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Lockdown Is Causing More Headaches Than Ever. Here’s Why.

Feeling depressed at this difficult time? Use these tips to improve your mood during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Lockdown Is Causing More Headaches Than Ever.                                          Here’s Why.

The clock strikes 7.00 PM as you get on the video-conference call with your team. Each one of you goes on to inform the team about your day’s tasks, completion of the same as well as the challenges, if any and their solutions.

An hour later, you log-out of your system and walk towards the living room to park yourself in front of the television. Soon, dinner is served, and you multitask with morsels of food in one hand and your mobile phone in the other. 

Shoulder blades aching with fatigue and eyes heavy with sleep, you make your way to the bed. As you reach out to switch off the lights, you notice your fitness watch, catching dust by the bedside table. You wonder when you will get the chance to use it next and renew your usual tally of 3000 steps a day. 

That’s when you realise a throbbing pain between your temples which has come to the surface like the moon outside in the clear night sky. You close your eyes shut as you will the pain to go away, while being fully aware that this dull headache is going to be your companion the next day as well. 

Does this routine read familiar to you? 

That’s because several professionals across the globe are experiencing the dark underbelly of social distancing in the current pandemic times. Our honourable Prime Minister declared a countrywide 21-day lockdown to curb the outbreak of COVID-19, which was later extended by another 20 odd days to ensure safety and wellbeing of the citizens of the country. 

As everyone awaits the return to normalcy in this new normal, there is one similarity that connects us all. This is visible in the surge of google searches as reported by many studies. 

Many search terms are floating around the internet along the lines of – solutions for COVID headaches, head pains in the lockdown and prevention of migraines during social distancing. 

You may have found yourself experiencing these headaches too, with no permanent solution at hand. Did you know that there could be underlying factors that are the real cause here? 

Here are five reasons that could be causing headaches, with solutions to resolve them –


Studiesreport that an average person spends 3.5 hours of their day on emails. Have many times do you have the urge to reach out and move your cursor over the inbox icon, every time you hear a chirpy tone? Add to it the time you spend in front of your computer, on your phone, and the TV Set. An enormous chunk of your day goes into staring at pixels on a screen. The blue light emitted from these screens can lead to painful headaches and eye strain. 

Solution – Limit your screen time and set in a system of breathers (a 10 min, screen-free break) throughout the day. Find out new activities that you can do where no screens are involved, such as Yoga, board games, reading and so on. 


With social distancing becoming a mandatory part of our lives, we have cut down on our outside time massively. The result? No energetic journeys to the workplace, no refreshing walks in the park and absolutely no stepping outside of the house (unless urgent). As the house becomes our intended prison, we limit exposure to fresh air, which in turn can have a detrimental impact on our health. 

Solution – While you cannot move out of your house, you can definitely start new habits such as gardening, exercising in front of open windows and so on to get back in touch with nature. This will help you feel good, breath better and keep the headaches at bay. 


Most of us aren’t as well versed in the culinary arts as we would wish to be. This and the fact that we are always short on time, makes us reach for the quick and easy solutions – ready to make food items. These include junk food with unhealthy fats, processed additives and everything else that leads to an unhealthy diet. This has a snowballing effect on our digestion, thereby leading to dullness, fatigue and headaches. 

Solution – There is no better time than now to opt for healthier, simpler food items such as fresh fruits, salads, etc. which are readily available in the markets. Switch your unhealthy diet and you will notice your headaches decrease. 


The feeling of being cut-off from the world is stressful enough as it is. When you add to it the glum nature of the ongoing scenario it becomes a little difficult to manage stress in terms of your work and home life. The constant worrying can add more crease lines to your forehead than you’d think.


Unlocking your creative side is one solution to keep the stress at bay. You can do this by simply dividing your time between work tasks, home tasks and spending time with your family. Staying connected to your loved ones can help in keeping your mood light and upbeat throughout the day.


Functioning at your full capacity, while under lockdown is easier said than done. The fact that you are away from your natural routine and have to cut down or change your lifestyle to suit the current times, can definitely take a toll on your mind and body. This often leads to the feelings of inadequacy, irritability and anxiety. All of these can get reflected in piercing headaches that last for days at end.


Meditation is the be-all and end-all of your anxiety worries. For a simpler alternative, take a page out of Tiger Woods’ book and try your hand at the 3-4-5 breathing technique. Breathe in for 3 seconds, hold for 4 seconds and breath out slowly for 5 seconds. This will help you combat all anxiety and headaches too. 

Don’t let the lockdown affect your health, use these tips to stay safe, secure and healthy!