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Shikakai Powder Benefits & How to Use It

Shikakai powder for hair is a natural cleanser that works wonders on a dry scalp without stripping essential oils. It is also important to note the difference between dandruff vs a dry scalp.

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Shikakai Powder Benefits & How to Use It

What is Shikakai powder?

Shikakai, also known as Senegalia rugata, is a spiny, climbing shrub native to China and tropical Asia. It also grows abundantly in the warm plains of central and southern India. Its leaves and young shoots are often consumed.

Shikakai fruit pods are dried in the sun and ground into a fine powder. It cleanses the scalp well with its naturally low pH and leaves hair looking stunning without robbing it of its natural oils. It does not produce as much lather as sulfate-rich shampoos, which make the hair dry. It has effects similar to that of mild shampoos. It is well-known as a shampooing ingredient.

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Shikakai Benefits for Hair

Helps Manage Dandruff

One of the shikakai benefits for hair is its antifungal property. It nourishes the skin while also preventing inflammation and dryness. Shikakai will help you get rid of dandruff if you use it daily. Using Apple Cider Vinegar for dandruff will also help.

Thicker Hair

Shikakai powder for hair helps to protect the roots of the scalp. The result is hair that is smoother and cleaner, with less hair fall.

Prevents Drying Of The Scalp

Shikakai powder for hair is a natural cleanser that works wonders on a dry scalp without stripping essential oils. It is also important to note the difference between dandruff vs a dry scalp.

Cheaper in Price

Shikakai is laden with benefits and is also cheaper than most chemical-based shampoos. Much like the benefits of sulfate-free shampoos.

Heals Minor Wounds

Shikakai calms and soothes irritated skin, and it can also treat slight scalp cuts and abrasions. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and also maintains the pH level of the scalp.

Soothes your Head

Applying a shikakai hair pack will provide relief, alleviate a headache, or help you calm down. Mix it in yoghurt and keep it on your head for 20-30 minutes before hair wash. If you deal with hair loss, you can try DIY hair loss treatments that fit your budget.

Detangles your hair

Shikakai has a low pH level of 4.5-5.5. This property makes it very gentle and helps in conditioning and easy detangling of hair.

Shikakai Powder Ingredients

Here is a simple shikakai powder recipe:

  1. Take 1 kg of Shikakai pods.
  2. Dry them in the sun for 3-4 days to get rid of all the moisture.
  3. Grind them in the blender into a fine powder.

Amla Reetha Shikakai Powder

To get a more effective shikakai powder recipe, you can add the power ingredients like amla and reetha. Amla reetha shikakai powder is the best thing you can offer to your hair.

  1. As per a study, amla is considered a ‘superfood’ for hair. It strengthens hair and reduces hair fall. It also has antibacterial properties. Amla shikakai reetha powder for hair prevents premature greying and makes the hair voluminous.
  2. As per research, reetha controls hair fall by reducing dandruff from the scalp. It has a cleansing effect, which helps reduce itchiness and irritation of the scalp.

How to Use Shikakai Powder?

There are different ways to use shikakai powder for hair wash:

  • Buy an organic shampoo that has shikakai as an ingredient.

You can also make your shampoo. To make your shikakai shampoo, follow these steps:

  1. Soak shikakai pods, reetha, and amla in water overnight.
  2. Boil the water the following day until all the ingredients soften up
  3. Strain the mixture properly and use it as a shampoo for your hair

The shampoo will not lather up so much, but it does the work better than any chemical-based shampoo out there. You could also invest in a DHT blocking shampoo.

  • Use shikakai based soaps.
  • Use shikakai as a hair pack. Mix the powder with yoghurt, apply for 20-30 minutes, and rinse as usual.
  • Another way to use amla reetha shikakai powder is to make its oil. Follow these steps:
  1. Mix the powder in coconut oil.
  2. Shake the mixture properly, and keep it aside for two weeks.
  3. Keep shaking it so that the powder infuses in the oil.
  4. After two weeks, it will be ready to use. Oiling your hair with shikakai powder oil will leave you with shiny hair.

Making hair oil is the easiest way to use shikakai powder for hair growth since it can be stored for a more extended period.

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Which Shikakai Powder is Best?

Any organic shikakai powder you find in the market is suitable for use. It should not have any chemical preservatives since that beats the whole point.

You can go for soaps, shampoos and conditioners that have Amla and Reetha along with Shikakai since this is the best combination for your hair.


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