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Ducktail Beard Types, Growing & Grooming Tips | Man Matters

Have you considered changing your beard style to one of the most popular styles, the Ducktail Beard? It is a great option. Here's all you need to know about it.

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Ducktail Beard Types, Growing & Grooming Tips | Man Matters

Men are generally very possessive of their beard styles, and the key is to take excellent care of it by keeping it clean and groomed to make it different and on point. One of such most admired beard styles is the Ducktail Beard. It is one of those smart beards which define your face shape sharply.

What Is a Ducktail Beard?

Ducktail is a beard style famous since the late 90s and early 2000s, which cannot be shaped in this style until it wraps all around the jaw and chin. The ducktail is named like that because this beard style resembles the structure identical to a duck's tail due to the extended chin section.

This is one of those full-bearded styles which are well-groomed to let you stand out from the crowd. The beard style includes a long pointed chin, short sides, and a well-carved jaw that protrudes outward and eventually is attached to the chin.

The moustache area is usually kept clean and trimmed. The length, width, and direction of the ducktail are kept in mind to give it a perfect look; the best-recommended measurements usually lie between 2 and 4 inches. Even though the name of the Ducktail Beard speaks for itself, it's more than that and offers wide room for variations to take place.

Apart from this, one of the important features of the Ducktail beard is that in this style, the facial hair moves from the cheek line to the chin, while the hair on the chin being the longest is a suitable trait for one of its variations called pointed Ducktail beard style. In such a beard style, this hair can also be arranged in a slightly curly manner.

Therefore, for giving the perfect care to their beards, men always look for healthy and right products such as Beardmax 5% Minoxidil with testosterone booster and the beard growth serum BreadGro+, but it is also essential to choose the right beard style that best suits your face and personality.

Variations of the Ducktail Beard:

Beards often allow one to explore different angles and structures of your face by drawing complete focus on the cheekbones by creating a sharp chin. This cool-looking Ducktail beard style and its variations can range from round beard to fully groomed pointed beard variation.

There are many beard style variations to choose from once you decide to grow a Ducktail beard. Here are some of them for you to explore and choose the right for you as per your face structure:

1. Short Ducktail Beard

The most simple and easiest to create variation of Ducktail Beard styles is Short Ducktail Beard. This can be done by trimming the beard for a few months after proper growth around the outer edges of the cheek lines and the chin.

This Ducktail Beard variation into short ducktail beard style suits best the ones who have a round facial structure to make it look extra angular, showcasing sharp face cuts and short chin beard size with beard illusion.

2. Medium Length Ducktail Beard

A medium-length ducktail beard is one of the oldest and most commonly adopted Ducktail Beard styles. It is long enough to give a full turn of length from the short sides to the long side without being too hard to maintain the smoothness.

The most recommended type of product one should use to maintain this length of the beard is called beard serum, as its nourishing and healing properties due to the presence of Biotin, vitamin B, and many more can act to be beneficial in keeping the middle length ducktail beard healthy and safer.

3. Long Ducktail Beard

For those who love to explore something unique and extra, go for a long Ducktail Beard, which is considered to be a longer variation of usual Ducktail Beards. However, it is commonly advised to stay between the length range of up to 12 inches to avoid the hair from becoming loose and bushy.

Beard growth tonic is the best type of product recommended for keeping the long and thick beard hair by preventing the beard hair from getting dirty and damaged.

4. Full Ducktail Beard

One of the classic ducktail beard styles is called Full Ducktail Beard, which includes full facial hair from cheeks to the chin. This beard style demands consistent care and cut to keep beard hair at a manageable length. This proper combination of length and maintenance will help your full Ducktail beard to reach its maximum volume and prevent any kind of scraggly and thin look.

5. Faded Ducktail Beard

The faded Ducktail beard variation style is suitable for people with short facial hair around the cheek lines. This short title beard style gives you a better look by enhancing the beard hair length and your facial features with the sharply pointed chin.

You can create this look by using your trimmer and creating a blurring effect. But, it is quite difficult to create at home; therefore, it is advised to visit the barber to get it done.

6. Pointed Ducktail Beard

Traditionally, Ducktail Beard was round in shape at the chin, but now people even prefer the one with sharp features and a straight edge pointed game. This Pointed Ducktail Beard style can be achieved by combining your facial hair at the chin into a pointed beard using beard oil or wax to further define the shape of the face.

These products can control unruly hair and stickiness. People with wide, round face shapes can prefer this Ducktail Beard variation style which adds up to the length of their face by accentuating the chin to make the jaw look sharply angular.

7. Round Bottom Ducktail Beard

The round bottom circular style Ducktail beard is quite similar to that of the usual Ducktail beard, but at the ends of the chin, it has distinctive circular lines.

To get yourself this variation of Ducktail Beard style, you should maintain your beard hair length to be medium or even shorter than the original to get a properly shaped rounded bottom ducktail beard attractive look in any way you like.

8. Ducktail Beard with Comb Over

The ducktail beard with comb-over style works best for the face because it creates a detailed impression of your jawline and demonstrates a long attractive chin. It helps in making your face look slimmer.

9. French Style Ducktail Beard

French Style Ducktail Beard is an extremely special blend of classic Ducktail Beard and traditional French Beard. Therefore, one can easily get confused between these. The French beard grows only around the chin, whereas the French-style Ducktail Beard is a full-fledged beard style. The chin area is trimmed to look long and has straight lines giving one the most stylish and elegant look.

10. Horseshoe-Shaped Ducktail Beard

If you want to explore an option with a long beard instead of a Small Ducktail Beard, then this one will be your best choice to try. However, a horseshoe Ducktail beard looks different from the traditional long, unruly, and bushy beards, which don't look good on your face.

