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Health Benefits of Jowar

Why Jowar is the grain you must try for a healthy diet? Read this article to know more about the health benefits of Jowar.

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Health Benefits of Jowar

Are you trying to switch to a healthy diet or lose weight? Then you must try Jowar or Sorghum as it is known in English, and make healthier food choices. As health is becoming a big concern for millennials, they are slowly transitioning from refined wheat products towards millets which are known to be full of fibre and packed with all kinds of nutrients.

Here are Some Amazing Jowar Benefits on Health:

Slowly becoming “the new Quinoa”, Jowar or Sorghum is known for some incredible health benefits, and you should put it at the top of your list of healthy grains.

Jowar is Gluten-free

Many people ask these questions: What is gluten? And, is Jowar gluten free? Gluten is a protein component that is found in barley and wheat-based foods. What makes gluten problematic is that it has some undesirable effects on the https://manmatters.com/blog/5-easy-ways-to-improve-digestion/ digestive system, such as stomach ache, bloating, and cramps. Hence, many people suffer from ‘gluten intolerance’ and look for alternatives to gluten-rich foods. Jowar is the best alternative grain as it is sorghum gluten-free and rich in all kinds of nutrients.

Jowar is extremely Rich in Fibre

Another impressive feature that is associated with Sorghum is that it is rich in fibre. Fibre is the part of plant-based food that cannot be digested by your body and thus, prevents the risk of obesity, diabetes and high blood sugar. Jowar contains a much higher fibre content as compared to other grains, and a single serving can fulfil your fibre needs for the day.

Jowar controls Blood Sugar Levels

If you are wondering how to reduce sugar level in the blood, then the answer is by adding Jowar to your diet. Jowar is a complex carbohydrate which means it doesn’t get digested easily. Hence, sorghum promotes a slow and gradual rise in blood sugar levels. This makes Jowar an excellent choice for diabetic patients.

Jowar is high in Protein and Iron

Protein and iron are two components you must always look for in your food. Being the best source of energy, protein helps in generating cells, whereas iron carries oxygen throughout your body. Both are essential requirements for body functions. So, make sure that you eat food that is rich in iron and protein, and one grain that can help with that is sorghum or jowar.

Jowar benefits for your digestive System

This one is a bit obvious, and again, fibre is here to save the day. Consisting of high dietary fibre, Sorghum improves your digestive health and helps in the smooth passing of stool through the tract. It also prevents conditions like constipation, diarrhoea and stomach cramps.

Jowar improves Heart Health and Blood Circulation

Sorghum is a whole grain that is rich in antioxidants which prevents certain cardiovascular conditions. Besides, Jowar also contains vitamins B and E as well as nutrients like magnesium and Iron. The high fibre content also reduces the risk of heart attack by lowering the harmful cholesterol levels.

Jowar builds Immunity

Improving your immunity should become a way of life and not just a pandemic induced thought. And, one easy way of ensuring a boost in immunity is to add Jowar to your diet. Sorghum or Jowar is a great way to push your immunity and keep yourself away from diseases.

How to eat Jowar

Jowar health benefits for men

You can easily incorporate jowar in your daily diet. Eating twice a day will help you get the maximum benefit. If you don’t know how to make jowar flour at home, just keep 50% of the total quantity of your flour as whole wheat and use the other 50% to mix jowar and other cereals like Ragi, Bajra and Soya. This way you can easily make multigrain atta which is highly nutritious. Instead of eating wheat chapatis, jowar flour nutrition value is much more. Moreover, wheat chapati digestion time is longer than jowar roti.

Easy to Make Jowar Dishes

Jowar Dosa:

A tasty yet healthy option to make with Jowar is the Jowar dosa which can be consumed in both breakfast and dinner. Make sure to soak the Jowar for 4 to 6 hours, and you can also use Urad dal instead of rice to make Jowar dosa.

Jowar Roti:

Recipe for how to make Jowar Roti –

Recipe for how to make Jowar Bhakri –

Also known as Bhakri or Jolada roti, Jowar roti is a simple way to consume a fair amount of the grain every day. You can eat roti or Jowar roti for weight loss and pair it with brinjal curry or ‘baingan ka bharta’. Also, Jowar roti nutritional value is higher than wheat roti, and thus, you should quickly learn how to make jowar roti and get the best results.

Jowar Dalia:

Last but not least, another easy dish to prepare using Sorghum is the Sorghum Dalia or Jowar Dalia. Start your day with this nutritious Dalia and feel fit and efficient throughout your day. Add vegetables to the Dalia to make it delicious as well as healthy.

So, start incorporating Jowar in your diet and begin your journey towards a healthier life!