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How to Treat and Prevent Shoe Bite? - Man Matters

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How to Treat and Prevent Shoe Bite? - Man Matters

What Is Shoe Bite?

Shoe bite is the red and inflamed skin on your feet caused by friction from your footwear. Shoe bites are nasty and painful and can leave behind ugly scars. They are caused by the wear and tear of the skin tissue. They might turn into blisters if left unattended or if the friction persists.

Causes of Shoe Bites

Some causes of shoe bites are:

  • Ill-fitting shoes are the main reason behind a shoe bite. Shoes that are too tight or too loose tend to hurt your feet.
  • Buying shoes without considering your actual fit.
  • Sweaty feet are more prone to shoe bites than others.
  • Wearing new shoes without breaking into them first.

Shoe Bite Hacks - How to Avoid Shoe Bite?

You can easily avoid a shoe bite by being a little mindful; here are some tips:

  • Always buy shoes that are a snug fit.
  • Buy shoes in the evening rather than in the morning as feet tend to expand as the day progresses.
  • Try and relax if you have been on your feet the whole day before making that purchase.
  • Walk around wearing those shoes in the store to know whether they are a perfect fit.
  • Break into those new shoes a few minutes every evening before wearing them for longer durations. Remember to walk only on rugs or carpeted surfaces so that they can be returned if need be.
  • Reduce the friction that causes shoe bites. Friction can be reduced by:
  • Wearing thick socks which act as a cushion.
  • Wearing toe caps and protectors.
  • Using insoles and shoe pads.
  • Applying surgical tape to the areas prone to shoe bite.
  • You can also prevent shoe bites by making your shoes more comfortable if they are not. This can be done by:
  • Oiling the edges of the shoes prevents shoe bites.
  • Stretching them overnight with shoe shapers that are available widely in the market.
  • Wear socks with your shoes. Now slowly warm up your shoes using the lowest heat setting of the hairdryer.

Shoe Bite Treatment

Some easy shoe bite treatments are as follows:

  • Keep away from the shoes that caused the shoe bite in the first place.
  • Avoid wearing closed shoes until the affected area heals.
  • Apply a loose bandage over the bite that has turned into a blister.
  • Blisters formed due to shoe bites can be treated using antibiotics or a topical cream or ointment.

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Shoe Bite Remedy

Shoe bites are painful and cause difficulty in walking. Written below are some easy shoe bite cures:

  • Rub ice cubes wrapped in cotton cloth to the area affected by shoe bite.
  • Dab honey on the shoe bite until the skin becomes soft. It provides instant relief. Wash it off with tap water.
  • Aloe Vera is widely used for its healing properties. And it is a great shoe bite home remedy. Scrape the fresh gel from the plant and apply it on the shoe bite for instant relief. Its regular use reduces scars caused by shoe bites.
  • Neem and turmeric paste is another beneficial shoe bite cure. Both neem and turmeric have antibacterial properties. Apply this paste regularly for better results.
  • Keep a tub of petroleum jelly handy if shoe bites pester you often. Rub a thick layer of jelly until it gets absorbed in your skin.
  • Toothpaste contains baking soda and menthol, which works wonders in shoe bite treatment. Apply a thin layer, keep it overnight or wash off in thirty minutes with warm water.

How Long Does It Take for a Shoe Bite to Heal?

Shoe bites are commonly caused by ill-fitted closed shoes made especially of leather. Once affected, the sore skin may take a few days to heal. But the problem occurs when the shoe bite turns into a blister.

A blister may take up to a fortnight to heal completely. Blisters are small fluid-filled pockets of raised skin. They heal on their own. The fluid drains away while the skin of the blister acts as a protective barrier against infections until the new skin forms underneath.

Is It Okay if My Shoes Are a Little Tight?

We are all guilty of buying shoes based on looks rather than comfort. Fret not if you have a cupboard full of such ill-fitted tight shoes. Read further to find a few ways to stretch them for that perfect fit and how to avoid shoe bites caused by them.

  • Wear those shoes in the evening every day for a few days.
  • Thick socks and a blow-dryer always work like magic. Make sure you use a leather conditioner after this to retain the moisture.
  • Visit an expert shoe fitter; they have all the tools to stretch your favourite pair without causing any damage.
  • Use shoe stretch liquids and sprays.