It is the most properly groomed style of beard, which will make you look the most handsome and smartest individual in the room. You can normally grow your beard covering the cheeks and chin, then shape it into a horseshoe outlook with a Ducktail beard touch. Take proper care of your Horseshoe Ducktail Beard by timely moisturisation and lubrication with beard wax.

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How to Grow Ducktail Beard?

Growing a beard takes time. Therefore, the key here is that you should be patient. On average facial hair grows by half an inch every month. So, by around five to six months, you can enjoy about two to five inches of your beard.

However, the growth and development of the full Ducktail Beard style can take up to 6 months to a year, depending on how fast your facial hair grows and how long and pointed you want your beard to be. So, here are some guidelines for you to follow in order to get the best results in beard growth:

  • As mentioned earlier, a ducktail beard style is a full-grown beard style. Therefore, it becomes important for you to grow a full beard before getting it shaped in any variation of the Ducktail Beard.
  • During the process of growing a beard, it is important for you to wash your beard in a timely manner about once a week or even clean it daily if necessary.
  • The pro tip to take care of your desired beard style is to keep working on it as patiently, neatly, and consistently as possible.
  • Shaving the beard to grow it faster is just a myth. It will be better if you support your beard growing journey with essential nutrients supplements to see desirable results by improving the levels of testosterone in the body.
  • Use a good beard serum and brush your hair to the point where it grows to make sure they all grow in the same way with thicker strands and no fuzziness or bushy tangles present there.
  • According to the studies, consuming beard gummies with essential nutrients and boosters such as Biotin, Creatine, and D-aspartic acid can support and improve the growth of the beard.

How to Trim and Shape a Ducktail Beard?

You can even opt to trim and shape your beard style in Ducktail beard at home, but as it involves slightly difficult technicalities and expertise, therefore, it is advised to pay a visit to a barber at least for the first time in order to avoid any kind of injury, design error, or for the matter of fact any inconvenience.

Because, after that, it becomes a little easier to do it yourself by maintaining the edges and the beard shape regularly. In the case of a curly beard, it is recommended to get it straightened to ensure the proper shape of the beard. The steps to trim and shape a ducktail beard are mentioned below:

  • Take a beard trimmer and start carving out a rough ducktail shape with a two to four-inch pointed shape at the chin.
  • Then slowly and with a lot of focus, clean up all the rough edges of the beard and make the sides short by using a beard comb and a beard trimmer.
  • Then gradually start the shaping process from the bottom of the beard as per the variation style you want to explore.
  • After which, one should steadily sharpen the edges of the cheek's outer lines all the way to the end of the chin creating a pointy end. The side area should be about half or one inch in length.
  • Start shaving the neckline but stop at the highest end of Adam's apple to create a nice Ducktail beard look. Also, try to create a well-defined line at the upper part of the cheekbones.
  • In the later state, to try and hold on to the shape of your ducktail beard for a longer period, you should maintain it properly by not letting it grow bushy or unruly. With this, it is recommended to use a beard trimmer at least every three to four weeks to maintain its edges and length properly.

What Face Shape Is Best for the Ducktail Beard?

Ducktail Beard is an art that is carved patiently and is best suited for men with oval-shaped, Diamond, square, and round faces, but as it has safe variations and trending beard styles, they look good on all facial features. This practically means it does not look bad on any of the face shapes and thus, becomes one of the safest choices universally.

  • The ducktail beard suits men with diamond and oval-shaped faces best as they have a large bottom face size as compared to the forehead to enhance the cheeks and jawline.
  • Men with round face structures often want to make their chin region look more visible with angular and sharp jaws. This Ducktail Beard style makes their face look longer and in better shape.
  • Men with triangular face structures can also enhance their facial features with this sharp and well-groomed ducktail beard. But, in this case, they should be careful as they already have pointed bright chin so, further, emphasise more on it may not always turn out to be a great option.
  • For men with oblong or square faces, this beard style is a perfect fit as it makes their faces look longer and more attractive. But, with their face cut, it is advised to not go for an extremely sharp chin as it will make your face unusually long.

Pros and Cons of the Ducktail Beard

The Ducktail Beard style is an extremely attractive and well-shaped full beard style that one can explore. So, here are some positives for making your decision of changing the beard style even easier:

  • It is easy to grow and maintain a ducktail beard with proper control as long as you have complete access to the right tools and growth-supporting products from the market.
  • You can maintain this well-groomed look for as long as you want to keep it as the craze and fashion for this is not going anywhere any sooner.
  • A ducktail beard style provides your face with a slim and fresh look effect to your face, making it look even more attractive as it screams maturity in it to create a ruling aura around you.
  • The ducktail beard is one of the full beard styles which require comparatively less difficult maintenance processes as compared to other full beard styles. With a beautiful and effective beard comb, razor blade, beard oil, and serum, you can move to this style easily.

Along with such a beautiful and attractive positive side, there comes a negative side too, which is often overshadowed by the positive impact and looks of the Ducktail Beard. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Requires extreme care and time, which means one has to visit a professional barber at regular intervals unless and until you inculcate all these great beards trimming skills.
  • It is a high-maintenance beard style that requires more quality products and supplements to maintain the full Ducktail beard’s well-groomed look.

Summing Up on Ducktail Beard

The word "ducktail beard" itself comes out sharp and prominent, making you look phenomenal and different from others. You can opt for any style from the available variations of ducktail in the market without worrying about the ways to take care of it because the beard grooming and development products such as BeardGro, Beard development kit with 5% Minoxidil from Man Matters, and many more have got you covered.