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Hair On Penis | How To Remove Hair On Penis And More

No matter your preference, having hair on your penis is entirely normal. If you still choose to remove it with a good trimmer or shave, here are some tips to remove penis hair!

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Hair On Penis | How To Remove Hair On Penis And More

Some individuals may find hair on the penis attractive, while others may like their man well-groomed and shaved down there. No matter your preference, having hair on your penis is entirely normal. If you still choose to remove it with a good trimmer or shave, here are some tips to remove penis hair!

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Should I Be Concerned About Hair On The Penis?

The area below your belly button and above your penis is medically referred to as the pubis. Most men have hair growing on this part of their body. However, men also have hair below their testicles, on their shaft, foreskin and around their anus. There’s nothing to be concerned about on the hair of your penis.

Why Does Hair Grow Down There?

When men go through puberty, hormones such as testosterone cause hair growth. Hair growth is seen on the face, armpits, torso, and other parts. Hormones cause hair growth on the penis as well.

The penis has hair growth on the shaft, as well as the testicles. The amount of hair growth varies from person to person.

Hair growth on the penis is not without reason. The hair prevents serious injuries by acting as a barrier. Hair on the penis serves as an extra layer between your skin and clothes. It also prevents friction injuries during sexual intercourse.

Is Hair on Penis Normal?

Post-puberty, hair growth on the penis is normal and expected. The quantity and quality of hair growth on the penis can vary across individuals. Some people have scanty hair growth on the testicles and barely any hair growth on the shaft. For others, it can be quite a messy hairy situation. In both cases, it is normal to have hair growth down there.

How to Remove Hair From Penis?

As mentioned, some people might have unruly hair growth on the penis. Some might want to remove hair from the penis just for hygiene reasons or for aesthetic purposes. Whatever be the reason, there are different ways to remove hair from the penis. Let us take a brief look at the broad answers to the question – how to remove hair from the penis.

  • Shaving: Completely removes all the hair. It gives the smoothest outcome but needs careful precision.
  • Threading: Waxing may not be possible down there due to the sensitive nature of the skin. Careful, gentle threading can help remove hair from the penis.
  • Trimming: This would not be for removing the hair in the true sense, but it can bring it down to a manageable level. Trimming the hair growth on the penis can be done with scissors or with a trimmer.
  • Laser: Laser or electrolysis-based hair removal treatment can work for the penis, similar to unwanted hair growth in other areas.

Shaving Penis: Pros, Cons & Precaution

Shaving hair growth has its set of risks and rewards. The most significant advantage of shaving a penis is the unparalleled smooth feeling that it offers. Shaving the penis in the proper manner can result in a clean, non-smelly area.

The most significant disadvantage of shaving the penis hair is the risk of inflicting cuts on one’s private parts. The second disadvantage is the risk of infection for a penis without any hair. There are also chances of getting irritation and allergy from the shaving cream or gel.

Ensure these precautions before shaving your penis

  1. Use a fresh, clean, sharp razor. Using a dull razor increases your chances of injury
  2. Always shave in the direction of hair growth
  3. Avoid letting the foam touch the tip of the penis
  4. Do not use menthol based or strong scented substances that increase the chances of allergy for sensitive skin
  5. When shaving penis hair, be slow and gentle.
  6. Trim the area with scissors first
  7. For best results, pre-moisten the area with warm water.

Professional Penis Hair Removal Options

If you are not confident about shaving your penis hair with your hand, it’s a task best left to the professionals. Here are some of the best professional techniques for penis hair removal.

Waxing by Professionals

When handled skilfully by professionals, it can be less painful. The cost of waxing by professionals is on the higher side. It needs special wax and very skilled hands. Fortunately, it is a once-a-month ordeal for most.

Laser removal of hair on penis

A good cosmetologist shall help with laser removal of the penis hair. It is a procedure just like the one used for facial hair or any hair for that matter. This procedure can need multiple sittings, where each sitting can cost a fair bit. There may be some maintenance required from time to time, making this as close to permanent as possible.

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In A Nutshell… Should You Be Worrying About Hair On Your Penis?

The short response is, ‘NO.’ There is nothing to worry about if you have hair on your penis- either in excessive or small amounts.


Is it Healthy to Shave Pubic Hair?

The risks associated with shaving penis hair outweigh the advantages. The hair on the penis is there for a reason. Trimming is a safer alternative.

What Age Do Guys Start Shaving Their Pubes?

Shaving the hair on the penis requires at least three cm of growth. Growth begins after puberty. One can start shaving a year after puberty.

How do I Get Rid of Ingrown Hair on My Penis?

Ingrown hair on the penis would be the result of improper hair removal techniques. It is recommended to consult a doctor for ingrown hairs. Further, it is advisable to engage a professional service for hair removal on the penis.

How to Clean Hair on Penis?

Cleaning the hair growth on the penis requires a bar of mild soap and warm water. Minimal scrubbing to avoid injuries and avoid chemicals that your skin is sensitive to.

How to Cut Penis Hair

To cut the hair growth on the penis, one can use rounded scissors or a trimmer designed for soft sensitive skin.