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Sexy Bedroom Ideas To Up The Bed Romance Game With Your Partner

Just so you know-the orgasm gap is real. What does this mean? Women have fewer orgasms than men. Want to set that mood? Check out these Sexy Bed Room ideas.

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Sexy Bedroom Ideas To Up The Bed Romance Game With Your Partner

Just so you know- the orgasm gap is real. What does this mean? Among heterosexual couples, women have fewer orgasms than men. An Archives of Sexual Behaviour study conducted in the year 2016 found that almost 95% of men orgasmed every single time they had sex than a meager 65% of women.

The point of these statistics for bed romance? The more satisfying sex is for your partner, the more enjoyable it is for you. But an orgasm isn't the only route to sex. Setting the mood is everything. Sexy bedroom ideas go a long way to ease you and your significant other into sex.

Don't forget to check this bed romance list way in advance to make sure your big night isn't the last one:

Set the light, right-

It is true that nothing can beat an open-air, private setting for sex. It's just amazing, period. Although, not everyone can afford this luxury. So the best thing to fall back on is mending those bulbs in your room. Dimming those lights is one of the most reliable sexy bedroom ideas. Plenty of low-cost light controls exist on the market.

If you don't have the time to do this either, here's a site where you can light scented candles for the same marvellous effect, for just Rs. 99!

Talk dirty to her:

According to a sex therapist and author of five books, Tammy Nelson, just knowing that there are sex toys around you and you can use them as and when you like is an extreme turn-on during bed romance.

And on the off chance that you don't have toys, dirty talking is an ingenious sexy bedroom idea. How much do words cost, anyway? Even if this sexy bedroom idea is comparatively new territory, we got you covered. Here are a few words to create that sexy magic:

  • "I can't wait to get you alone tonight."
  • "You're so sexy. Can't believe you're mine."
  • "I want to do whatever you tell me to."
  • "You feel so good."
  • "I can't wait to do this again."

Trust us, there’s no sexier crazy bedroom idea than this one. Understand that your partner needs to be extremely comfortable before anything happens between you both. Asking her for permission during bed romance is a huge turn on that symbolizes respect in intimacy, making it all the more exciting! Here are some sexy ways to ask for consent:

  • “You got time for a quickie?”
  • “Do you want me to help you unzip your pants?”
  • “Can I go down on you?”

Sensation is everything:

Scientific evidence suggests that sexy bedroom ideas that engage more of your senses like vision, touch, taste, etc. is what provides enhanced levels of sexual stimulation. Some examples?

  • Watching something steamy before sex.
  • Mapping your partner’s body with your hands arouses the sensation of touch.
  • Other than that, read the next one to engage your taste buds!

Alluring aphrodisiacs-

Another one of those easily executable sexy bedroom ideas. Ever heard of popular foods that increase sex drive and libido among men and women? How hard is it to have a good meal packed with aphrodisiacs to get your bodily engines revving before you turn up the heat? What can you eat, though?

Peppermint gum for the ladies is an excellent way to heighten sexual stimulation.

And as for you, dalchini or cinnamon is the way to go. Why? Because high blood sugar levels among men restrict blood flow to the penis. This hampers your erection. And let's face it, no amount of sexy bedroom ideas are going to help you if you're finding it hard to get hard.

Smart spacing:

Just how long does it take to shift some things around? Sexy bedroom ideas that hardly involve effort are inviting, right? So how can you go about it?

Nobody likes to mix work with play. If your room is small, shift all work-related furniture like your desk and study table, your documents, and bills outside. If you have any other clutter like a laptop or magazines, make sure to organize it. And keep it out of sight, of course. Now you're all set for bed romance!

Switch up the positions:

This sexy bedroom idea is sure to get her going:

Here are some great sex positions that are not only pleasurable for you but especially for your partner.

  • Edge of the bed: This position allows for deeper penetration.

How do you do it? The woman places her hips on the 'edge of the bed,' and the man enters through her legs. Her legs can rest on the man's torso or his chest.

  • Mastery: This position gives the man access to his partner's breasts and clitoris, activating more of her erogenous zones.

How do you do it? The man is seated with his partner on his lap, with her legs on either side of him.

  • Doggy Style: Does this one really need an introduction? But we'll do it anyway. Any position that involves the man entering 'from the back' makes women feel amazing, giving them control over the pace of sex.

How do you do it? With the woman on all fours, the man enters her from behind. A steamy position to ace your bed romance game.

Last longer:

Naturally, different people have different sexy bedroom ideas and ways to reach orgasm. Another sexy bedroom idea is to make sure you don't reach the destination before your partner. How can you possibly do that?

  • By focusing on your partner. Most women enjoy extended foreplay that gears them up for great sex.
  • Products like ENDURE Long Last Spray by Man Matters decrease penis sensitivity and make sure you don’t arrive too quickly.
  • Another great way is to use condoms specially designed to decrease penis sensitivity and make sure you are safe in the process!

You know what else is sexy? Cleaning up after sex. Not only do women find that attractive, but it also protects your penis from infections like Balinitis and hinders the build-up of a white substance called Smegma that could prevent your foreskin from being pulled back.

Paint it red:

According to the Kamasutra, tones, shades, and hues ensure that the romance quotient between couples goes through the roof. Which colour should you pick? Warm reds and yellows that are soothing and make you feel comfortable.

Stick to comfortable sheets and pillow covers:

Remember that it's always about quality rather than quantity. What do you do after the sex? You go to bed. And research suggests that you sleep soundly after an orgasm. You and your partner can sleep doubly soundly after some great sex, increasing the likelihood of these events unfolding in your bed romance once more.

Enjoy your night!