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Nasal Solutions to Stop Snoring

Snoring is a hoarse sound made when air flows past the tissues in your throat. These tissues vibrate when the air passes through.

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Nasal Solutions to Stop Snoring

Do you want to snore less and sleep more?

Are you wondering why you snore? Why snoring is worse for men? And how to stop snoring?

Read on to find out.

What is snoring?

Snoring is a sound that you make while you are sleeping. Snoring is a hoarse sound made when air flows past the tissues in your throat. These tissues vibrate when the air passes through.

Air + throat’s relaxed tissues = Vibration = Snoring

Repeated snoring is a problem. This means, that if you snore every night, it is indicative of health issues. In some cases, repetitive heavy snoring can be a symptom of sleep apnea in men.

Why do men snore?

Once you understand why you snore and what is making you snore, a night of deep sleep will be easier.

Snoring can be a result of enlarged tonsils, alcohol consumption, excess weight, and even the structure of your nose.

While sleeping, our throat muscles can sometimes relax so much that it becomes narrow. Passage of air becomes more difficult and often rubs against your rested tissues. This sound made is called snoring.

Apart from this, why you are snoring can be due to:

1. Age

Why am I snoring? Studies show that 40% of men snore. As men age, their throats become narrower, causing them to snore.

How to stop snoring? Practicing anti-snoring exercises is a natural remedy to stop snoring.

2. Adipose tissue

Why am I snoring? Adipose tissues or fatty tissues around the neck can is why we are snoring.

How to stop snoring? Exercising to lose fat around your neck is an effective cure to your snoring problem.

3. Your Biology

Why am I snoring? Science says that men snore more than women because they have more tissues in their throat and thus, narrower airways.

Narrower airways mean = snoring

How to stop snoring? Reduce or stop snoring over time by making healthy lifestyle shifts like yoga for snoring and nasal solutions to stop snoring.

4. Alcohol and smoking

Why am I snoring? Drinking and smoking tranquilize your neck muscles leading to deeper snoring.

How to stop snoring? By quitting smoking and reducing your alcohol intake is how you can stop snoring.

5. Sleep posture

Why am I snoring? Sleeping flat on your back relaxes your neck much more than sleeping on your stomach or even sidewards.

How to stop snoring? Anti-snore pillows, postural alarms, and changing your sleep position are useful anti-snoring remedies.

 Nasal and sinus problems

Why am I snoring? A stuffy nose and a narrow airway make breathing difficult and is why we snore.

How to stop snoring? Nasal strips for snoring, nasal drops to clear a blocked nose, and nasal spray are effective snoring remedies.

Nasal solutions to stop snoring

How to stop snoring is what we are always looking up for either ourselves or our loved ones.

Nasal congestion is a large reason why we snore.

If taken care of, it is also a snoring remedy that will stop snoring.

Your nasal passages and tissues are what you need to be aware of to stop snoring.

Using nasal strips, nasal sprays, or nasal drops can clear your nasal passages and can be an extremely effective nasal solution while you are asleep.

Nasal strips to stop snoring

Nasal strips to stop snoring

What are nasal strips? 

Nasal strips simply but are like bandaids for your nose. Nasal strips come with an adhesive bottom that will stick on the bridge of your nose.

A nasal strip is meant for external use. This means that you do not need to insert it anywhere. You simply need to stick it on the bridge of your nose.

Nasal strips are believed to keep nasal airways free to assist you in breathing better.

How do nasal strips stop snoring?

Nasal strips actually work. They are able to avoid nighttime nasal congestion

Nasal strips lift the sides of your nose, open nasal passages, and are a great external use nasal solution.

Do nasal strips actually work?

A Harvard study suggests that nasal strips fall under the anti-snoring products category. This means that using nasal strips can make you stop snoring or even reduce snoring.

How to use nasal strips?

Using a nasal strip is extremely easy. Here are three simple steps to use a nasal strip to stop snoring:

  1. Wash your face – The adhesive does not stay intact on oily skin, so be sure to wash your nose and dry it before you use it.
  2. Place the nasal strip on the bridge of your nose – Remove the adhesive strip and lace the nasal stip in the middle of the bridge of your nose. The nasal strip must not cover your nostrils.
  3. Rub the nasal strip gently – After adjusting the nasal strip on your nose, rub it gently onto your nose. This way the nasal strip will remain intact through the night.

Who should use nasal strips?

If you are snoring and your nasal passage is narrow or blocked because of nasal congestion, you can use nasal strips to stop snoring.

Nasal spray to stop snoring

What is a nasal spray?

A nasal spray is a liquid that you spray into your nostrils.

Nasal sprays correct nasal congestion and mucus build up in the nose. By doing so, it prevents you from breathing from your mouth.

This way, you will stop snoring since your nose is clear to breathe.

How does nasal spray stop snoring?

 A nose decongestion results from a cold, sinus, or allergies.

Nasal sprays will help with your snoring problem by decongesting your nose. You won’t have to breathe from your mouth now onwards.

Do nasal strips actually work for snoring?

Nasal sprays decongest your nose if applied properly. Talking to your doctor and using a nasal spray for snoring as prescribed is the best way to stop snoring.

How to use a nasal spray?

Using a nasal spray to stop snoring is very simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Close the nostril not receiving the nasal spray – Gently press the side of your nose to cover this nostril
  2. Focus on the nostril that needs nasal spray – Insert the tip of the nasal spray bottle into the nostril and spray the nasal spray in your nostril
  3. Breathe and repeat as directed by your doctor – Be sure to wait 10 seconds or at least 2-3 breaths before spraying again.

Nasal drops to stop snoring

Nasal drops to stop snoring

What are nasal drops?

Nasal drops are similar to nasal sprays.

Nasal sprays are used inside the nostril to decongest the nostril and the narrow airway passage for air that otherwise causes a vibrating sensation and makes men snore.

How do nasal drops stop snoring?

Since your nose is congested, you are unable to breathe freely from your nasal passage. This causes a vibration in your nasal passage which leads to snoring.

Nasal drops, when used for snoring, will open your airways and help you breathe better.

How to use nasal drops?

  1. Blow your nose gently and wash your hands.
  2. Use the nasal drops and drop the required number of drops into each nostril.
  3. Wait 10 seconds and use the nasal drops on the other nostril.

A really helpful tip is to ensure that your bedroom has enough moisture. Dry air can irritate your nasal and throat membranes, So, you could use a humidifier to keep the air moist and naturally stop snoring.