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Expert Advice on How to Improve Sex Stamina & Satisfy Your Partner

Often, men are looking for ways to improve their sexual performance, which includes finding new ways to make their partner happy or resolving existing problems. Keep scrolling to learn how to increase sex stamina!

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Expert Advice on How to Improve Sex Stamina & Satisfy Your Partner

Making love is a pleasure that is enjoyable for as long as it lasts. It enhances both romance and makes sex a desirable and enjoyable experience. Couples often find it difficult to stay long in bed for various reasons. It can be an overly stressed body, low stamina, wrong lifestyle choices, lack of exercise, erectile dysfunction, physical exhaustion, and other factors. Poor sex causes dissatisfaction in a couple. It causes infidelity. The number of fights began to increase and hampers psychologically too. The good news is that you can increase your sex stamina by altering your lifestyle and incorporating other elements into your life. If you are someone who wants to know how to increase sex stamina, this article is for you.

What is Sexual Stamina?

When we’re talking about sex, stamina is the time it takes to reach orgasm. You may find that many people consider their ability to satisfy their partner in bed as sexual stamina.

Stress, erectile dysfunction, poor eating habits, age, excessive use of medicines, and overall health, are some common factors that can impact anyone’s sexual stamina. So, if sexual problems are bothering you, here’s all you need to know about how to increase sex power and sex stamina naturally

How Long Should Sex Last?

The ideal time to orgasm varies. It depends upon various factors and individual preferences. As per a study, five and a half minutes is an ordinary most people take for ejaculation.

As per another study conducted in 2008, sex therapists in Canada and the United States categorised the duration of sex in four different categories:

  1. “Clinical concern” if you last for  less than 3 minutes
  2. “Adequate” if lasting for 3-7 minutes
  3. “Desirable” if lasting for 7-13 minutes
  4. “Too Long” if lasting for 10-30 minutes

So, if you want to improve your performance to fit the “desirable” category, try the measures mentioned in the following section. These tips aim to boost your sexual stamina and performance in the bed.

How to Increase Sex Stamina?

The below-mentioned methods will help improve sexual performance and answer the most sought-after question – “how to increase sex stamina or power?”

1. Regular Exercise

Studies show that improving cardiovascular health is a key to improving sexual health. Your sexual energy increases if you keep your heart in good shape. So, indulge in cardiovascular exercises like running, swimming, cycling, or dancing regularly to stay longer in bed.

2. Nutritious & Healthy Diet

Try to include food items in your daily diet that are good for the circulatory system. Consume fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, whole grain products, nuts, and legumes in your daily diet. Additionally, avoid overeating sugary, salty, and saturated fats.

3. Manage Stress

Stress is the biggest libido killer. High stress increases the heart rate and blood pressure, reducing your sexual desires and affecting sexual performance. So, ward off your stress by indulging in activities like dancing, yoga, or anything you enjoy.

4. Masturbate

If you want to last longer in bed, practice masturbation. It helps improve your sexual stamina, improves longevity, and eventually results in pleasurable sex. After all, practice makes perfect.

5. Quit Smoking and Drinking

Smoking causes high blood pressure and invites many other problems such as blood clots, heart attack, or stroke. Research proves that even smoking leads to erectile dysfunction. So, it is clear that quitting smoking is good not only for your cardiovascular and pulmonary health but for sexual health as well. You must also limit your alcohol intake, as excessive alcohol consumption may interfere with male hormone production leading to infertility and erectile dysfunction.

6. Give Importance to Mutual Pleasure

Wondering how to increase sex stamina? Why don’t you ask for help from your partner? Speak to your partner, and listen to their feelings and thoughts, and they will help you reduce sexual anxiety and perform better in bed.

7. Enjoy High-Quality Sleep

Lack of sleep leads to innumerable health issues such as depression, obesity, anxiety, and cardiovascular diseases. Research even proves that poor sleep quality is directly proportional to sexual performance issues, including impotence or erectile dysfunction. So, if you sleep for less than seven hours per night, it is time to change your schedule. Ensure you get high-quality and undisturbed sleep for a minimum of seven hours daily.

8. Drink One or Two Cups of Coffee

If you believe that erectile dysfunction is the reason you’re not enjoying a long, satisfying sex session, try having a few cups of coffee.

As per research performed using the data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, men who consume two to three cups of coffee per day are less likely to develop ED than their peers. That is because caffeine causes the helicine arteries (essential arteries for getting an erection) to relax. As a result, there’s a boost in the blood flow, facilitating erection. However, try not to go overboard with it.

