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Kokum Fruit | Kokum Benefits

Kokum is known to treat acidity and brings relief to a lot of digestive problems. Read to find out more about Kokum fruit, and it’s benefits.

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Kokum Fruit | Kokum Benefits

Kokum has a long ayurvedic history that is known to cure sore throats, dermatitis, diarrhoea, dysentery, ear infection, and digestion problems, and many more. Are you looking for a healthy and natural solution to such issues?

We got you, here! Kokum is the answer to these problems. Kokum is an age-old granny wonder ingredient for all your digestive problems. And every time it proves reliable due to its unbeatable richness in the field of antioxidants. 

What is Kokum?

Kokum, also commonly known as Garcinia Indica which is a fruit-bearing plant. Kokum plant is grown in the beautiful western ghats of India and has a sweet, tangy flavour and is popularly used as a souring agent.  

With these purple coloured berries, lots of Kokum benefit tags along as it helps treat various health issues. Apart from that, you will be amazed to know about Kokum fruit benefits, and it’s nutritional value:

Kokum is low on calories and this is why it is considered a weight loss superfood.  
Top on fibres, no saturated fat.
Loaded with vital minerals such as Potassium, Manganese and Magnesium and is also super-rich in vitamin C.

Isn’t this just- WOW! Read ahead to find more about this power-packed fruit.

Health Benefits of Kokum- Kokum Benefits

Here’s looking at five kokum/garcinia indica benefits:  


1. Kokum for Skin

It has natural anti-aging properties as it is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. This makes it invaluable in the rejuvenation of hair and skin by repairing and regenerating new cells.  

Kokum for skin can be applied externally or eaten directly. For external purposes use Kokum in the form of butter, it has powerful moisturising properties and treats a variety of skin issues. Skin issues like face acne, minor inflammatory conditions, and dry skin, hair, and itchy scalp. 


2. Kokum for Acidity

Many people ask, does kokum cause acidity? On the contrary, it is an age-old homemade fix for acidity. For instant relief from acidity- simply add salt, sugar and chilled water to dried Kokum (also known as Amsul) to make delicious kokum sherbet. 

This being one of the many benefits of drinking kokum juice or sherbet, it also helps beat the heat in summers. 


3. Kokum for Digestion

Kokum aids digestion and protects the healthy gut bacteria in the body. It deals with problems like indigestion, dysentery, constipation, ulcers, bloating, nausea, and flatulence while fighting the bad bacteria.  

For all such stomach ailments, Kokum proves to be a great natural remedy.


4. Kokum is rich in Antioxidants

Kokum is a powerhouse of Antioxidants which is known to scavenge the free radicals produced due to oxidation and prevent them from damaging cells. This helps to slow down the aging process.


5. Kokum has anti-Inflammatory benefits

Kokum’s anti-inflammatory power works like magic and has anti-allergic properties. Apply a cold blend of Kokum directly on sores or rashes caused by allergies, and burns to soothe the inflamed skin.  


Best Way to Consume Kokum

Let’s discuss some of the Kokum uses:

Kokum Kadhi for the recipe – 

Kokum Kadhi is also known as Solkadhi, which is a popular curry recipe from Konkan and Goa region. It is usually eaten with rice or is served as a drink at the end of the meals, and Goan meals are incomplete without Solkadhi.

It is made out of soothing flavors of fresh coconut milk and the tanginess of Kokum, and together they complement each other to form a well-balanced drink. This curry is good for digestion, and kokum peel has numerous health benefits attached to it.   

Kokum Juice 

The kokum fruit juice is known as kokum agal. This drink is super popular in summers because it helps to beat the heat. It is a super delicious drink and has a cooling effect that can quickly quench your thirst. This drink improves digestion and relieves you from gastric problems.  

Kokum Sharbat

Punarpuli Sharbat or fresh Kokum juice is a rasam which quenches thirst in blazing summer days as well as to balance the body heat. It helps beat acidity and keeps digestion in check. 

To make this refreshing dish all you need is Kokum’s fresh pulp, water, salt and sugar. Start by soaking fresh pulp and their outer shell in some water. Later mash them and discard the seeds. Now finish off by adding sugar, salt as per your taste and add the required amount of water. Mix everything and serve in glasses by adding a couple of ice cubes.


Kokum is an age-old granny wonder ingredient that can do wonders for all digestive problems. Loaded with vital minerals such as Potassium, Manganese, and Magnesium, this fruit is packed with nutritional benefits. And not only this you can easily come up with some amazing and refreshing drinks from Kokum.

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