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Does Masturbation Cause Back Or Stomach Pain?

Questions like does masturbation cause back pain or stomach pain often haunt us. It’s time to put these questions to rest. Read on to know more.

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Does Masturbation Cause Back Or Stomach Pain?

Does Masturbation Cause Back Pain?

Does ejaculation cause back pain? An uncomfortable position or excess masturbation may cause back pain. However, no study confirms the same.

The study about Sexual Activities and Initiation of Body Pain in Men clearly states no link between masturbation and initiations of body pain. This implies that if you already experience back pain, masturbation tends to stir it up.

Back pain can also be an underlying cause of other health conditions. You may want to get checked for conditions related to the prostate, arthritis, or slipped disc. Hence it is better to get a diagnosis.

Does Masturbation Cause Stomach Pain?

Does masturbation cause stomach pain? No study answers the same. It is a healthy and pleasurable activity and does more good than harm.

Still, if you are experiencing stomach pain after masturbation, try not to strain the stomach muscles.

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Can Masturbation Cause Headaches?

Yes. Research has found that masturbation can cause headaches sometimes. Primary sexual headaches are real and can occur even during sex.

To further clarify the question, “does masturbation cause headaches” you must know a few other things. Primary sexual headaches are of two types:

Orgasm Headaches Due to Masturbation

These headaches occur due to the rise in blood pressure levels, and one may experience them before the sexual climax. These headaches feel explosive and intense.

Sexually Benign Headaches Due to Masturbation

This happens due to a rise in excitement levels during sexual activity. It causes your head and neck muscles to contract. It is also called a pre-orgasm headache. In contrast to the orgasm headache, this feels a bit dull. It builds up slowly and can start to feel like a tension headache.

A 2010 report says that men are four times more likely to get primary sexual headaches than women. It also states that orgasm headaches are as standard as 70% among men.

Does Ejaculating Make You Weaker?

No. Even releasing sperm daily does not make you weaker. Neither does masturbation cause a loss of stamina. In fact, daily ejaculation has more benefits than side effects. So if you have questions in your mind like: does ejaculation make you weaker or does masturbation cause weakness, put them to rest.

There are several myths surrounding masturbation, such as erectile dysfunction, penis curvature, penis shrinkage and memory loss. Weakness and cramps after masturbation are also two of them.

In fact, research suggests that controlled masturbation is beneficial for your body. It helps reduce stress and tension and helps in the release of happy hormones. Not only do these hormones put you in a better mood, but they also alleviate pain.

When Does Masturbation Become a Problem?

Masturbation only becomes a problem when you overindulge in it. Overindulgence tends to interfere with your daily activities.

Another point is that if you masturbate excessively or hold on to the penis too tightly, it may cause desensitization. Then you may have problems during sex.

Is It Good to Masturbate?

If you wonder, “is it good to masturbate” then the answer is yes! Masturbation has numerous physical and mental benefits:

  • Masturbation reduces stress and tension. It releases happy hormones in your body hence making you feel good.
  • It also improves your sex life. It is a myth that masturbation disrupts your sex life. It does the opposite. It helps you know your body better, and hence you can communicate your needs in a better way.
  • There is no risk of STDs during Masturbation since no partner is involved.
  • It also helps you sleep better. Since it reduces tension and stress, it allows you to calm down.
  • It releases pain-alleviating hormones. When you masturbate, your body releases anti-inflammatory hormones, hence relieving pain.
  • It decreases the risk of prostate cancer. According to a study by Harvard Medical School, men who ejaculate 21 or more times a month have fewer chances of getting prostate cancer than men who ejaculate less than 4-7 times a month.

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Hence, it is clear that masturbating regularly is healthy and even recommended. But, if you face any pain after masturbation, it is best to consult a medical professional.


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