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How Many Types of Sex: The Ultimate Guide for Everyone

Whether you have had sex before or not, here’s the ultimate guide to the types of sex you should have at least once in your life. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

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How Many Types of Sex: The Ultimate Guide for Everyone

When it comes to sex, every individual varies. If we recount our sexual experiences, they may be filled with regrettable decisions, small things you or your partner could have done better, and sometimes downright cluelessness. In fact, some people reading this may still not have done the deed in between the sheets.

Whether you have had sex before or not, here’s the ultimate guide to the types of sex you should have at least once in your life. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

How Many Types Of Sex?

Self service

Yes! This aspect of sex enters an individual’s life even before sex with a partner does. Having said that, however, numerous men discover masturbation after having had sexual intercourse. There is no correct time. Controlled masturbation is not only healthy for your body, but also has multiple health benefits. Some of them include but are not limited to stress-reduction, better sleep, exploring your body in a positive manner, and facilitating the release of healthy hormones all throughout your body.

Pro tip: Make sure to wash your hands and cut your nails well before masturbating to avoid any penile tears or harmful bacteria presence.

Oral sex

Do not underestimate the mouth as a vehicle for giving and receiving sexual pleasure! Oral sex is an excellent way to narrow down on your partner’s erogenous zones and continue to stimulate them in the way that they like. Oral sex can also include fingering the vagina, clitoral stimulation, and giving your partner a blow job.

Pro tip: Not everybody likes to give or receive oral sex. Communicate with your partner regarding this matter beforehand.


The initiation

To have sex, of course, you’re going to have to have it for the first time. The story of every man’s first time is never the same. It could go either way. Some men feel lost during their first time, while others have the best sex they could have hoped for. At the time you may not feel it, but you will laugh about it later. It is only after fumbling a few times do you graduate to better sex, right?

Pro tip: Being honest about your sexual history and having an open conversation with your partner before sex always helps. It’s not about winning the race but about both partners experiencing pleasure.

Anal sex

No matter your sexual orientation, or gender, anal sex can be enjoyed by all. However, there is no doubt that it is daunting for many. Please do not perform anal sex without a lubriacant to reduce friction during the act. A water based lubricant works best as it is less messy and best suited for sensitive genital skin.

Pro tip: Have questions? Learn all about anal sex and frequently asked questions surrounding it here.

Vaginal sex

When some men think ‘sex’, they jump to the act of vaginal intercourse. However, studies have found that only about 18% of women orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone. The clitoris is considered the chief erogenous zone when it comes to the female oragasm. So what should men do?

Pro tip: Make sure to simultaneously stimulate your partner’s clitoris while penetrating her.

Use a sex toy for clitoral stimulation

Phone sex

What about your sexual desires when your partner is not physically around you? Do they cease to exist because of distance? Of course, not! Phone sex is not the same as sexting. Phone sex involves conversing with your partner in a sexual tone over the phone or on a video call if you feel comfortable doing so. Phone sex is an excellent solution in the times of social distancing as well! Many times, this type of sex can rekindle the romance and desire between partners even if they visit each other once in a while. Moreover, this form of sex build trust between both persons involves and strengthens your bond.


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