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Here's Why You Should Use Dotted Condoms!

Instill passion to your bedroom life with the best dotted condom. Here is why they are the best options when thinking about experimenting.

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Here's Why You Should Use Dotted Condoms!

Has the lack of passion caused sexual tension in your life? Are you looking to add some thrill to your love life?

Introducing a dotted condom variant instills passion during your intimate moments, plus it’s fun to experiment! Contrary to the myth that contraceptives reduce pleasure, there has been no unusual effect observed by its use, as per a survey.

The myth, however, has not hindered the production of condom variants. There are many types of condoms in the market to revitalize your sexual experience. The latest ones have a new texture; dotted condoms are available in many shades and flavors.

What is a Dotted condom?

If you regularly use condoms, then it is time for you to opt for a change and go for dotted condoms. Dotted condoms are plain condoms with a rough-textured surface. This change in texture is believed to be a game-changer for pleasure. You might have wondered what a dotted condom is after coming across its advertisement. The answer to why are condoms dotted is quite simple.

A dotted condom for sex creates a pleasant rhythmic turbulent motion through dot patterns. These dotted condoms allow a complete sensual exploration, which gives a pleasure-filled experience.

What are the Types of Dotted Condoms Available in the Market Today?

With growing awareness and booming sexual well-being industry, the introduction of dotted condoms has been quite a hit in the market.

There has been a significant preference for the dotted condom. This is due to the increasing awareness of the pleasure-based benefits of these condom variants. Condom makers have developed a hybrid variety of dotted condoms called ribbed and dotted condoms.

There are many more appealing varieties, like the full dotted condom, which has circular dots all over the rubber for extra pleasure. The manufacturers have also introduced the double-dotted condom in this category.

Some new variants, such as the big fun dotted condoms, are some of the subtypes of the dotted condoms. The focus is to ensure safe sexual intercourse with pleasure-filled orgasms.

As per a survey, the flavored varieties of condoms have seen significant growth in the Indian market. The flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and many more with dotted textures are trending.  

This pleasure-enhancing condom trend has seen quite a growth in the last few years. Discussed below is a brief introduction of why there are dots on condoms, following the pointers on how dotted condoms are beneficial for both the partners involved.

Which are the Major Companies in the Condom Market?

The growing popularity of the condom industry has roped in many famous brands. This growth has also enabled the production of various condoms in the market. The well-known brand, Manforce, started with the idea of dotted condoms with Manforce extra dotted condoms. It has now introduced the different spotted long-lasting condom varieties.

Another renowned company that offers dotted condoms is Durex, which offers Durex extra dotted condoms. There are many variants to it: big dotted condom and a dotted ribbed condom. Another condom brand, Kamasutra, with its dotted condom, is also in the league.

Why Use Dotted Condoms?

A dotted condom creates a gradual intensity that intensifies the partner’s arousal during intercourse. The best-dotted condom improves this significantly.

There are several reasons why you should use dotted condoms to spice up your sex life. Discussed below are some of the dotted condom benefits listed:

Using Dotted Condom Builds Up a New Level of Confidence

When you list out the dotted condom advantage, satisfaction tops the list. However, an added benefit is that it instills confidence.

There is the known belief,  “It’s all in mind.” The idea that using the dotted condom can give extra pleasure to the partner instills another level of confidence in men.

Dotted Condom Improves Intimacy

Dotted condoms can enhance libido due to the dotted layer present on the condom. Some of them come with an extra dotted layer on the inside surface. This effect stimulates arousal for both the partners involved. It is a great way to improve intimacy among partners.

Experimenting Can Help Build Trust

Many young couples are shy in opening up about their preferences. Dotted condoms can be an effective icebreaker. Experimenting fosters communication, which in turn builds trust between the two partners. It improves mutual understanding. Adding to this, discussing dotted condom reviews with your partner can create an environment for open communication.

Condoms protect you from uninvited problems, and dotted condoms take this one notch up by ensuring safety as well as pleasure. Dotted condoms are the new normal to stir up your desires.

Using the best extra dotted condom can be one of the easiest ways to add some fun to your sex-life. This textured variety will not only improve your bedroom experience but will also enhance your relationship with your partner.

The dotted condom advantages are quite appealing. Besides all the benefits mentioned, who knows, it might turn out to be your best experiment so far!