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Homeopathic Treatment for Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a common skin disorder which causes white spots on the skin. Read about the symptoms, causes and Homeopathic treatment for Vitiligo or Leucoderma.

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Homeopathic Treatment for Vitiligo

Winnie Harlow, Michael Jackson and John Hamm. Do you know what we’re getting at? These are all famous celebrity names that have Vitiligo. Feel free to run a basic google search and you’ll get the drift. Did you know that approximately 1% of the global population is affected by Vitiligo? Around 75% of the patients have a negative self-image because of its effects. Want to find out how to treat vitiligo? What would be the most appropriate remedy for the same? Let’s find out.

Most commonly termed as a condition wherein individuals get white patches on their skin, Leucoderma or Vitiligo affects the appearance of the skin. Though there is still no complete proven cure for this condition, one can slow down the process or resist its spread.

In this article, we are going to elaborate on its causes, symptoms and the Homeopathic treatment of Vitiligo, also known as Leucoderma.

What Is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo or Leucoderma is a common skin condition that causes skin discolouration or white patches on the skin. It happens when the melanin forming cells called melanocytes stop functioning.

It is also an autoimmune disorder that might create a single patch on the skin or multiple patches.

Though the condition is not contagious, it still is embarrassing for some. In many societies, people face social discrimination on the basis of this condition. This affects the person’s self-confidence and takes a toll on them emotionally.

What are the Symptoms of Vitiligo?

There are a  few early symptoms that might warn you for Vitiligo. The early signs of Vitiligo appear on the sun-exposed areas such as hands, face, arms, feet and lips. This is when you should fix an appointment with a dermatologist to get diagnosed.

In some cases, there is a loss of colour around body openings and genitals as well. Other symptoms might include the premature greying of the beard, hair, eyelashes and eyebrows before your mid-thirties.

Some rare symptoms of Leucoderma are colour loss of the retina and discolouration of tissues inside the lining of the mouth.

What Causes Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder where the immune system of the body attacks the melanocytes and destroys them.

This results in the failure of melanocytes and discolouration of skin pigments.

Some major causes of Vitiligo are sunburn, stress and exposure to industrial wastes. Besides these triggers, some cases of Vitiligo are due to genetic disorders, which is true for about 20% of the cases.

From the clinical point of view, Leucoderma is not a life-threatening disease, but it has various other implications.

Vitiligo and Psoriasis are closely related to each other. Hence, the treatment for Psoriasis and Vitiligo concentrates on improving the function of melanocytes.

Is there any way to treat Vitiligo?

Well. Yes! There are certain medicines and surgeries for treating Vitiligo, but these always come with a heavy possibility of side effects.

Vitiligo is related to the immune system rather than anything external. That’s where homeopathy for Vitiligo comes handy.

Vitiligo Treatment in homeopathy

Since homeopathy focuses on treating the immune system at its root, it should be your first choice for treating Vitiligo.

Certain Homeopathic medicines for Vitiligo, such as Arsenic Sulph Falvus, Arsenic Album, Baryta Mur, and Baryta Carb, have positive implications on the formation of melanin cells.

One of the major reasons to choose Vitiligo treatment in homeopathy is that it slows down or stops the further destruction of melanocytes.

Furthermore, it stops the progress and spread of Leucoderma. In most cases, a patient may regain their natural skin colour by stimulation of melanin and regeneration of new cells.

It is even better to consider homeopathy for Vitiligo because it has no side-effects, is natural and is accessible and inexpensive too.

Homeopathic treatment for Vitiligo not only focuses on improving the melanocytes but also analyses the patients’ emotional, mental and physical factors.

Some Homeopathic medicines for Vitiligo also treat the after-effect triggers which may cause Leucoderma, including the environmental or hormonal imbalances.

Overall, Homeopathic treatment is holistic, because the Homeopathic medicine for white spots on skin controls the spread, and it also helps overcome self-esteem and depression issues among individuals.

Is Vitiligo Curable In homeopathy?

Now, the question arises; Can homeopathy completely Cure Vitiligo?

Yes! However, the treatment of Leucoderma may take a long time to cure. Homeopathy treatments are usually chronic treatments, and might take longer than usual to fix.

Homeopathic medicines for white spots on skin work for fleshy portions more vigorously than for the bone part. Some areas, however, may take longer to cure than others.

In a nutshell, Homeopathic treatment is one of the safest and best methods to treat Vitiligo.