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Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss? Myths or Reality

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Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss? Myths or Reality

You'd think there already are enough reasons for people to avoid or quit smoking and many people believe that excessive hair loss is yet another of the side effects of smoking. So in this article, we will discuss the relationship between smoking and hair loss, and also, does smoking cause hair loss!

Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss?

Yes, smoking can increase hair loss in a variety of ways. Smoking increases the production of free radicals in the body, and free radicals are those molecules that can damage your DNA. Smoking and pollution both are factors that can increase hair loss. Cells in the hair follicles of boiling scalps are particularly sensitive to oxidative stress, so smoking by mechanisms of free radicals can be one of the big reasons for hair loss.

The Chemicals in the cigarette, such as carbon monoxide, can cause blocking or choking of your blood vessel, which is harmful to your lungs and heart and your hair. Smoking also increases the inflammatory cytokines like in male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia, which could be a reason for rapid progression and higher greatness,  grading of baldness at a very early age.

A 2020 study compared the degree of boldness in smokers versus non-smokers, and it was found that 425 of 500 smokers had hair loss of some degree while only 200 out of 500 non-smokers had signs of hair loss.

Besides causing hair loss, smoking can also:

1) Faster the process of turning your hair turning grey

2) Make your hair more brittle due to decreased blood flow to the hair follicles

3) Poor hair transplant results

4) Increase dryness and roughness of your hair texture

Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss in Females?

Yes, smoking can cause hair loss in females. Particularly for those females who already have thin hair or are more predisposed to baldness. Smoking can cause a state of low estrogen levels by inhibiting certain enzymes. So you have to plan to quit smoking and quit as early as possible. Even though quitting smoking may sound difficult, you have to do it to achieve thick good bouncy hair on your scalp.

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Can You Reverse Hair Loss From Smoking?

Yes, Hair loss caused by smoking can be reversible once you quit smoking. Also, hair can grow back as your body starts to heal and function normally.

What to Do if Smoking Is Causing Hair Loss?

You have to quit smoking, and even though quitting smoking can sound difficult, but you have to do it if you want thick & good bouncy hair. Some therapy that can help you quit smoking is hypnosis or nicotine replacement therapy. Along with therapy, you can also make some lifestyle changes, such as drink green tea or a glass of hot water with a tiny bit of honey every time you feel like you want to smoke. Drinking green tea or a glass of hot water will give you the same satisfaction as a cigarette will do. Also, remember that the first three weeks could be a little difficult, but the rest will get easy once you pass those three weeks.