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How to Give A Penis Massage: A Medically Approved Guide for All Men

Penis Massage aligns a person with his spiritual and sexual self. It provides relaxation, improves libido, and relieves stress from the whole body.

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How to Give A Penis Massage: A Medically Approved Guide for All Men

Almost every man agrees when it comes to discussing how soothing and rejuvenating a massage is. When one thinks of a massage, our mind often associates it with a calming full body massage. But have you heard of a penis massage? Of course, it feels great and, in the right scenarios, may even get you sexually aroused. Did you know? A penis massage has many benefits beyond just pleasure. Read on to discover just how a medically approved penis massage (lingam massage) can do wonders for your private organ and overall health!

Benefits of Penis Massage

Penis massage for full-body healing

According to Buddhist principles, massages help the recipient heal his entire body and aligns a person with his spiritual and sexual self. It relieves stress from the whole body. The same holds for penile massages.

Penis massage to increase libido

A penis massage increases sexual drive - a desire for sex and satisfaction. What's the best way to do this? Go for a penis massage using penis massage oil.

Penis massage to enhance blood circulation

According to a Harvard study, poor blood circulation is the cause of impotence in 70% of men. Massaging is an excellent exercise to increase blood flow to your penis naturally, thereby enhancing sexual performance. Regular massaging improves blood circulation in the penis. Massaging the penis with oils can eliminate dry skin on penis, taking your skincare a step further.

Penis massage to revitalize weak erections

A penis massage (dick massage) helps successfully produce penile vibratory stimulation to help manage erectile dysfunctions. It helps in improving sexual and reproductive function in men.

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How to Massage the Penis With Oil?

Want to know how to perform a penis massage? Massaging the penis with oil has numerous health benefits. Here are three simple steps to use these motions to your advantage for better genital health.

Step 1: Wake up the area

Gently relax the penis by first massaging the penis oil on the surrounding pelvic region. Some of the best oils for penis massage are coconut oil or cacao oil. Massaging the penis can be highly effective in tight foreskin penis treatment as well. Many men face this condition, also referred to as Phimosis.

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Step 2: Work It Up

Start massaging the oil by wrapping both hands around the penis, and use your thumbs and fingers to apply gentle pressure. Stretch the penis by giving it a gentle pull; this helps release tension.

Step 3: Scrotum Massage

Gently massage the scrotum area with penis massage oil. Stretch it away from the penis and massage. After this, you can massage the penis in any of the ways discussed in this article.

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How to Massage a Penis

These are some recommended top ways to massage penis:

The Snake Charmer

Use the thumb and index finger to form a circle around the testes with one hand and gently tug them downwards. Wrap the other hand around the shaft and smother excess oil from base to tip.

Deep Healing

Massage right beneath the testicles, on the perineum. One can also use the knuckles of the closed fist to massage for the sensory feel.

The Acupressure Stretch

Use the thumb and forefinger of each hand, clamp the centre of the penis with either hand. Move gradually in opposite directions to provide a deep stretch. Repeat this with various pressures and speeds.

Watch this penis massage video to learn more techniques for massaging the penis.

Penis Massage with Oil Benefits

Penis Massages Solve Erection Problems And Increase Penis Strength

Massaging penis with oil benefits in managing erection problems. A penis massage with oil increases libido and potency in men. Massage increases blood circulation. Better circulation of blood will ensure better erection and strengthen the penis.

Penis Massages Widen blood vessels

A regular penis massage with the oil helps open the blood vessels and improves blood circulation in the area. An improved movement of blood in the reproductive area of men will purify the blood vessels.

Is Coconut Oil On Penis Good?

Is coconut oil good for the penis? Coconut oil for the penis is considered a therapeutic agent for various skin problems. It is deemed one of the best oils for a penis massage as it is hydrating, solves dry skin problems on the penis and improves blood circulation. However, thinking about how to enlarge your penis by using coconut oil has no merit. It is an excellent penis massage oil to enhance blood circulation but does not help with penis size.

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Are Penis Stretching and Penis Massage Same?

No, penis stretching is related to using hands or a penis stretching device to increase the length of the penis. Penis stretching exercises such as jelqing involve massaging with hands along the length of the penis. The use of a penis stretching device effectively increases the size of the penis temporarily. Another method on how to make your penis thicker and longer naturally are: 1) Performing Kegel exercises or tightening your pelvic floor muscles. 2) Performing specific penis enlargement massages 3) Penis pump exercises

These exercises solve for how to increase penis strength, but they don't help for much else. For example, questions like 'how to thicken penis' or 'how to increase the size of your penis using your hands.'

So which oil is the best for penis growth in India?

Besides, there is no proven way to make penis size bigger. Sorry to break it to you, but the truth is that there is no real way to increase your size. Another truth? It is most likely that your penis is within the average size range and enough to satisfy your partner in bed.

However, before starting with any penis enlargement massage, using any device, or taking any medication, consult with your doctor. Ensure that there are no side effects.

Precautions for penis massage

Do Not Squeeze

It is essential to massage oil on the penis cautiously. While massaging, rubbing the scrotum and testicles can be done, but do not squeeze the testicles.

Clean Your Hands

Before starting the penis massage, always clean the hands with water or antiseptic soap to avoid any infection. This also means cutting your nails. Harsh massage movements may cause scratches resulting in a foreskin tear.

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Penis Enlargement In Ayurveda

This age-old Indian discipline has investigated how to increase penis size through Ayurvedic medicines for centuries. There is still no scientifically proven method to increase penis size. But don't be disappointed. Ayurvedic herbs will not increase the size of penis but have clinically proven beneficial for male sexual health and performance.

For example, Kaunch Beej contains L dopa, an amino acid responsible for triggering the pituitary gland that secretes testosterone in the male body. Higher levels of testosterone mean improved sexual function and health.

Even Safed Musli is a highly potent Ayurvedic herb that increases sperm production among males and is often known as a 'herbal Viagra.'

What makes these Ayurvedic medicines great for sexual performance is that they are free from harmful side effects occurring due to artificial supplements.


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