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What is the Lotus Sex Position & Why it's So Great?

Do not ever shy away from the lotus position. You do not need to be a sex expert to try this position. All you need is an engaging partner to enjoy intercourse in the lotus sex position.

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What is the Lotus Sex Position & Why it's So Great?

Sexual intimacy is one of the primal instincts in humans. It builds a natural desire for closeness between you and your partner. The Lotus sex position is associated with tantric power, which facilitates healing, spiritual union and growth.

What is Lotus Sex Position?

The Lotus Sex position is also called Yab Yum. This sex position is a combination of yoga and sex position, which provides a deeply intimate and fulfilling experience. The lotus sex position includes one partner sitting cross-legged and the other partner sitting on their lap. It is important to note that the person on the bottom will have to support their partner when practising this position.

The Lotus sex position is a great way to take intimacy to the next level, as you can share kisses and touch your partner sensually as their body is more accessible. It is always a good idea to maintain eye contact with your partner when indulging in sex, as it gives both partners control over the rhythm.

How to do the Lotus Position?

Do not ever shy away from the lotus position. You do not need to be a sex expert to try this position. All you need is an engaging partner to enjoy intercourse in the lotus sex position. Here is a breakdown of the steps to attempt this position and enjoy sexual intimacy:

  • One partner needs to sit cross-legged on the floor or the bed or any other comfortable space.
  • Ideally, this should be the penetrating partner if you wish to try the traditional lotus sex position. The penetrating partner could be the one with a penis or a dildo or the one using their fingers.
  • This partner anchors the couple from the bottom.
  • Once this partner is in place, the one on top sits on the other’s lap, so they are facing each other.
  • Their chests are held against each other’s, and the partner on top needs to embrace the other. Essentially, the partner on top wraps their arms and legs around the other partner and gives a full-body hug.
  • Once in position, the partners can rock their hips back and forth for stimulation.
  • The partner on top does most of the moving and rocking for steady stimulation.
  • Use a lubricating agent for less friction and to facilitate an effortless gliding motion.

Benefits of Lotus Position

There are many benefits associated with lotus or cross-sex position, and some of those are mentioned below:

1. More Intimate Connection With Your Partner

It promotes great intimacy and romance. This lotus sex position takes intimacy one step as it promotes making eye contact and full-body contact in the form of a sensual hug. It is the best choice for the partners who want to make their connections deeper.

2. Lots of Variation

It can be easily personalised as per your choice and convenience. It offers various variations that the partners can explore.

3. Good for Clitoral Stimulation and Anal Exploration

With the lotus position, the female is on top, and her clitoris will rub against her partner's body as their hips come in contact with their partner. This will double the experience and pleasure. In addition, the Lotus sex position is a great option for first-time anal play, as it gives some control to the person on the top.

4. Highly Dynamic and Powerful Sex Position

It makes you and your partner feel uniquely energized as your body is in sync all the time. It promotes warmth and orgasms.

5. Highly Adaptable

The Lotus sex position is versatile. Couples can adapt this position to best suit their pleasure.

The Emotional and Physical Perks of Lotus Sex

The main benefit of the lotus position is to get intimate with your partner. This involves a lot of frontal interaction, which enhances the emotional connection. The eye contact reiterates your emotional involvement with your partner.

The lotus sex position gives you maximum clitoral stimulation and provides the added physical perks you may be looking for. The rocking and grinding help the partner who is below to prolong their erection. You can enjoy a mild, prolonged sensation with your partner and not worry about climaxing too quickly.

What Makes Lotus Sex Position So Great?

This wonderful sex position enables you to gaze at your partner, sync your breaths and kiss passionately. Enjoy being in the moment and slow down to focus on each other. It is more about the entire experience than just about an orgasm.  With the lotus sex position, experience the raw, passionate energy with your partner.

Challenges You May Face While Doing Lotus Position

As easy as this position looks, it is not always the easiest to pull off for the following reasons:

  • You need to be flexible to get into the lotus sex position.
  • Sitting cross-legged for a long time requires strength and endurance.
  • Size matters for this position. If one partner is short and the other is tall, or if one is light and the other is heavy, this is a difficult one to sustain.
  • If you are into constant thrusting, then the lotus sex position isn’t for you.

How to Adjust During Lotus Sex Position?

To make yourself comfortable as the partner on top, try leaning behind with your hands placed behind you. Let your partner hold your hips and control their thrusts. This will also help you open up for some extra clitoral stimulation.

Lotus Positions Variations

Lotus sex position is not limited to only traditional ways; it can be customized as per your convenience to ensure better pleasure. Therefore, different variations of Lotus sex position are listed below for you to explore with your partner:

1. With Straight Legs

In this variation, any leg or hip muscles are not engaged. So, instead of wrapping yourself completely around one another, you can even try keeping your legs straight or can even keep slightly bent behind the back of the other partner to have better focus and control over each other.

2. Leaning Back

If you and your partner want to experience new levels of penetration flexibility with different exciting feelings, then this variation suits you best for them. In this, only one or both partners can learn back slightly while having sex to ensure more intimacy.

This variation changes the angle of your hips. It can be more fun for women as it provides deeper penetration, which stimulates the g-spot more than the typical Lotus to increase the levels of pleasure or even orgasm.

3. Kneeling

The kneeling variation is introduced, keeping in mind the amount of difficulty or pressure the lower partner has to face as they have to hold the larger body structure of the other partner with all the weight on their thighs. This might affect the quality of sex if they could not handle the pressure.

Therefore, to reduce some of that difficulty, the upper partner may kneel a little while pulling and holding the lower partner, lifting some of their weight while constantly keeping touching with the whole body.

4. With a Tantric Connection

This variation includes the involvement of tantra principles in the Lotus sex position, which are deep breathing, staring into each other's eyes, always remembering the pleasure of your body, and moving slowly, with rhythmic movements.

These can help you take full advantage of this close position and give desirable pleasure to the partner. These principles make sure that the intimacy, whole-body communication, and flow of emotions are improved drastically.

5. Draped

This variation changes the angle of the hips of the partner on the top. This can be especially pleasurable for female partners as it ensures deeper penetration with high g-spot stimulation, which is more pleasurable than any normal lotus sex position.

In this variation, the partner on top lifts their legs over the lower partner's shoulders so that their rest knees on the shoulders and their feet are in the air behind his partner.

Tips for Mixing it up

  • Try to introduce erotic and sensual talks during intercourse.
  • To reduce the friction and increase the intensity, use water-based lubricants.
  • You can even add sex toys such as vibrators to incorporate more fun.
  • You can even go for the reverse lotus sex position to create a different vibe.
  • Use this opportunity and experiment with constant eye gazing, which contributes to building trust.
  • Try switching places if possible.

Lotus Position of Sex Ancient Origins

Although it has a Western name, the Lotus sex position has more of a tantric sex origin. It is called the ‘Yab-Yum’ and was named the ‘lotus position’ to make it easier to use. This position is more tantric because of the breathing and intimacy involved. Remember, you are focusing on the moment and not on the orgasm alone.

Summing Up... Why Should You Try Lotus Sex Position?

The lotus sex position is one of the best positions if you are looking to spark passion and intimacy with your partner. This versatile sex position can be adapted in different ways to suit you and your partner and enhance sexual pleasure.

It is an ideal sex position for someone who wants to feel close to their partner physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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