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Hair Botox: Benefits, Side Effects, More - Man Matters

The primary purpose of hair botox is to treat frizziness. Besides, a good hair botox also help to promote smoother and voluminous hair along with deep conditioning.

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Hair Botox: Benefits, Side Effects, More - Man Matters

A hair botox aims to smoothen hair and prevent frizziness. Generally, it is not done with the help of injection, but botox may refer to Botulinum Toxin, which is specially done via injection. A hair botox, on the other hand, is done to ensure smooth and silky hair, which are part of boosting the quality of your hair. Let’s check out various points related to hair botox:

What is Hair Botox?

Hair botox and skin botox are similar in many ways. Botulinum Toxin, or BTX, is an injection specially prepared for this process. Besides treating several migraines, with skin botox is also used in cosmetics procedures like to lessen fine lines, signs of ageing and wrinkles.

However, a botox for hair is not done through injection. Its primary aim is to promote smoother hair and introduce better growth and deep conditioning.

How Hair Botox Works?

The work of hair botox is to coat the hair fibre that is better for the overall health of the hair. The treatment fills the gaps or breaks of your hair and makes it look voluminous and lustrous. You can undergo this treatment if your hair has these problems;

  • Dry and dull hair
  • Hair breakage
  • Split ends
  • Hair damage
  • Frizz
  • Hair straightening

Advantages of Hair Botox

Treatment with deep conditioning and is chemical-free is what hair botox is done for. The advantages are-

  • Remove the frizziness of your hair.
  • Keep your scalp safe against dandruff, psoriasis, related problems.
  • Strengthen your hair by repairing damaged hair and freshening hair fibres.
  • Prevents hair thinning, split end and hair loss.
  • Reducing hair damage by rebonding makes hair smooth and strengthened.
  • Adds volume to your hair

Can You Use Botox Treatment for Hair Loss?

Botox treatment helps to introduce various nutrients to your hair, such as Vitamin B5, Amino Acids, Vitamin E, Glyoxylic Acid, BONT-L Peptide, Collagen Complex, etc. These elements are among the vital nutrients that help to reduce hair fall and nourish it as a result. Professor Freund, a Canada-based researcher, experimented with this hair treatment hair growth even in fewer areas.

Drawbacks/side Effects of Botox Treatment for Hair

The disadvantages of hair botox treatment are as follow:

1. After Care is Essential

You need to use shampoos that are free from sulphate after the treatment because ordinary shampoos will spoil the treatment effect. Also, avoid using hairdryers and hair straighteners as these prevent vitamins and minerals from your hair.

2. Expensive

The treatment is costly because hair botox contains complex formulas for repairing hair.

3. Change Your Hair Tone

Suppose you dye your hair, you will notice the colour of your hair will change after the treatment a bit. This is because the treatment is to inject vitamins into your hair. So, it may change your hair tone.

4. Interior of Curls Won’t Change

It only straightens curls to some extent. The treatment doesn't involve changing the internal hair fibres. If you want to change the internal structure, then the internal cuticles of your hair need to break down. This can be done by using a chemical gas named formaldehyde which is colourless and has a pungent smell, and is not present in this treatment.

5. Can't Dye Hair After Treatment

If you are applying hair botox treatment after hair dye, it may change the colour a bit because the process involves infusing vitamins into the exterior part of your hair.

6. Cost of Hair Botox Treatment

Hair botox treatment costs between 11,000-23,000 INR. The cost varies according to the geographic locations, type of treatment, whether at home or purchased materials, and salon appointment.

Keratin vs Hair Botox

Some of the dissimilarities between botox treatment and keratin treatment are:

  • Keratin treatments are for those who have curly hair, and botox treatment can be applied for all types of hair. Again, a keratin treatment is more apt for thin hair women.
  • In keratin treatment chemicals like formaldehyde are present which smoothen and straighten your hair, whereas hair botox is free from chemicals. Hair botox reduces hair loss and strengthens and hydrates your hair.
  • Both the treatments are suited for women having thick and curly hair who wish to have straight, healthy hair.

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Alternatives of Botox Treatment

Some of the alternates of hair botox treatment are:

1. Pre Conditioning

The application of conditioning products prior to shampooing results in elasticity and lustrous hair. The treatment helps to retain moisture, which is washed away by shampoo. So, apply the conditioner for 10-20 mins. From the root to the tips and use shampoo afterwards.

2. Scalp Conditioner

Different oils like almond, jojoba, olive, honey, etc. help moisturise and soften the scalp. Use a good conditioner, wait for 10-20 minutes, then wash using shampoo.

3. Charcoal Shampoo

Charcoal infused shampoo absorbs the toxic from hair. It comes with activated charcoal that detoxifies hair and revitalises your damaged and dull hair. So, wash your hair with charcoal shampoo.

4. Hair Mask

The hair mask with a combination of butter, oils, flowers, fruits and leaves of neem, banana and hibiscus. This conditioning treatment goes deep into the scalp and nourishes your hair. Use this mask a couple of times a week. Hibiscus masks or papaya masks are can easily be bought from the market or prepared at home.

5. Hair Oil

Hair oil like coconut, almond, amla, argan and olive oil helps to nourish hairs making them stronger. Massage your hair twice a week with any of these oils.

Final Words

Hair botox treatment is safe for women who have frizzy, dry, dull and damaged hair. After the treatment, you may notice some changes that you are not aware of. So, it is advisable to go through all the plus and downsides of the treatment.


Is Hair Botox Treatment Good for Your Hair?

Yes, hair botox treatment is good for your hair. You can do this treatment 2-3 times yearly. Not more than this because it may result in thinning, breakage and dullness to hair.

Is This Treatment Applied for Curly Hair?

Yes, it can apply to all hair types. It is not for strengthening but to manage hair that has split ends.

Hair Botox Treatment Can Last for?

This treatment can last for a maximum of four months.

Is This Treatment Suitable to Straightening Hair?

Yes, but for women who have curly hair because it never changes the pattern of hair.