9. Try Pelvic Floor Exercises

Also known as kegel exercise, pelvic floor exercises train the muscles that extend from one’s punic bone across to your tailbone. Apart from being involved in controlling urination, these muscles help with the ejaculatory process.

According to a study, pelvic floor exercises can increase stamina in men affected by premature ejaculation.

10. Reduce your Consumption of Porn

While it is entirely normal to consume porn, you shouldn’t overindulge. That is because it can have a negative impact on your sex drive and overall sexual performance.

Some research has pointed towards a link between porn usage and decreased sexual satisfaction. If you feel you’re consuming too much porn, maybe it’s time to take a back seat.

11. Experiment with the Squeeze Technique

An impeccable way to enhance the time you can have sex and avoid premature ejaculation is the squeeze technique. This technique is similar to the start-stop technique but slightly different.

It involves squeezing the head of your penis just before reaching orgasm and waiting for 25-30 seconds for your body to gradually recover before continuing the sexual activity.

12. Practise Edging

Edging is an orgasm control form that involves practising sexual stimulation, usually during masturbation, until you’re at the point of orgasm to only pull back from the edge.

The idea is that as an individual gets more familiar with the feeling of reaching orgasms, the better they’re able to control themself by avoiding getting over the edge.

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13. Include Cardiovascular Exercises

Regularly devote time for exercise, especially cardiovascular that involve running, jogging, swimming, playing games, Zumba, and skipping. Such activities strengthen the heart, enhance the capacity of the lungs, and develop muscles. Overall, it develops stamina and increases stamina on the bed.

14. Enjoy a More Extended Foreplay

Do not jump to action immediately—the longer the foreplay, the better the stamina. To begin with, start with a romantic dinner, dance, and then take the next move. Use fingering, find the clitoris, build up oral sex slowly and steadily, blow jobs, and other foreplay activities as a couple you may continue. Avoid watching porn during this time.

15. Include Protein-rich Food to Increase Sex Stamina

Apart from protein-rich food, you also include food with B12, Zinc, and Vitamin C. Incorporate fresh fruits, leafy vegetables like spinach, nuts like walnuts, citrus fruits like oranges, and poultry; some of the answers to how to increase sex power in men by food.

16. Delay Ejaculation by the Start-stop Method

Just when you are about to ejaculate, stop the action and start again; this is how to increase sex power naturally. Try not to put on weight- Obesity or weight gain causes poor sex. As a couple, you both must weigh proportionately per your height.

17. Change Sex Positions

Try changing the sex positions to make them more enjoyable. You do not necessarily need to make love in bed; you may try on the sofa, dining table, floor, and restroom with different positions from the regular ones.

18. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drink enough water to hydrate yourself. Poor hydration affects physical stamina. Lack of water in the body will make you feel less energetic. It will affect sexual stimulation.

19. Including a Cup of Coffee or Two

A cup of caffeine exhibits much energy. The lack of energy is regained in full-fledged, allowing you to perform well in bed.

20. Practice Yoga

Yoga is for the mind, soul, and body. Practising meditation calms the body. When couples ask how to increase sex power naturally through yoga, we recommend couple yoga. The couple's yoga benefits both by enriching their relationship.

21. Avoid Too Much Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol makes you lose weight, provides poor health conditions, and reduces blood circulation. As a result, it poses a significant problem in sex life.

22. Keep Open Communication Between You Two

Make your relationship healthy by keeping open communication between you two. Healthy relationships build in healthy sex life.

23. Use ManMatters Delay Spray

ManMatters Delay Spray is the answer to how to make a man more sexually active. It is a safe spray used to decrease the sensitivity temporarily. The Lidocaine Delay Spray for Men from Manmatters provides a satisfying sexual experience without affecting anyone between the two. Anaesthetics uses lidocaine to reduce the sensitivity of that area. In Lidocaine Delay Spray for Men, the amount of lidocaine is smaller. The best part is that the ingredient has zero tolerance. It means it doesn't get transferred to your partner. Apply the spray 10 to 15 minutes before the sexual activity on top of the erect penis. Wipe it off with a damp cloth before you get engaged in sex. Lidocaine Delay Spray is in demand due to its quick action with fast-absorbing molecules within 10 to 15 minutes. The spray delays the climax providing you with longer and better sexual stamina. Enjoy sex life with Lidocaine Delay Spray for Men.

