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Oral Sex Positions 101: How to Take Your Pleasure to the Next Level

Oral sex is an intimate sexual act that involves stimulating the genitals of your partner with your mouth. But do know all the oral sex positions? Read on to find out!

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Oral Sex Positions 101: How to Take Your Pleasure to the Next Level

Oral sex is an intimate sexual act that involves stimulating the genitals of your partner with your mouth. It is also called fellatio (penis oral sex) or cunnilingus (vaginal oral sex). Oral sex enhances the sexual experience and might also improve the intensity of orgasm.

Most people prefer oral sex as foreplay before having sexual intercourse. It can also be done during and after penetrative sex. It is also common to give or receive oral stimulation without having vaginal/penetrative sex. You can try various oral sex positions to spice up your sex life.

Before We Begin

It is normal to have apprehensions regarding oral sex, especially if you are doing it for the first time. It is okay to like oral sex. It is also normal to not prefer oral sex as it is an extremely intimate act.

Make sure that you communicate with your partner and that you are on the same page as them regarding oral sex. Also, it is natural to feel awkward while having oral sex for the first time. You do not have to focus on being perfect. Oral sex is more about pleasure.

Let's Clear the Air Regarding Oral Sex

Before you try oral sex, it is crucial to understand some things closely related to it. First things first, along with pleasure, you also need to think about safety. Many people believe that oral sex is safe as it cannot lead to pregnancy. However, you can still get sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) through it. To prevent STDs, you should use a condom for the penis and dental dams for the vagina.

Moreover, you also need to know that female and male genitalia comes in all shapes and sizes. You should not feel embarrassed or worried about letting your partner see your genitals closely. Also, before you give oral sex, you must remember that vaginas or penises have a natural odour and taste. It isn't exactly sweet. You can find the smell and taste musky and unpleasant initially. Make sure that you wash your genitals properly before receiving oral sex.

Best Oral Sex Positions to Try!

If you are finally ready to have oral sex with your partner but are wondering how to begin, here are some of the best oral sex positions that you can try!

1. 69 Position

This is one of the most popular oral sex positions that you must have heard about. In the 69 position, one person lies down inverted over the other so that both partners have their mouths close to the other's genitals. You can get into a 69 position by laying on your back, and your partner can get on top of you and straddle your face so that her genitals are close to your mouth. You will need to adjust to allow her to take your penis in her mouth. You can also try 69 positions sideways. However, it can be a bit difficult to give and receive mutual pleasure. It might take some time for you to coordinate with your partner.

2. Head Dangler Position

In this position, the woman lies down on her back with her head leaning back closer to the edge of the bed, and the man stands near the bed and bends his upper body forward to take his mouth closer to the woman's genitals in a manner that his penis is close to the woman's mouth. The head dangler position makes it easier for the man to thrust his penis into the woman's mouth.

3. Facesitting

This is a classic oral sex position in which the man lies down on the bed, and the woman straddles the man's face. You can also call this the oral cowgirl position. Face-sitting can also be done in a reverse cowgirl position. It means that she will straddle your face with her back towards it. To be more comfortable and allow the man more breathing space, the woman can bend backwards and lie down on the man's stomach so that her head is between his thighs.

4. Thigh Master

This is another classic oral sex position that allows women to lie down on the bed and relax while receiving oral stimulation. It is similar to the missionary position. However, in the thigh master, the man's head is between the woman's thighs. You can experiment with this position by lying perpendicularly and giving oral stimulation sideways. The other way to do it is to ask your partner to put one leg in the air. You can try the thigh master by placing her legs on your shoulders or bending her legs backwards near her shoulders.

5. Kissing Ass

You can try this if you prefer oral sex while standing. The woman stands with her front body touching the wall in this position. The man kneels down behind the woman and gives oral stimulation by spreading the butt cheeks of the woman. It allows the man to penetrate his tongue deeper into the vagina. This position is best for women who have a sensitive clitoris as the man does not get enough access to the clitoris from behind. It is great for having oral sex in the shower.

