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Get Fit for the Bedroom: 6 Sexual Workouts to Boost Your Love Life!

Take your love life to the next level with these 6 easy sexual exercises. Learn how to Incorporate these workouts into your routine for maximum sexual satisfaction.

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Get Fit for the Bedroom: 6 Sexual Workouts to Boost Your Love Life!

Sexual fitness is an important aspect of a healthy and satisfying love life. Just like physical fitness, sexual fitness requires regular exercise and attention. But how do you work out in the bedroom? In this article, we will explore six sexual workouts that can help boost your love life and improve your sexual health. These exercises are easy to do and can be incorporated into your routine for maximum benefit. So, whether you are single or in a relationship, read on to learn how to get fit for the bedroom and take your love life to the next level!

Top 6 Sexual Workouts

1. Planks

Planks are simple but far from basic. Core strength is essential for both men and women's health, regardless of gender. It strengthens the muscles around your abs, back, and pelvis, all of which can help you sleep longer.

Equipment needed: none

  • Begin with a pushup and then lower to your elbows. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart or closer, with your toes grounded into the floor.
  • To keep your lower back from sagging, keep your core tight. To maintain a straight line, your shoulders should roll back and down, and your neck and head should be neutral.
  • Try these plank variations if you're looking to up your plank game.

2. Glute Bridge

Glute bridges not only work the pelvic floor, but they also help your hamstrings and glutes so you can thrust more effectively, giving you and your boo more pleasure. Because we don't use our glutes very often, engaging them helps to build muscle memory. This will be useful when experimenting with different positions during sex.

Equipment needed: a light dumbbell or weight plate if you need a challenge

  • Lie on a mat with your knees bent, feet on the ground, and palms at your sides on the floor. If you want to add weight, carefully place the dumbbell or plate on your pelvis, steadying it with your hands as you go.
  • Push through your heels and lift your pelvis off the ground, focusing on your core. Maintain a firm grip on the mat with your shoulders and upper back.
  • Squeeze your glutes when you reach a stiff bridge position at the top. Then slowly lower yourself back down.

3. Jump Squat

Do you want to have more stamina during your bedroom romps? Include some HIIT (high-intensity interval training) in your workout. This will prepare your body for intense or marathon sex sessions. Jump squats are great for increasing heart rate and improving leg strength and stability, which is useful if you want to try out some new positions with your partner.

Equipment needed: none

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms by your sides.
  • Squat down and extend your arms in front of you (or whatever feels comfortable).
  • As your feet lift off the ground with momentum, jump up and push your arms down to your sides.
  • Drop back into another squat as soon as your feet and arms return to the ground.

4. Kegels

A stronger O means a stronger pelvic floor! Researchers studied 176 women between the ages of 37 and discovered that orgasms and arousal are linked to pelvic floor muscle function. Furthermore, squeezing those muscles at the right time can increase pleasure for male partners as well.

Equipment needed: none

  • To perform Kegel exercises effectively, you must first identify the appropriate muscles. The simplest way to accomplish this is to stop urinating in the middle of it. Kegels use the muscles that assist you in doing so.
  • Contract and hold these muscles for 10 seconds. 10th anniversary.
  • If you're just getting started, start with 5 seconds and work your way up to 10.
  • For best results, perform 10 Kegels three times a day, not just during your workout. The great thing about Kegels is that you can do them whenever you want, whether at work or while watching TV.

5. Pushups

Pushups are essential for people who want to experiment with positions or try new things, in addition to being a great whole-body exercise. Pushups build body and arm strength, which is essential for positions that require your entire body to engage.

Equipment needed: none

  • Begin by keeping your arms straight and your palms shoulder-width apart, with your shoulders directly over your hands.
  • Maintain a straight line from top to bottom by keeping your head and neck neutral and your core strong. Unless you're doing the easier version, keep your knees together and your feet hip-width apart.
  • Bend your elbows and lower your body until your chest is touching the ground.
  • Extend your arms and push up through your palms. Allow your lower back and hips to sag. Keep your spine and neck in a neutral position.

6. Pigeon pose

Finally, the pigeon pose allows for a deep stretch in your groyne, hips, and glutes, increasing flexibility in your nether regions. Simply put, more flexibility equals more sex.

Equipment needed: none, or a yoga mat if preferred

  • Begin on all fours.
  • Bring your right knee up and place it behind your right wrist. Swing your right foot up and to the left, bringing your right ankle up close to your left hip.
  • Straighten your left leg and bring it behind you, pointing your toes.
  • Gently lower yourself to the ground by bending your elbows and allowing your upper body to fall toward the ground. During this stretch, your pelvis should be pointed to the ground, but don't force it.

If you don’t have this flexibility, consider a gentler move instead:

  • Lie on your back on the ground.
  • Lift your left leg off the ground and bend your knee to a 90-degree angle.
  • Bring your right leg down and rest your right ankle on your left thigh.
  • Grab the back of your left thigh with your legs and pull until you feel a stretch.

Follow the Science for Better Sex

Working out for better sex sounds like a better deal than using sex as a workout, according to science. In fact, the calories burned are like the icing on the cake after a satisfying meal. (The satisfying meal is our improved sex workout, and the cherry on top is the extra calories burned in bed.)

Remember that no single routine guarantees better sex, but exercise does! Heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and muscle contractions significantly impact sex. Consider which muscles you use while sleeping and devise a routine that prepares them for a good workout — both in the gym and in bed.

Over to You

These workouts concentrate on physical and mental exercises that can help you feel more confident and capable in the bedroom, resulting in a more enjoyable sexual experience for both you and your partner. Pelvic floor muscle exercises, cardio and strength training, and relaxation and mindfulness techniques are among the workouts recommended. You can improve your physical and mental well-being, as well as your sexual performance and pleasure, by incorporating these exercises into your routine.


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