24. Use Delay Condoms

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Foods to Increase Sex Stamina

Certain food items help in increasing sexual appetite, performance, and stamina in bed. So, let’s dive deeper into this:

1. Consuming Protein-rich Diet

Eating a protein-rich diet helps strengthen the pelvic muscles and sexual performance in bed. So, make it a habit to eat fish, eggs, soya beans, skimmed milk, turkey, and other protein-rich foods to increase sex stamina.

2. Increase Intake of Fresh Fruits

Consuming fresh fruits is one of the best ways to replenish essential nutrients like magnesium, zinc, potassium, and arginine in the body. Health experts believe that fruits like watermelon, apples, and bananas are aphrodisiacs, and consuming them helps increase sexual desire in males.

For instance, watermelon contains L-Arginine that increases blood flow to the penis and helps achieve a harder erection. Similarly, banana contains potassium, which boosts sexual performance by lowering blood pressure and ensuring adequate blood flow to your genitals.

3. Nuts

Nuts are considered a superfood as they are powerhouses of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Nuts like walnuts and almonds improve sexual performance as the former improves the quality of sperms and the latter helps maintain firm erections. So, eat a handful of almonds and walnuts regularly.

4. Garlic

Did you know garlic is a sex-boosting food? It contains allicin, a compound that increases the blood flow to the sexual organs of the body. It is a powerful aphrodisiac that helps in increasing sexual drive when consumed daily.

5. Oysters

Zinc is a mineral essential for maintaining healthy sperm and the production of testosterone hormone in the body. Oysters are a great source of zinc and even boost dopamine hormone that increases libido in both sexes.

You can try – peanuts, pumpkin seeds, avocado, and ginger – besides the above-mentioned foods to increase sex stamina.

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Exercises that Help with Sexual Stamina

In order to increase your sexual stamina, building up your strength is vital. Here are a few body part-specific exercises that you must do to last longer in bed.

1. Biceps

Having powerful biceps allows you to handle more weight while tossing, throwing, pulling, and more.

Exercises to incorporate:

  • Curls
  • Bent-over row
  • Chin-ups

2. Triceps

In addition to making pushing easier, strong triceps also help build up the power of your upper body.

Exercises to incorporate:

  • Triceps extension
  • Triceps pull-down or push down
  • Bench press

3. Abdominal

Strong abs are synonymous with a strong core. If you have a strong core, you’d feel less back pain and be more balanced.

Exercises to incorporate:

  • Planks
  • High-knees
  • Sit-ups

4. Lower Back

A strong back not only supports your spine but also strengthens your core.

Exercises to incorporate:

  • Superman extension
  • Bridges
  • Lateral leg raise

5. Pectoral

In order to have a strong body overall, it’s vital to have muscular specs.

Exercises to incorporate:

  • Chest dips
  • Push-ups
  • Bench press

6. Glutes

Weak glutes tend to stiffen your hips and throw off your balance. As a result, they can affect your performance in bed.

Exercises to incorporate:

  • Hip extension
  • Squats
  • Lunges

7. Quads & Hamstrings

In order to go faster and longer in bed, your quads and hamstrings must be strong. That is because they power your knees and hips.

Exercise to incorporate:

  • Step-up
  • Lunges
  • Leg press

Exercise to Steady your Breath and Strengthen Your Tongue

The reason it’s vital to steady your breath is that it allows your body to provide your muscles with more oxygen-rich blood. It can lead to a lower heart rate. Moreover, it may boost your overall performance.

Strengthening your tongue improves your breathing while enhancing your stamina for oral sex. Here are two exercises that you can try for a strong tongue today.

1. Tongue push-ups

  • Push the bottom of your tongue’s tip as hard into the front of your mouth’s roof right behind your teeth.
  • Repeat this exercise five times.

2. Tongue Pull-back

  • Stick your tongue out straight.
  • Pull it back in your mouth as far as you can.
  • Now hold this position for two seconds and release.
  • Repeat this exercise five times.

Can I Take Herbal Supplement to Increase my Stamina?

Studies and expert opinions say you should not take herbal supplements to increase stamina.

You may have heard that many manufactured products are available in the marketplace promising to boost sexual power. But all these products are laden with side effects affecting the body.

Then again, there are also herbal supplements that claim they are to be comparatively safer and more reliable. A study in 2017 indicated that Tribulus Terrestris might prove helpful to patients who have erectile dysfunction.

However, it is better safe than sorry as some herbal extracts can affect the body adversely when taken without consultation or other medications. Thus, consult with a healthcare professional before starting any supplement.

