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Procapil: What it is, Uses & Side Effects

Procapil hair serum, hair growth tonic and shampoo are packed with Procapil's uses. Find out if Procapil is safe to use!

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Procapil: What it is, Uses & Side Effects

What is Procapil?

Procapil is a breakthrough formula that promotes hair growth naturally. It strengthens hair follicles, reduces hair loss by ensuring lesser hair breakage.

Procapil is found in products such as:

  • Procapil hair serum
  • Procapil hair growth tonic
  • Procapil shampoo
  • Procapil enriched minoxidil

Man Matters is an Indian brand with Procapil in its Redensyl Hair Tonic and 5% Minoxidil Solution.

Is Procapil safe?

Procapil is made from natural ingredients. Though these ingredients have complex names, they are derived from nature and is safe to use even for men with sensitive skin.

The ingredients are:

  1. Biotinyl-GHK — a form of hair vitamin biotin.
  2. Apigenin - a flavonoid found in citrus plants.
  3. Oleanolic acid- a chemical compound derived from olive trees.

Procapil uses & benefits

Procapil serves as a DHT blocker

Men’s excess testosterone is converted into DHT. DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is a male sex hormone that makes men’s hair strands brittle, weak and more prone to hair loss.

This is because excess DHT accumulates at the hair follicles, blocking the follicles from receiving adequate nourishment for healthy hair growth. Over time, accumulated DHT makes your hair follicles dormant.

Procapil is a clinically proven ingredient used in Man Matters’ hair growth tonic and minoxidil solution. Procapil, as hair serum or a hair growth tonic, reduces the effects of DHT on hair loss. It does so by increasing the blood flow when applied to the scalp so that the hair follicles receive nutrition and oxygen supply to prevent hair loss.

Hence, any product, say a shampoo, that contains Procapil is a DHT blocking shampoo that reduces hair loss.

Here is a list of effective DHT blockers to improve hair growth and hair regrowth.

Procapil prevents hair thinning

What most men do not know is that hair thinning is the first sign of male pattern baldness. Hair thinning often goes unnoticed but is the dealbreaker to delaying hair loss and balding.

What causes hair thinning, you ask? If you have a family history of balding, it’s most likely that you have it too. Studies show that some men start losing hair to male pattern baldness as young as 18! And like I already said, the first sign is hair thinning.

Sources conclude that the Biotinyl-GHK content of Procapil ensures to activate hair follicles so that hair follicles do not become dormant and dead. Dormant hair follicles cannot support hair growth, thereby reducing your hair volume.

Procapil reduces hair loss

Undernourished and weak hair strands lead to hair fall.

Studies say that Procapil reduces hair loss by fighting hair follicle aging and dormant hair follicles. In essence, Procapil works to keep hair follicles nourished and healthy so that your hair strands are no longer brittle. In addition, it prevents abnormal hair loss by strengthening your hair roots & increasing cell metabolism to slow down hair loss.

Procapil strengthens hair

Procapil strengthens hair by activating hair follicles by providing nourishment and oxygen supply. Apigenin, Procapil’s ingredient, is a vasodilator that stimulates healthy hair growth.

Procapil strengthens hair from root to tip, depending on how you use it. Procapil shampoo, Procapil hair growth tonic and minoxidil enriched with Procapil are applied directly to the scalp and strengthen the root.

Procapil hair serum, on the other hand, is applied to hair strands, thus protecting and strengthening the tips of your hair.

Procapil helps you regrow hair

If you want to use Procapil to regrow your hair, you need to use Minoxidil 5% enriched with Procapil.

Minoxidil & Procapil are vasodilators that increase blood flow to hair follicles. Minoxidil and Procapil regrow hair by activating dormant hair follicles. These follicles are given sufficient nourishment required to facilitate healthy hair growth after the initial minoxidil shedding.

In India, Minoxidil is a prescription drug, which means that you can purchase it only if a doctor recommends it.

Speak to a doctor now >

Procapil side effects

Procapil, when applied to hair, has no side effects as it is a natural ingredient. However, if you feel anything adverse, you must speak to a doctor at the earliest.

However, oral intake of Procapil can result in nausea, rashes or an itching feeling.


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