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Raisin (Kishmish) Water: Benefits, Uses, Side Effects, More

What are raisins? They're grapes that have been dried under direct sunlight for about three weeks. One can also dry them out in vineyards or paper trays. Raisin water is when one soaks these dried grapes or raisins in water and strains the liquid to consume.

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Raisin (Kishmish) Water: Benefits, Uses, Side Effects, More

Humble Kishmish or raisins found in Indian households are jam-packed with vitamins that have multiple benefits only if you drink its special concoction every morning! Read on to discover the benefits of Kishmish water, raisin water side effects, the perfect recipe for dry grapes soaked in water for your health and more!

What is raisin water?

What are raisins? They are grapes that have been dried under direct sunlight for about three weeks. One can also dry them out in vineyards or paper trays.  Raisin water meaning is when one soaks dried grapes or raisins in water and strains the liquid to consume.

How to consume soaked raisin water?

How can you prepare raisin water? To prepare it, learn these easy-to-follow steps:

  • Soak up 150 grams of raisins in about two water cups.
  • Let this mixture sit for the whole night.
  • Strain it the next day and enjoy the benefits of drinking raisin water on an empty stomach.

Raisin Water Benefits

Raisin Water Benefits for Skin

  • Kishmish water benefits include phytochemicals and amino acids, acting against a protective layer on your skin. This also helps with excessive sun exposure.
  • The antioxidant content in raisins repair cellular damage, hydrate your skin and rejuvenate it.
  • Vitamins A & E in raisins are exceedingly helpful to nourish your skin.
  • Premature aging signs such as blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and other types of skin cell damage can be effectively prevented through raisin water.
  • The resveratrol content in raisins detoxifies your blood and enhances the number of red blood cells in your body—this aids glowing skin.
  • Raisin water for skin is packed with Vitamin C and dietary fibre that ensures your digestive systems function smoothly. Benefits of raisins soaked in water for your skin? A healthy gut, better nutrient absorption from your food and plump skin that keeps acne at bay.

Raisin Water Benefits for Weight Loss

  • Raisins contain a healthy amount of fibre that make sure you feel full. Hence, you may eat fewer calories, leading to weight loss.
  • Fibre also regulates bowel movements. This helps to eradicate waste from your body.
  • The natural sugars present in raisins curb your appetite eliminating cravings. This helps maintain blood sugar levels and results in weight loss.
  • This dried fruit works like prebiotics that improves the growth of gut flora which is essential for weight loss.
  • Studies also state that consuming raisins regularly lead to a 39% lower obesity risk and 54% lower metabolic syndrome risk.
  • Raisins soaked in water overnight are excellent for weight loss.

Raisin Water Benefits for Acne

Raisins are rich in potassium and magnesium that neutralize stomach acids preventing your blood from becoming toxic and harmful for you. What does this do? Provides additional raisin water benefits for skin such as raisin water for the treatment of pimples and boils, making your skin clearer.

As raisins have dietary fibre that helps digestion, it helps prevent unnecessary toxins from your body and keeps acne problems at bay.

Raisin Water Benefits for Weight Gain

How can raisins help with weight loss and weight gain? You best believe it! Soaked Kishmish benefits are great for weight gain. Why? Dry fruits such as apricots, prunes, dates and raisins constitute a higher amount of calories than their fresh counterparts. This facilitates healthy weight gain because they are also jam packed with 3-5 times more macronutrients.

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Raisin Water Recipe

Read on for the ultimate raisin water preparation!

·    Rinse the raisins well.

·    Add about two cups of drinking water to them

·    Let these raisins soak overnight

·    Wake up the next day and strain this water to drink

·    How many raisins should you add? About 150 grams in about one or two glasses.

When to have it?

The best time to consume this beneficial drink is early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Moreover, the best time to reap the benefits of eating soaked raisins is also in the morning!

Additional Benefits of Raisins Soaked In Water

  • Benefits of drinking soaked raisin water enhances liver functioning.
  • Raisin water's potassium content balances blood pressure.
  • Raisin water's rich Vitamins B, C, and antioxidant content boosts your body's immune system.
  • One hundred gms of raisin has 50 mg of calcium and minerals like phosphorus & boron. Regular consumption of raisin water absorbs these nutrients and helps improve teeth strength and bone mineral density.
  • Iron present in raisins boosts the production of red blood cells (RBCs). This helps in preventing anemia.
  • Melatonin is a compound present in this dried fruit known to improve sleep quality. Compounds like L' Theanine for anxiety and sleep can also be used.
  • The phytonutrients present in black raisins help improve ocular health. This leads to improvement in vision.

Black Raisin Water

It's simple. Follow the same process as raisin water, with black raisin water. What are the benefits of drinking black raisin water? Its high Phenol, Vitamin C and antioxidant content slows down the early signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and droopy skin. Its Vitamin E and A make novel cells for the upper layer of your skin.

In addition, black raisin water delays premature greying of hair. Minerals needed for robust hair health are quickly absorbed by the body with the help of black raisin water.

Moreover, black raisin water aids a healthy metabolism and is the go-to detox drink to take your well-being into your hands!

Raisin Water Side Effects

Some side effects of drinking raisin water are:

Commercially grown raisins

Packeted raisins may contain pesticides that may reduce the production of energy in your body.

Bleaching and adding chemicals

Sulfur dioxide is the compound used to bleach raisins to extend their shelf life. However, this is not good news for men who are sensitive to sulfate or suffer from asthma.

Extra calorie intake

One raisin has exactly the amount of calories as a grape. Approximately speaking, there are about 300 calories in 100 gms of raisins. So make sure you don't eat too many!

Gastrointestinal issues

There are no benefits of eating soaked raisins excessively and out of proportion. This may cause an excess of soluble fibre in the body. Makes sure this doesn't happen as it could lead to an unhealthy gut. Bloating, gas and cramps are some more side effects.

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