Herbs for Overall Performance

Wondering how to increase sex power naturally? Check out these herbal supplements.

1. Damiana

It is a subtropical plant that is thought to increase stamina and sexual desire. Damiana is considered to be an aphrodisiac that acts as a stimulant.

2. Maca

A highly nutritious Peruvian plant, this one is considered a sex drive enhancer. That is because this herb may act as a stimulant like caffeine and improve energy levels.

3. Guarana

It is a Brazilian plant that’s believed to increase libido due to the high caffeine content that it contains.

4. Catuaba

It is a tiny Brazilian tree considered to be an aphrodisiac that may also help with erectile dysfunction. The reason for that is that Catuaba stimulates blood flow to the genitals.

5. Lycium

Also known as goji berry, the Lycium fruit plant may boost testosterone levels and treat erectile dysfunction. That is because goji extracts are believed to enhance sexual function.

6. Ginseng

It is a small, short-growing plant that may enhance symptoms of erectile dysfunction. That is because Ginseng increases nitric oxide levels, facilitating an erection.

Key Nutrients for Overall Performance

Getting enough of these vital nutrients will help enhance your overall performance in bed.

1. L-Citrulline

It is a naturally occurring amino acid that can increase strength and stamina. Moreover, it may also help you maintain an erection. Foods that are high in L-citrulline include:

  • Dark chocolate
  • Watermelon
  • Nuts
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Salmon

2. L-Arginine

This nutrient is also an amino acid that builds protein and improves blood flow. Foods that contain L-arginine are:

  • Fish
  • Red meat
  • Whole grains
  • Soy
  • Dairy products

3. Nitrates

As nitrates improve the way your muscles use oxygen, they can help enhance your sexual performance. Foods high in nitrates include:

  • Beet juice
  • Carrots
  • Eggplant
  • Leafy greens
  • Celery

4. Magnesium

It is an essential nutrient that plays a vital role in everything from brain function to energy. That is why your stamina is depleted when your magnesium levels are low.

Foods high in magnesium include:

  • Quinoa
  • Whole wheat
  • Spinach
  • Edamame
  • Black beans
  • Peanuts
  • Almonds

5. B-Vitamins

B vitamins regulate one’s sex hormone levels and function, which helps give your libido a boost. Foods rich in B vitamins include:

  • Eggs
  • Avocado
  • Peanut butter
  • Dairy products
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Fish and poultry
  • Fortified grains

6. Capsaicin

As capsaicin is found in most hot peppers, it helps boost your endurance. Moreover, it also speeds up recovery. Here are some foods high in capsaicin.

  • Sweet peppers
  • Chilli peppers
  • Ginger root

Other Tips and Tricks to Increase Sex Stamina

In addition to the exercises and foods mentioned above, here are a few more things you can use to increase your sex stamina.

  • Try alternating between active and passive roles. It’d allow your arousal to go in and out like waves, making sex last longer.
  • Squeezing at the base of your penis causes you to lose some of your erection. As a result, you’re able to delay the climax.
  • Try applying a penis numbing cream to prevent premature ejaculation. It can also reduce the sensations in the penis, allowing you to last longer.
  • Exploring more than just the genitals is significant to last longer. So, try exploring the whole to build up desire.
  • Lube cuts down on friction, making the entire experience more enjoyable. Moreover, some lubes like desensitisers may help your romp last longer.

How to Make a Man More Sexually Active?

It is absolutely fine, if you want to become more sexually active, there is no shame in owning it. Did we disclose that there are natural ways to become more sexually active without taking herbal and male enhancement pills? Let’s take a quick look:

1. Experiment with Start-Stop Technique

A start-stop technique works wonders for men who want to last longer in bed. In this technique, you stop sexual activity as soon as you feel that you are about to ejaculate. Then, take a deep breath and start again slowly. Keep delaying the ejaculation as long as possible. In this way, you will enjoy sexual activity for a longer time.

2. Do Something New

Sexual pleasure nurtures in an environment of excitement and passion. If sex becomes a routine activity, excitement can take backstage, especially when you remain with one partner for a long time. To remain focused and to continue feeling excited, change the positions and locations, not the partner.

3. Communicate Freely

If you are feeling sexual anxiety, the best way to ease it is to speak about it with your partner. Talk to them and address your guilt or concern. Speaking your heart out may improve sexual experience and performance.

4. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of remaining in the present moment. It is a kind of meditation that can improve attention during sex, help focus on the complete process, and not rush intercourse. It also helps in managing stress. Pick any hobby that acts as a stress-buster for you to practise mindfulness.

How to Make a Man Happy in Bed?

It is not rocket science to make your partner happy in bed. To sexually arouse your partner, follow some new things or tricks and be bold in your sexual encounters. Try any of these methods to excite them sexually:

1. Connect with Them Emotionally

Connect with your partner emotionally and uplift their mood by appreciating them in different ways. But ensure that you give them their space. Lastly, do not allow any issue to spoil your partner’s and your night. If you have had a fight, try to resolve it before sleeping.

2. Connect with him Sexually

Try to excite your partner by touching them sensually and stimulating their sexual body parts. Touching them behind the ears, kissing the back and front of the neck, and gently caressing the back of their head are some ways to turn them on. Surprise your partner by being sexually adventurous and trying new positions.

When to See a Doctor?

Despite trying natural ways, are you still facing problems? Are you still trying to find answers to “How to increase your sexual power?” If your answer is yes, plan a visit to a healthcare professional.

Suppose you experience pain during or after sex. In that case, you cannot keep an erection, or if you are facing problems reaching orgasms even after trying natural measures, it’s time to make an appointment with a healthcare professional.

They will assess your symptoms and overall health condition and suggest the right treatment accordingly.

Summing Up on How to Increase Sex Stamina

Sex stamina is one’s ability to satisfy their partner sexually. And while it may seem so, there is actually no sure-fire recipe for how to increase sex stamina. Some people experience improved sexual performance by switching to a healthy diet, exercising regularly, communicating with their partners openly, and managing stress.

But for some, these remedies go in vain. Try to seek professional assistance if natural ways don’t help you. Even if you plan to take any herbal supplements, speak to your professional first.


What is the Maximum Stamina for Sex?

According to a study of 500 couples, the average time from penis penetration to ejaculation ranged from 33 seconds to 44 minutes.

The average sex time was 5.4 minutes when the media was calculated. The duration is the same whether a condom is used or not. Normally, sex lasts 7 minutes, while long sex lasts approximately 10 minutes.

Which Things Improve Sex Stamina?

There are several things that can help improve sex stamina, including:

  • Exercise: Physical activity can improve cardiovascular endurance, which can enhance sexual stamina.
  • Healthy diet: A diet high in fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins can boost energy and overall health, as well as sexual stamina.
  • Managing stress: High levels of stress can impair sexual performance, so learning stress management techniques like meditation, yoga, or deep breathing can help improve stamina.

How Long Can Men Have Sex?

The duration of sexual activity can vary greatly and is determined by a number of factors, including age, overall health, and the level of desire and arousal of the individual. Some men may be able to maintain an erection and engage in sexual activity for a longer period of time, whereas others may not be able to.

It's also worth noting that there is no "normal" or "average" amount of time for men to have sex. What matters is that both partners are happy with the duration of sexual activity and that it is enjoyable for both parties.

How Much Sex is Normal?

There is no such thing as a "normal" or "average" frequency of sexual activity that applies to everyone. What matters is that both partners are happy with the frequency of sexual activity and that it is enjoyable for both parties.

How to Increase Sex Power Naturally?

There are several ways to increase sex power naturally potentially:

  • Practice relaxation techniques: Deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation are two techniques that can help reduce anxiety and improve sexual performance.
  • Try herbal supplements: Ginkgo biloba and horny goat weed are two herbal supplements that have been claimed to improve sexual performance. It is important to note, however, that the efficacy of these supplements has not been scientifically proven, and they may have side effects. It's always a good idea to consult with a doctor before taking any supplements.

How to Increase Sex Power in Men by Food?

There are several foods that may potentially help increase sex power in men:

  • Fruits and vegetables: A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help improve overall health and energy levels and improve sexual performance.
  • Lean proteins: Protein-rich foods, such as chicken, fish, and beans, can improve energy levels and support muscle growth.
  • Oysters: Oysters are rich in zinc, which is important for testosterone production and libido maintenance.

How to Increase Sex Power Naturally by Yoga?

Here are a few specific yoga poses that may help increase sex power naturally:

  • Pelvic tilts: This pose involves tilting the pelvis forward and back to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic region.
  • Kegel exercises: Kegel exercises involve contracting and releasing the muscles of the pelvic floor to improve muscle strength and control.
  • Cat-cow pose: This pose involves alternating between arching the back and rounding the spine, which can help improve flexibility and blood flow to the pelvic region.