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Sex Positions to Last Longer

Here are 6 different positions to help you last longer in bed and bridge the orgasm gap between men and women. Use these wisely so you can keep going!

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Sex Positions to Last Longer

The time difference between men and women to reach their respective pinnacles is quite stark.

Where for men it is generally about 6 minutes, it takes somewhere between 10-20 minutes for women to reach the big “O.”

Suffice to say that this is cause for a lot of confrontation in the bedroom.

Though no one is aiming for a marathon session every time, it will probably be best to learn more about how to stay longer in bed. Also, another way to continue a long lasting sex drive is trying 69 with your partner.

Furthermore, the pressure to use desensitizing condoms or sprays or to practice using the squeeze technique at the right time only adds to the existing anxiety levels.

If you, too, are continually skimming through articles looking for ideas on how to last longer in bed, then look no further because you have reached the right place.

The solution is much simpler and easy to do in the sack and without interrupting the action.

All you have to do is try sex positions to last longer.

1. Spoon Position to help you last longer

This is one of those positions that can help prolong your time in bed while giving you maximum skin to skin contact with your partner, thus enhancing your sex drive at the same time.

How to do it

This position requires you both to lie side by side.

Make your partner’s back press against your front, like two spoons.

Making an entrance in this position is a bit trickier as you do not have a clear “line of sight.” Use your hands to guide yourself inside her.

Why it works

Though very cozy, this position only allows for shorter thrusts, preventing you from reaching the point of no return speedily. These shorter thrusts work wonders for her, too, as it rubs against her G-spot. Grind yourself slowly against her back and stimulate her clitoris using her fingers.

2. Face-to-Face to help you last longer

This, too, is an extremely romantic position that gives you a lot of facetime.

How to do it

Lie on the bed facing each other.

You might have to try a little bit harder to adjust and find the right position, especially if there is a considerable height difference.

Lift her free leg, or ask her to do so, to gain proper access and make an entry.

Why it works

The thrusts’ speed and depth, in this position, is controlled by both the partners. Since the penetration is not too deep, you won’t get overwhelmed. This position also allows you to break in between the act while remaining “connected”, and talk to each other.

3. The Cross position to help you last longer

Well, it is not such an intimate position, but it is a fun one to try as it involves a bit of math.

How to do it

So, this is how it goes. Lie at 90 degrees to each other.

You will be lying on your side with your face towards her, while she will be perpendicular to you with her legs draped over your hips.

Press your crotch against her butt and gently penetrate her.

Why it works

While there is a chance for deeper penetration in this position, there is not much room for you to make faster movements.

Furthermore, your partner can easily self stimulate in this position as it becomes easier for her to reach her clitoris.

4. The Lazy Dog position to help you last longer

If there is one position that we men always turn to for the finale, it’s the “doggy position.” This position allows for maximum control, uncontrolled movements, and an unmatched view, making it easier to climax. Use this variation of the main position instead to get the best of both the worlds.

How to do it

Get into the regular doggy position with you on your knees behind her while she is on all fours.

Once you are inside, and you both have enjoyed a little bit of thrill, push her down slowly until she is lying flat on her stomach.

Why it works

While allowing you both to have the pleasure, this modified version restricts the depth of the thrusts preventing you from getting overstimulated. Plus, it helps you in hitting her G-spot.

5. Woman on top position to help you last longer

Another sex position with a magical view.

How to do it

Lie down flat on the bed. Ask your partner to get on top of you, with her legs on either side.

Slowly, using your hands, glide inside her. Though this position gives you the view, it takes away a bit of power from you.

Just relax and let your partner take the steering.

Ask her to lean in towards you while shifting her weight on the elbows. Let her move the way she wants.

Do tell her if something is exciting too much so that she could control the stimulus.

Why it works

It’s a tricky position as sometimes, when she is not leaning, the penetration is too deep.

However, you can ask her to stop intermittently and engage in cuddling and kissing.

6. The Throne position to help you last longer

Some benefits come with a throne. This one offers too.

How to do it

Sit in a comfortable chair or a sofa. Ask your partner to sit on you with her back towards you.

Let her guide your penis inside her.

You can give her a bit of support during the penetration.

Now just sit back, enjoy and use your hands to excite her, caress her.

Why it works

This is another modified version of the doggy style with limited sensation. Since she is on the helm, you can’t rush off.

Switching into positions that offer little movement or restrict thrusts can help you last longer in bed.

Try these six best sex positions in bed and give her and yourself that extra time.

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