6. In-betweener

Like the kissing ass position, the woman stands with the support of a wall with her legs slightly apart, but the man sits in front of the woman's legs. He sits down with his back against the wall in such a manner that his face is between the woman's thighs. This position allows women to guide their partners and thrust their clit, or grind their genitals on their partner's face for more pleasure.

7. The Love Triangle

This position is for people who want to take oral sex up by a notch. You can try the love triangle oral sex position on a couch. The woman can sit on the couch with her legs apart, and the man kneels between her thighs, pulls her slightly down and places her legs on his shoulders. The woman locks her feet behind the man's head, which appears to be a triangle. In this position, the woman is on the edge of the couch with her body slightly lifted in the air while the man stimulates her genitals orally.

Another way to try this position is to ask the woman to lie down on the floor with her legs placed on the couch. The man sits on the couch between the woman's legs. He bows down to give oral sex to the woman.

8. Oral Doggystyle

In addition to penetrative sex, you can also enjoy oral sex in a doggy position. You can ask your partner to get on her fours on the bed or couch with her back slightly bent. You need to sit or lie down close to the woman's genitals and give oral sex from behind. You can place a pillow under the woman's stomach for a more comfortable and relaxed position.

9. Standing Oral Sex

It is one of the most popular oral sex positions for fellatio. You can stand while your partner can sit on their knees in such a manner that their mouth is in level with your penis. It is one of the most comfortable positions for both receiving and giving a blowjob.

10. The Back Seat

The back seat is another sex position that allows men to relax while receiving a blowjob. The man sits comfortably on the couch with his legs apart in this position. The woman kneels between the man's thighs to stimulate his penis. The woman can also sit on the couch next to the man and bend sideways to suck his penis.

11. The Lazy Boy

This position is similar to the thigh master. The man lies down on the bed comfortably, and the woman kneels on the bed to take the penis in her mouth. It allows the woman to explore his body with her hands while giving oral stimulation.

12. Up and Under

In this position, the man is in charge while the woman lies down comfortably on the bed under the man. It is similar to the face sitting position in which the man gets into a doggie position so that his penis is directly above the woman's mouth. This position allows the man to thrust his into the woman's mouth.

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13. The Shark Fin

This position can provide extreme levels of ecstasy for people who love making out in the water. Underwater oral sex is usually tricky, so for this oral sex position, you must sit at the edge of the bathtub with the legs spread apart for your partner.

14. Faux Deep Throat

This is an alternative to a deep blow job without the gagging part, wherein a part of the penis is massaged with a lubricant with the hands and the front part of the shaft in the mouth. Again, eye contact helps increase pleasure.

15. Corkscrew

Your corkscrew position is when the penis is stimulated with mouth and hands in a corkscrew manner up and down to increase pleasure.

16. Tantric Oral Sex

This oral sex position involves forming a deep connection with the most intimate areas of the other person. More than movement and friction, tantric oral sex is about applauding the physical beauty of your partner's genitals. So go ahead and cover them up with edible kinds of butter and oils to maximise the intimacy.

17. Modified FaceTime

This erotic cunnilingus position is a modification of face straddling wherein the partner can stand and press the genitals against the face of the other, thereby having control of how much is too much. The sitting partner is then free to massage or masturbate.

18. Seated 7 and 1

You can hit the right intimacy notes by using your mouth and hand seven times down and one time up over a penis or a vulva until the moaning reaches the breakpoint.

19. Live Show

This cunnilingus position is fun and intense for people who love being dominant or submissive. You can ask your partner to be tied or blindfolded and vice versa. If you are in control, tell them they can not orgasm until you tell them so. Then, you can reverse roles for the next time.

20. The Constellation

Oral sex can be challenging for some who cannot open up their hips comfortably or may not want to do so. The constellation position allows you to roll to your side with the partner's face between your legs. This position can especially be helpful for partners wanting to enjoy oral sex without excess leg movements or with disabilities.

General Tips for Oral Sex

Here are some general tips that can help enhance your sexual experience!

