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Please Don’t Stop The Music| Man Matters

Now that we are well and truly in lockdown mode, most of us are trying to find new reasons to stay indoors. Here's a list of music genres that can help you enjoy your time indoors.

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Please Don’t Stop The Music| Man Matters

We have special music recommendations for you!

Now that we are well and truly in lockdown mode, most of us are trying to find new reasons to stay indoors. After all, there are only so many exercises you can do, so many selfies you can upload, and so many cute cat videos you can watch.
What next? The short answer is – music matters.

Why Music Matters

We instinctively reach out to screens – read phones, laptops, iPads – when we have some free time. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Instagram are probably our best friends. The extended screen time could leave us feeling more tired than energised. Enter: Music. You can dance to it, sing along with it, or just close your eyes and drift off to dreamland.  Listening to your favourite tunes can improve your mood and boost our mental health. And that matters most during the lockdown.  

Playlists That Matter

Time to sit back, relax, and pop on your headphones. We’ve got music to cover every mood that the lockdown can throw up. No matter how you feel, there’s nothing a song can’t fix:

Peace (of mind) Matters

Staying confined inside four walls can drive the best of us right up the wall. When you feel anxious/agitated/nervous, some calming music can do wonders to ease your mind. Three different genres can help you go from the Hulk to the Buddha in 60 seconds.

Classical Music Matters 

Classical music has proven to work wonders with your grey matter: Right from improving focus to improving creativity. The one thing it cannot do is eradicate the virus. If you do posses a classical collection, (this writer does), then you know your Mozart from Beethoven. If you don’t, just tap the Youtube app and type ‘piano concertos’ in the search bar. Press play and let the relaxation begin.


Jazz Matters

Jazz was the sound of the 50s and 60s. And while there are up-tempo numbers, you will also find modern bands play ambient, relaxing tunes. The interesting mix of string instruments, percussion, and the trumpet puts your mind at ease. Close your eyes and you will find yourself in the great jazz bars of New York and New Orleans. Who says you can’t travel during the lockdown. 


Alternative Music Matters

The beauty of Alternative is that it does not possess the hard edge of Rock and is more grown-up than Pop or EDM. There are some great songs in the genre that you will find yourself singing along to. And not just in the bathroom.


Energy Matters

Now that you’ve got your touch of zen, time to push the tempo. When you feel tired and jaded, these three genres can offer an instant pick-me-up, much like your cup fo coffee.

EDM Matters

For the uninitiated, the D in EDM stands for dance. Not that you have to put on your dancing shoes, but the upbeat, fluffy songs of today’s most popular genre can sweep away the cobwebs from your tired mind. They can help you stay energised whenever there is a dull moment around the corner. 


Rock Matters

Rock can never be too far away when you need a bolt of energy running through your veins. The best part is that some of our favourite bands are probably rock bands. The electric feeling when a guitar kicks in at full blast will spark your grey matter to life. We recommend the genre when you are working out, or just want to rock out on your own.


Bollywood Dance Music Matters
We can’t help it. It’s in our blood. There’s something about our film songs that get our feet moving like nothing else. (Thank you Govinda). And when you dance, you don’t feel tired anymore. You have a wide variety to choose from the hits of the 80s, 90s, and the 2000s. Or just put on some Bappi Lahiri. For an added boost, grab your partner, your kid, or your pet dog and dance away.


Throwback Music Matters

With the summer season on us, now is a good time as any to take a trip back to your childhood summer vacations. Think of the songs that you just couldn’t stop humming. We are not mentioning any genres here because as a kid, all that mattered to you was that it sounded good on the radio, on the stereo, or on your Walkman. Bryan Adams, Ace Of Base, Euphoria, Madonna; take your pick. In the midst of the current crisis, a throwback to a simpler time can feel like a warm blanket on a cold night.