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What are the home remedies for hair growth?

Neem Paste, Fenugreek Salad, Jojoba Oil, Eggs, Saw Palmetto - These are some home remedies which will help you reduce hair fall. Read more here.

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What are the home remedies for hair growth?

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There are many remedies to counter hair fall. The easiest treatments are available in your kitchen and garden:

Aloe Vera gel: If you see fast depleting hairline, aloe vera works like a wonder. You can scoop out some fresh gel out of a single aloe vera stem and simply massage it on your skull. Leave it for 30 minutes for the best results and wash your hair with a mild shampoo afterwards. Alternatively, you can also use readymade aloe vera gel and apply it overnight on your scalp and simply wash your hair in the morning.

Neem paste: This miracle ingredient not just works wonders for your body but for your hair too. Highly therapeutic, it’s rich in alkaline properties. If you have an oily scalp, just apply the paste. If your scalp is dry, then add honey to the paste for best results and wash with a mild herbal shampoo.

Egg: Egg is one thing which is a powerhouse of protein and super cheap. Like your body, your hair needs protein too. Take egg yolk if you have oily hair and mix it with some yoghurt. Keep the pack on your hair for 20 mins and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo in cold water. If your hair is dry, take the egg and mix it with some olive oil for best results. Follow the same process. This will help in hair growth and also ensure softer hair. 

Fenugreek seeds: Did you know that Fenugreek seeds can be used to promote hair growth? Soak two to three tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Make a paste of it and apply onto your scalp. Then, wash your hair with cold water. This prevents hair loss, encourages hair growth, and also cures dandruff.

Orange juice: Yes, you read it right. Orange juice doesn’t just cleanse your body but also helps in hair growth. Dry some orange peel, crush it into powder form and take two tablespoons of it to make a paste. Apply it on your scalp and keep it for 15 minutes, then wash it off.

Jojoba oil: Extracted from Jojoba plant, it is very rich in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, zinc, and copper that are essential for the nourishment of hair. Since it has moisturizing properties, it maintains balance and prevents the scalp from getting dry. It nourishes your scalp, thus promotes hair growth. Argan oil, which is a more traditional oil, feels lighter on your scalp. It nourishes the hair without making it greasy. 

Omega-3 fatty acid: It boosts the shine in your hair and keeps your tender scalp from flaking. Biotin is essentially Vitamin B, found in foods like peanut butter and bananas. Regular intake of omega-3 fatty acids not only promotes hair growth but also keeps hair healthy throughout.   

Saw Palmetto: DHT is one of the significant causes of hair fall. Saw Palmetto berries block the DHT. You can either have these berries raw, as syrup or in powdered form; either way, they will work wonders for you.