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Male G-spot: Location, Stimulation, Best Sex Positions & Tips

The male G- spot is the prostate, located about 2 inches inside the rectum towards your belly. Hence, this spot is also referred to as the P-spot by experts.

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Male G-spot: Location, Stimulation, Best Sex Positions & Tips

What is the G spot?

A G-spot is an example of an erogenous or sensitive zone. Both males and females have G-spots.

Male G spot

It is a walnut-sized gland in the male body, behind the penis.

Do men have a G spot?

Yes, males have a G-spot as well!

Where is the male G spot?

The male G- spot is the prostate, located about 2 inches inside the rectum towards your belly. Hence, this spot is also referred to as the P-spot by experts.

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What is the male G spot?

The male G-spot or prostate is a wonder gland jam-packed with nerve endings enough to stimulate you to your peak during sex.

How To Find Male G Spot?

There are different ways a man can identify the G spot himself.

Internally finding the male G spot

It is about two inches inside the rectum to the length of an average middle finger. The anal path provides a way to hit your g-spot.

Externally finding the male G spot

You can locate the G-spot via the perineum or the taint, a landing strip of skin that runs between the scrotum and anus. It is a good option if you wish to hit the spot without penetration.

How To Hit The G Spot: Best Tips and Techniques


Research suggests that communication plays a crucial role in having an orgasm. Having a satisfactory orgasm is an indicator of hitting the G spot correctly. Communication is mandatory not only for sexual consent but also for partners to understand each other and be open about how they like to be touched.

Gather the Supplies

There can be few things that will help in making the process of finding and hitting the G-spot comfortable and convenient:

  • Lube: They work the best when it comes to anal play. Choose a silicone-based lube for better results.
  • Anal Toys: Toys like anal plugs keep anal stimulation in mind. Use them to spice up your journey.
  • Wipes: Not mandatory, but not harmful either. You can use them to maintain hygiene before and after hitting the G spot.

Set the right mood

Hitting the G spot becomes more manageable when a person is relaxed and fully aroused. Work on the pleasure spots, take a hot water bath, sensual massage, or indulge in foreplay to set the mood.

Best G Spot Sex Positions To Try

Sex from behind

There are many different "sex from behind" positions, like the doggy style, pretzel dip or Anal sex. These are among the best sex positions for G spot as it provides the chance to penetrate deep to hit the g-spot.


The receiving partner lies face down with legs slightly apart. The giver massages their prostate by sitting on the side. Keep the pillow under the receiving partner's hips to make it more accessible. This is an excellent oral sex position.

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Anal G Spot: Here's what you need to know

One can achieve an anal orgasm by stimulating the anal G spot. Touching, fingering, and penetrating the anal region helps hit the male G spot rightly. One can stimulate the anal G spot through the perineum.

According to a 2015 study, prostate orgasms are more intense than penile orgasms, but they require time and practice. If you want to have an anal G spot orgasm, these few tricks can help you get the best satisfaction. Slow foreplay, setting the right mood, and using the proper toys to stimulate the prostate is helpful.

An anal G spot satisfaction will help in better ejaculation and help satisfy the seminal vesicles and the urethra.

You can also use Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha for your penis to maintain your erection for longer, which will please your partner.

Tips and Tricks to Have a G Spot Orgasm

The g spot is an under-researched topic when it comes to sexual health. According to studies, G-spot stimulation provides an orgasm for pleasure. Here are a few tips that will help you have the best G-spot orgasm through G-spot stimulation.

Caress the entire body

Before taking your fingers to the sexual regions, one should use them to caress the whole body. You can experience sexual arousal by slightly moving your hands toward your erogenous zones. This may help to hit the G spot correctly and intensely. After that, use your fingers to know how deep the G spot is.

The G-spot isn't everything. Make sure to set the mood with sexy bedroom ideas to build up the romance as well!

Experiment with pressure and speed

Take time to understand what works best for you—different pressure of stimulation and speed of penetration result in varied sensations. With practice, you will figure out what works best for you.

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Pay attention to other erogenous zones

While working on the G spot orgasm, ensure equal attention to other parts like inner thighs, neck, scrotum. This intensifies the feeling of pleasure and also keeps the prostate healthy.

Urinate beforehand

Please urinate before giving way to a G-spot orgasm. It will help the better release of urine from your urethra.

Material positioning

Use materials like lube, sex toys, etc., in the most effective manner. For instance, using an anal plug during doggy style or standing sex can work way better in hitting the G spot intensely.


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