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How To Lighten Dark Private Areas For Men

Read on to discover how to whiten private parts and how to lighten dark private parts naturally! Learn all about private part whitening here!

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How To Lighten Dark Private Areas For Men

Why Is My Private Area Dark In Colour?

Why is my skin darker down there? If you have ever asked yourself why you have a dark private area- this blog is for you. If your penis is darker than other parts of your body, this is perfectly normal. Now that that's out of the way, men may still choose to lighten their private area fast and naturally. Several blackness removal creams for your private parts exist. Hence, read on to discover how to whiten private parts and how to lighten dark private parts naturally! Learn all about private part whitening here.

What Is Penile Melanosis?

Before you even get to learn how to lighten your private parts, you must have noticed your penis and surrounding regions are not the same colour as the rest of your skin. In strictly medical terms, one refers to it as Penile Melanosis. This condition is also known as Acanthosis nigricans - causing a discolouration among various body folds. Usually, harmless, dark patches or spots begin to appear on the head or shaft of the penis. But, you have nothing to worry about. Men often mistake Penile Melanosis with an STI or STD, but this is not the case. Moreover, this condition is not contagious. In addition, you can always remove the blackness of private parts among males.

Does this mean you're entirely in the clear? No. If you notice anything more than a mild bruise on your penis, lesions and deep cuts whose origins you are unaware of- please do visit a doctor immediately.

The pigment of your skin is not linear or uniform throughout the body. To understand why private parts are dark, you must be acquainted with Melanin. This is a natural skin pigment that is responsible for the colour of your skin. To put it simply, parts of the body that have excessive Melanin are darker compared to others.

Penile lentiginosis

Penile melanosis is also known as Penile lentiginosis. It is when one observes dark or black spots on the head or shaft of the penis. This condition is usually harmless but if dark, painful spots suddenly begin to appear on your private area, make sure to see a doctor as this is a worrying symptom.

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How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On The Foreskin?

Men often seek knowledge on how to make the penis white and how to make the penis fair. A pink penis seems to be the aspiration. The good news is that whitening your private parts is possible. Here are some methods you can use to make your private parts fair naturally, such as home remedies for lightening private parts! Find out all about how to lighten your pubic area and how to remove the darkness of private parts below:

Maintain pH levels to whiten the pubic area

Your genitals are extremely sensitive and prone to various types of infections. A balanced pH level makes sure that your intimate area is free of harmful bacteria, fungi and itching. This begs the question, how can you keep your genitals clean? Using an intimate wash free of SLS and toxic chemicals is your best bet.

Basic genital hygiene to whiten the pubic area

You don't have to learn how to bleach your private area if you maintain basic hygiene protocols while cleaning your penis. Many men think that genital bleaching is an intelligent solution, but medical experts do not recommend it. This procedure is purely cosmetic and detrimental to your sensitive penile area. The medical fraternity also maintains that the blackness of private parts returns after bleaching and that it is a temporary treatment.

Use these masks as a home remedy for lightening private parts:

  • Mix equal quantities of sugar and olive oil to make a scrub out of it. Make sure to apply this about 2-3 times a week.

Why? Olive oil has extremely slight skin lightening properties that may not increase melanin production, but they increase skin cell exfoliation and block pigmentation damage to your skin from the sun. Moreover, sugar is an excellent humectant ingredient in skincare. This means it can draw moisture from the environment and pass it onto your skin, providing necessary hydration and moisturisation.

  • Using a chemical-free aloe vera gel for intimate areas is a good practice.

Why? Aloe vera contains Aloin, a natural depigmenting compound that helps you achieve a lighter tone. Make sure you use only pure aloe vera gel on your penis. Harmful preservatives in the gel may damage your skin. As aloe is a non-toxic, natural treatment for hyperpigmentation, it may take about 1-3 months to show results. So be patient.

Wear comfortable clothing to whiten the pubic area

Wearing the right underwear is a must. Ensure that your inners have adequate ventilation and a comfortable fit. Tight or uncomfortable underwear can cause excess moisture build-up around your genital area, which makes hyperpigmentation worse. Moreover, high-moisture environments are also breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi.

Mole On Penis

Just like anywhere else on your body, moles can appear on the penis too. These are generally non-cancerous and harmless, colloquially referred to as 'beauty spots.' It is unlikely that a mole on the penis will cause a health concern in the future.

Classifying these spots is critical. If you have what looks like a mole on your penis but then turns into a red, pink or blue bump, it could likely be an infection or an STI symptom. Hence, please don't delay a visit to the doctor.

White Patches On The Penis

Also referred to as lichen sclerosus, this is a common skin condition faced mostly by uncircumcised men characterised by white patches on the penis. These white patches may grow larger if left unattended and can cause dry skin on the penis, making itchy and dehydrated.

Your Penis And Societal Standards

If you think matters of your penis are a private affair, think again. I'm sure men don't find it surprising when their penis is associated with manhood, ideas of masculinity and the ultimate fight for the largest, widest penis.

White penis

A white penis is an aspiration among usually Asian men with darker penises. This is deeply entrenched in race and colonial hierarchy concepts where white is considered superior to darker skin tones.

Black penis

If white penises are the goal, are black penises exempted? No. Black penises are usually stereotyped as being the longest in the world. Black penises are also aspirational for men who wish to increase their penis size.

However, the bottom line is that your penis is enough—the average penis size of a man when erect is between 5.1 to 5.5 inches. An average vagina, on the other hand, is about 3.77 inches deep. Now you do the math because biology is on your side.

The Bottom Line

No matter how your penis is shaped and no matter its skin tone, communication with your partner is critical. Moreover, one can achieve hyperpigmentation treatment, penis discolouration treatment and private part whitening through inexpensive, natural methods that actually work!

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