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Fight Corona With The Art Of Wellness

Learn the art of wellness to boost your immunity, improve your physical and mental health in times of the corona pandemic.

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Fight Corona With The Art Of Wellness

Fight Corona With The Art of Wellness 

Up until a few weeks ago, Corona was a sunshine-coloured beverage ideally served on a golden beach. The same name today has sparked self-isolation and social distancing. City streets, as well as grocery store shelves, are near empty. Everywhere you look, dark clouds seem to be gathering. But what matters is every cloud has a silver lining.

Reboot Matters

When was the last time you sat on your couch with a warm cup of tea, gazing at the evening sunshine? With more and more people working from home, (this writer included), we have suddenly found ourselves with a rare gift – spare time. Corona’s enforced isolation presents an opportunity to reboot your wellness. You can use the break from the daily grind to boost your immunity and improve your physical and mental health. The silver lining matters more than dark clouds.


The Art Of Wellness Matters

Time to bring the fight to the virus. Here’s a simple checklist to protect you from COVID-19 and its side effects. Think of the list like Captain America’s special shield:

Hydration Matters

Always keep a tall water bottle at hand’s reach. Staying hydrated is your first line of defence; one less thing for your body to worry about. We recommend that you fortify the water with herbs or a splash of vitamin c in the form of raw lime juice.

Soap Matters

In the time of Corona, a man’s best friend is soap. Wash your hands with it, wash your body with it, you can even sing to it if that will bring the two of you closer. There is scientific evidence that soap foam can wash away any presence of the harmful virus from your skin. Ideally, you want to wash hands and any exposed skin as soon as you return home. Soap on, we say.

Eating Healthy Matters

You are what you eat, and now more than ever the food you eat can protect you. Include healthy portions of seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet. Dry fruits are great snack options. When you are tempted to eat junk, visualise that burger and fries swarming with the contagious Corona.

Reading Matters

Your first instinct is to probably hit play on Netflix when you have free time. Why not take a screen break and pick up a book: The bound, rectangle-shaped collection of printed pages, in case you forgot. Not only will your eyes thank you for it, your brain too will welcome the sight of anything other than a screen. A good read will leave you feeling refreshed and re-energised.

Mental Health Matters

Staying stuck at home is tough. The best way to deal with an idle, bored mind is to treat it to a hobby – play an instrument, paint, sing, write a love letter. You can even try some light exercise like yoga and Surya namaskar. In your fight against Corona, mental health matters as much as physical health.

Family And Friends Matter

The luxury of time is perhaps the only pleasant side effect of the COVID-19. What better way to spend it than with close family and friends. With no other distractions – read malls and theatres – you can develop stronger bonds with those who really matter to you. Together we can emerge stronger, healthier, and drive away the dark clouds cast by the Coronavirus.