1. Communication

It is essential for the partners to communicate during and after oral sex. Communication before oral sex helps the partners to share their fantasies, inhibitions and preferences. During oral sex, it will help you understand whether your partner is receiving pleasure. It also allows the partners to guide each other, and communicating after oral sex enables you to know what you did right and what you can do better.

2. Make Yourself Comfortable

Before you begin with oral sex, make sure that both you and your partner are in a comfortable position. It helps avoid sprain or injury.

3. Avoid Gagging and Using Teeth

You should avoid thrusting your genitals on your partner's mouth immediately as you get into a position because it can lead to gagging. Start slow and gradually increase the speed. You should also avoid using teeth on the genitals.

4. Spice It Up

If you want to spice up oral sex, you can try blindfolds or light bondage.

Benefits of Oral Sex

People who enjoy indulging in oral sex for intimacy, along with sex therapists, have a lot of reasons to advocate oral sex. There are several studies in this regard which point out the several health benefits of practising safe oral sex.

1. Physical Satisfaction Without Actual Penetrative Sex

Physically satisfying the partner without actual penetrative sex: A recent report suggests that almost 70+ % of respondents reported being satisfied after a session of oral sex(men had a higher percentage than women). Also, at least 30-35% of women reported needing oral stimulation to reach orgasm.

2. Eliminates the Risk of Pregnancy

Oral sex is pleasurable and eliminates the risk of pregnancy associated with penetrative sex.

3. Intimacy and Connection

It can feel more intimate and connected: In a lot of ways, oral sex also helps you understand your partner's likes and dislikes. Therefore it becomes essential that you communicate to your partner what you are not comfortable with and vice versa. Both partners should make sure that it is pleasurable to either of them without being burden of doing it to keep the partner happy.

4. Oral Sex for Stress Relief

if you feel highly strung up or stressed, then spending some time with your partner and indulging in oral sex can help relieve a lot of that. A number of studies have shown that oral sex is good for your mood and stress levels as it contains oestrogen, oxytocin, thyrotropin release hormone, melatonin and serotonin. All these substances act like anti-depressants on the nervous system and help get a good night's sleep.

5. Improves Memory

Another study emphasises that semen helps memory issues by containing ingredients like nerve growth factors (NGF), vitamin C, potassium and magnesium. NGF helps to nourish and develop nervous tissue and improve brain cognition and memory retention.

6. Tackling Depression

Orgasms by oral sex have been shown to tackle depression and pain relief(especially stomach and back pain). Most research on semen composition proves its pain relief properties due to the presence of oxytocin and endorphins.

7. Increasing Libido

Oral sex helps to balance pleasure channels, e.g. clitoral stimulation and penetration may not necessarily lead to an orgasm as fast as that with penis ejaculation, thus, oral sex can help promote orgasms.  Oral sex increases libido and acts as a precursor to a more fulfilling sex life between couples in the long run. Oral sex has also been shown to have the same effect of stress release and lowering blood pressure as that of physical sex.

Potential Risks of Oral Sex

As already discussed above, you can get STDs like gonorrhoea, syphilis, and herpes by both giving or receiving oral sex. To prevent this, you can use dental dams or condoms. The following are the potential risks of oral sex.

  • Chlamydia:- Women who give oral sex to men with an infected penis can get chlamydia, which might damage the reproductive system. Similarly, men can also get chlamydia if they receive oral sex from women who have this bacteria in their throats. It may cause a burning feeling while urinating.
  • Oral cancer:- Studies suggest that oral sex might cause oral cancer in rare cases.

It is recommended to get regular checkups for STDs if you are sexually active.

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Summing Up on Oral Sex Positions

Oral sex enhances sexual pleasure and satisfaction. For mutual pleasure, 69 is the best oral sex position. However, it can be difficult to get into a comfortable position for 69. Other oral sex positions like the backseat, standing oral sex, and the lazy boy are more pleasurable for men. For women's pleasure, the common cunnilingus positions include thigh master, face sitting, and kissing ass.