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How to Masturbate With a Condom? Best Techniques and Tips!

Are you looking for ways to spice up your solo sessions? If yes, keep scrolling to read How to Masturbate With Condom, which will up your game!

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How to Masturbate With a Condom? Best Techniques and Tips!

Masturbation, or the act of gratifying one's sexual desires, is common among men. In fact, 92% of men admit to engaging in the practice.

It is possible, however, to become bored with your tried-and-true solo-play strategies. So here's a solution: why not try masturbating with a condom? Although it may appear irrational, it has its advantages! So here's everything you need to know about why and how to masturbate with a condom!

Why Masturbate with a Condom?

1. To Help You Get Used to the Feel of a Condom

Wearing a condom while masturbating is a good way to get used to the feelings if you're new to sex and condoms or have an aversion to condoms.

This includes people who want to get used to wearing condoms or get used to the sensation of having a condom inside the vagina or anus by slipping one on their fingers or a toy for a solo session.

2. Can Increase Your Condom Confidence

Fumbling to put on a condom is normal, but we understand that it can be stressful (and a boner buster) in certain situations.

If rolling one on makes you nervous, posh wanking is a good way to practise putting on a condom without feeling any pressure.

3. Can Simulate Partner Sex

Are you missing your boo due to pandemic isolation or a long-distance relationship? Have you had partner sex in a long time and are missing the sensation of sex with another human?

Rolling a condom over a dildo or vibrator can help simulate the sensation of partner sex.

If you find it difficult to enjoy partnered sex with a condom as much as masturbation, this could help bridge the gap.

4. It Can Be a Form of Sensation Play

Since the days of tie-on linen sheaths soaked in chemicals to help prevent syphilis, condoms have come a long way. Condoms are now available in a variety of sizes, textures, and sensation lubes. What an exciting time to be alive!

5. Might Help You Last Longer

Wearing a condom may assist you and/or your erection in lasting longer. Using a condom alters the amount of stimulation, which can aid in premature ejaculation.

A condom with a snug — but not too snug! — the fit around the base of the penis, similar to wearing a cock ring, can help you stay hard.

5. Better Post Nut Cleanups

The absence of mess is precisely what makes posh posh.

Condoms during masturbation make perfect sense. They're an excellent come catcher and an easy solution for poop-free anal play. They also protect your bedsheets (or couch) if you spill something on them.:

  • are super juicy or a squirter
  • use sex toys
  • like to hump soft furnishings and bedding

Remember to use a fresh condom when going between holes to prevent the spread of bacteria and infections.

6. Safer Mutual Masturbation

If you enjoy masturbating with your partner(s), barrier protection can help prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

If you have any doubts about your status or if one or more of you has an STI, dress up that peen, toy, or hand for play to avoid contact with bodily fluids or open sores.

So, How to Masturbate With Condom?

It all depends on the type of masturbation you're doing.

Extra lube reduces the risk of the condom ripping during a stroke fest when putting a condom on a D for a hand job.

Simply smear a drop or two of lube inside the condom, roll it on, and then smear some more along the shaft for easy stroking.

The same goes if you're using a sex toy, but make sure your lube is compatible with your toy. Silicone lube can degrade silicone toys, and oil-based lubes can degrade latex. Water-based lube is the way to go for toy fun.

If your rub-on involves making contact with a partner's body parts, a flat barrier can be placed over the vulva or any other part for STI protection or sensation.

Do you need to do anything special for cleanup?

Not really, because the condom catches and protects your toys from fluids and lube. When you're finished, simply roll it off or pull it out and toss it in the trash.

However, if your playtime involves butt action or a partner, or if you simply want to wipe away the wetness and residual lube, some extra cleanup is required.

Throw Sex Toys Into the Mix

Toys are undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to spice up solo or partnered masturbation.

When it comes to mixing up your masturbation game, choosing a versatile toy that can be enjoyed in multiple ways makes good financial — and pleasure — sense.

1. Cock Rings

Because you don't need a cock to use a cock ring, they're ideal for masturbation. Slip on over your fingers for erogenous play or around a dildo or butt plug for penetration. If you have a penis, use one to ramp up a hand job or to help you last longer.

2. Masturbation Sleeves

These pleasure sleeves, also known as strokers, are useful for getting handy. To spice things up, choose one that can be used with or without vibration. You can use it alone or with a partner.

3. App-controlled Toys

Use this sexy techy goodness for IRL or virtual mutual masturbation, or all by yourself.

Over to You

It may sound kinda silly at first, but masturbating with a condom comes with its own benefits!

It can take your handy work to another level and eliminate the post-pleasure cleanup to a lot more other uses. So do try it out!


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