbation Benefits

According to Practitioners, one requires a healthy amount of masturbation for a happy life. The experts say that masturbation is the same as having sex. Moreover, it is beneficial to release sperm daily.

In sexual intercourse, the man's genitals do the same action in the woman's vagina as it would do when masturbation in the man's palm.

And, the entry and exit of the penis are precisely similar to vaginal sexual intercourse. And, according to them, there isn't anything unnatural about it.

According to experts, when you are at the climax of masturbation, the endorphin hormones are released.

Endorphin hormones are natural analgesics, which act as the duty painkillers or pain relievers leaving you stress-free and giving mental peace post masturbation.

Masturbation keeps you safe. Masturbation generally helps people with no sexual intercourse partner to help them full fill their desire for sex.

This saves you from reaching out to paid sexual partners that may be infected and can infect you with a sexually transmitted disease (STD)

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Cons of Masturbation

As said above, excess of nothing has ever proven to be good, and with that, you should also consider all the factors that may affect your life as an individual.

These are some of the cons of masturbation that one should consider, according to health experts.

Experts suggest that one should masturbate no more than three times a week – however, you better know your strength, and in case of any after-effects, you should also consider meetings with personal sex health experts to guide you more about it. A masturbation addiction or watching porn and hot videos have disadvantages for your brain.

One should stay careful of putting unwanted things in their penis to masturbate, such as urethral sounds and other foreign objects– this may sometimes result in a severe injury.

It may also become problematic if it negatively affects your behaviour, and in that case, consulting a doctor or a therapist is the best advice one can offer.

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