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How Much Curve is Too Much? According to a Sexologist!

Do you have a curved penis which has left you wondering how much curve is too much? Read on to learn if there is any problem you need to address.

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How Much Curve is Too Much? According to a Sexologist!

When it comes to penises, there is no such thing as "normal." Instead, you should only be concerned with being "healthy." This also applies to penis curvature. If your erect penis does not point straight and you notice a curvature, such as your penis being bent left or right like a banana, you may wonder if this is "normal" or healthy.

Is a Curved Penis Normal?

Every man's penis is unique, and many men naturally have a slight curve in their penis. If you've always had a slightly curved penis, it's most likely just the way your body is and nothing to be concerned about, especially if you're not in pain.

Only when the curve becomes too large or causes painful erections does it become a problem.

How Much Curve is Too Much?

A penis can curve from 5 to 30 degrees without causing harm to the body. As long as your penis curve does not cause pain or discomfort, you should not be concerned. While not required, surgically incising your penis for a more symmetrical appearance may be possible with the assistance of a physician.

However, if the curve reaches 50 to 60 degrees, it can be dangerous. Peyronie's disease is the medical term for this condition.

While this condition can be treated surgically, it is important to note that it can cause erectile dysfunction and pain during sex. If you're worried about your curve, talk to your doctor about other erectile dysfunction treatment options.

How to Measure a Curved Penis?

If your penis is curved and you want to know the angle of the bend, you must first have a firm erection in order to measure your penis curvature accurately. You can measure this in the comfort of your own home with a goniometer. You can also have a healthcare professional measure your penile curvature or have them look at photographs of your erect penis that you take at home.

Over to You

Discuss with your partner what they want and what feels good, and you'll find the ideal position for any curved penis. Keep in mind that extreme penis curvatures can make sex uncomfortable for either partner. If your penis curve exceeds 30°, it can be dangerous and necessitates medical attention.

If you experience pain or your curved penis worsens, see a doctor as soon as possible to begin treatment.


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